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Five ruins for Rome

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Difficulty: Moderate
This is a map with Italy, Croatia, Greece, Tunisia and the Balears. You are Rome and you have to win this scenario by captering the 5 ruins on the map. Your enemies are the Illyrians,
the Greeks and Carthage. If you don´t like this
game, I hope you like the map and can use it for
your scenarios.
Udated 10-01-01
AI and per changes to make this game harder.
Map and text improved and a bitmap added.
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Map Design4.1
Playability: 4.5
This is a simple but fun scenario to play.You start in the heart of Rome itself, gradually expanding over Italy. Your objective is to capture 5 ruins which are spread across the map, guarded by enemies of Rome - it may take a while before you find out where they are hidden, exploration is vital. You'll need to cross the Mediterranean sea if you want to locate all ruins and win - owning the sea is the key to victory.

Balance: 3.6
Quite a challenge but not really too difficult. I didn't need to conquer everything in my path to reach the ruins, but it took me quite a bit of time to find them. You start in the Iron Age, with a good amount of resources, which gives you a boost early on. I barely got attacked at this stage (aside from a few Illyrian compy's), so I could just sit back and slowly watch my empire grow. Surrounded by water, the obvious thing to do was to create a massive fleet, which turned out to be a wise descision. Plenty of forest to cut down, my stockpile barely ran low at any given time. I build a few additional docks to create triremes fast, and started destroying enemy docks. The CPU players ocasionally sends a transport vessel across, but they failed each time destroying/killing my units or buildings and didn't really pose any major thread. I found the Greeks to be the toughest as they had a few catapults and catapult ships which kept me from discovering their ruin for some time.

Creativity: 3.5
Most of the creativeness can be found on the map itself, as this part of the scenario stands out most, the way the land masses are formed and the overall look of the terrain is what I really liked. I found the main objective too standart/simple and didn't give me the feeling I'm doing something important for Rome, but the ruins were hidden well so it took me some time to locate them, this part is what I found the most challenging. A few more (creative) objectives would've made this scenario more interesting however.

Map Design: 4.1
The map design of the scenario is very nicely done, the author has put quite some effort into creating realistic terrains, therefore bringing this Meditteranian map to life. The cliffs and hills are nicely done, there's quite some variety in the forests as well which adds a "natural look" to the map. The cities are a bit simple but serve there purpose well. I guess this was mostly designed using the original editor, as there's limited useage of the new editor. The overall look is very eye-pleasing and enjoyable, I'm only missing a few terrain features here and there.

Story/Instructions: 2.3
There isn't much of a story involved other than the author providing a bit of historical background information. The instructions are very short, straight forward and simple, you must locate and control 5 ruins spread across the Mediterranian. But why do I want to capture these in the first place if there's nothing that convinces me to capture them? Surely the mighty Romans conquered a lot more important things than a few Ruins. I am really missing a bitmap, even something simple made in MS Paint would've added up to the score.

Definitely worth checking out, especially if you're into Rome, Mediterranean maps or like to discover Ruins.

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Map Design4.1
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Size:132.02 KB