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My Campaign teaser scenerios

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Number of Scenarios: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Since you guys are so keen to see what I am working on after reading the storyline I have put in the first two scenerios as teasers for you guys to feast upon. As these are the first 2 of a 30 scenerio long campaign they are understandably easy and are only meant as groundwork for the storyline. And of course they are set in the stone age and there is only SO MUCH you can do in it. Also no bit maps yet - but hold on im working on it. Well dont spare my feelings get right into them, I would like good constructive feed back from you guys please.

i was very tired. FORGIVE ME MASTER! dont send me to the salt mines again... oh and the comment about to many clumbed crap at the waterfront, thats meant to be wet sand in a ebbing tide plus rocks. I live at the beach. I modled this after my own home here in NZ.
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DustyDuke_II Are really both the scenarios from you? It felt like they were from different designers, the first being great and the other having started building campaigns a week ago.
I found the first level very exciting. I dig your map design on that one, especially the drinking gazelles - sweetest eye candy! The level is very well done. Those hidden lions cranked me up, and finding the way through the maze-like environment was a nice start. The instructions, history section and victory/defeat messages are elaborate and bring across the mood perfectly. There were very few minor typos, so you might want to scan the texts for those once again before postig the campaign.

As for the second level, not sure what to say about that. I really don't want to offend you but it just doesn't carry on the atmosphere so carefully and aptly created in the first level. It seems like the work of a newbie who likes the birds of AoE a lot (Seriously, the amount of birds in this level is ridiculous). The task can be accomplished in two minutes so the whole level seems obsolete. You don't even have to scout, which actually is an advantage, since the map design was nowhere near the quality of that of the first level and way too basic for today's and for your own standards (you proved your skillfullness in the first level). And where were the interesting story and instructions of the first level? This one basically just had the task and a silly "victory ranking system".
I'm really puzzled about how this situation came to be. Could it be that you built the second scenario twelve years ago and the first one just recently?

Still, the first level really gets me excited to see your whole epic campaign. Keep up the great work!
MrCheeze Let's see... (Yeah I was too lasy for a real review)

Scenario #1:

Playablility: Moderate. It's a little tedious (map is too big) making you lose interest after a while. Having to wait for the carcass to rot doesn't make sense and is boring. Would be great if a little more fast-paced.

Balance: Easy, but it IS the first scenario.

Creativity: Moderate. Nothing super special.

Map design: High. Only problem is that stuff seems unnaturally clumped, a good example can be found if you look at the shores.

Story: Great but too long.

Scenario #2: Was this supposed to be a joke? If not, instead of trying to salvage this scenario just scrap it and use the layout you have for another one.
File Author
Your both right. I have very similar file names and i uploaded a scernio for the second one by mistake. That THING is about 7 years old and i compltely disown that! I will not be associated with it. "the village", I am so sorry i brought this calamity of a scenerio onto you guys. I only just took my head out of the microwave. I have replaced it with the proper one which i pray will resore your faith in my abillities...
File Author
oh and MrCheeze you will be happy to know that the new second scenerio is on the smallest size. Originally the first one was to be the same but in terms of the layout of the terrian and balance of gameplay, it had to slightly larger or it would be all scrunced up. But since you have played it and know where everything is then it should take a lot less time to complete. And my entire life my spelling and grammer have been terrible but im working on that too.
MrCheeze Okay NEW second scenario = great. You forgot to mention that you can kill the animals IN the arena though (maybe you should even make it a victory condition?)
TailSpray So when will the campaign be updated to include the second scenario?
MrCheeze Gumble: "I have replaced it"
TailSpray Strange, it doesn't say that the file has been updated.
File Author
Did not need to mention it, only means you did it the cheap way. my guess you killed the lion in the arena knowing that it wont register as dead untill the corpse disapears... I already knew about that bug but thankyou, i'll look into it MrCheeze. Are you going to bother to do a review now please?
Map Design4.7
I can't tell whether these scores are inflated or deflated. o.O Yeah I'm not exactly the best of reviewers.

Playability: 4.5
Very fun except for the first bit of exploration in the first scenario (up until you find the boats). Maybe you could turn Gazan into a Cavalry? Not sure what else to say here as you did everything else right.

Balance: 4.8
Everything is easy. It is the beginning of the campaign though. Maybe add a few more enemies to the second scenario?

Creativity: 3.8
Not much creativity in the first scenario, but the second one's blockade and animal luring were both pretty creative.

Map Design: 4.7
Like I said in that comment up there, good but clumpy.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
I didn't actually read it, this is an estimate. :P

Additional Comments:
Yes, download this and give it a try. If the rest of the campaign is like this or better, it will... be a good campaign.

P.S. Just give another player a victory condition of killing an animal, it works even if it's an allied player. And forget what I said about making you have to kill them, that makes it too easy.

P.P.S. Just remembered, don't carcasses rot instantly if a military unit attacks them? Maybe use the "kill with own hand" trick with Gazan.
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