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The Heavenly Escort

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Hard
Version: Age of Empires

The Yakuzo Tribe is in desperate need of a new leader after the unexpected death of Zhe Yu, former ruler of Shengato. Wo Long, an old Saint, decides to call for help from a neighbouring tribe, the Ikuzi, which is commanded by you, Tageshu, a noble young warrior. Will you be able to guide the Spirit of Zhe Yu safely to the Holy Temple, complete the holy ritual and become the new peaceful ruler of Shengato?

Updated 10th of September 2021: Fixed some playability issues and corrected spelling mistakes.

Game Version:
Age of Empires - Version 1.0, 1.0b
The Rise of Rome Expansion - Version 1.0

Scenario Type:
Fantasy, Puzzle, Build and Destroy

Important notes before playing:

This campaign must be played on AoE 1.0b or RoR 1.0 versions. You will not be able to continue when playing using the AoE 1.0c or RoR 1.0a patch.

Please set the difficulty setting to "Hard".

When Saving your game, you must reload your initial saved game again to continue in the normal 3 x Hitpoints Mode/Lengthen Combat Mode, otherwise the hitpoints for every unit is tripled once more and the campaign becomes unbalanced.


Extract and copy "The Heavenly Escort.cmp" to your Campaign directory, default path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\Campaign

Optional - Extract and copy "language_THE.dll" to your Age of Empires directory, default path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\

Rename the file to "language.dll" (without quotations) after making a backup of your original "language.dll" file.

The "Making of" The Heavenly Escort:

Place these in your Scenario directory and open them using the Scenario Editor. These cover nearly all the design stages and tests I did to create this campaign.

The making of 'The Heavenly Escort' - Part 1:

The making of 'The Heavenly Escort' - Part 2:

The making of 'The Heavenly Escort' - Part 3:


Download Night of the Dragon - The Heavenly Escort Part II here.

Credits and thanks to:
Scenario_t_c, Zapdotep

This campaign was created to celebrate my 10th anniversary playing AoE/RoR - PhatFish/LvB.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
zapdotep I played it on hardest and the ferry man worked perfectly.
File Author
Woah, thanks a lot for the wonderful review! I did not expect to get the highest score achieveable... thank you very much for all your kind words!

I'm not exactly sure why the Ferrymaster leaves somewhat later when playing on Moderate difficulty - I suspect this is something in the .PER file assigned to him, which he doesn't fully "obey" properly. It still works fine, luckily. When you are playing on Hard, the Ferrymaster should transport you across almost instantly, without waiting. This was one of the hardest things to implement - it took lots of testing before the Light Transport finally took off each time I played/tested (It didn't want to go at all in earlier stages!).

It never took me more than a few tries (no more than 5 - 8) to get acces to the Gov Centre/Library. 15 tries is quite much - be sure to keep attacking any of the Assasins. I hope to find a way to fix this to allow the intro to pass more quickly without restarting constantly.

On the special terrain - if you happen to come across a frozen Eagle (does not happen often), this is normal. This very small part is another special terrain I initially wanted to use - it's not the same terrain as the "Retarded Navy Speed Terrain", and would be covered by cliffs - making it impassable for any unit except birds. The "Retarded Navy Speed Terrain" should not freeze any unit as far as I know, this never happened when testing.

I'm very glad to get the highest score for balance as I usually find this one of the most hardest things to get right - especially since a Traitor is involved. I like campaigns/scn's where you have to think a bit in order to continue, this makes a cmp/scn much more fun and challenging.

I like to fool around with floating tiles - there are many tricks and effects you can create with them, it adds a new dimension to designing. The elevation illusion came as a surprise for me as well - this happened accidentally as I was about to make water on hills through hexing when all of a sudden it was transformed into the illusion it is now.

The map/design is based on a "vision" I got a few months earlier - I really felt like creating a nice, small and fun campaign, taking the most out of the micro size map it is designed on. It turned out far better than I expected as I managed to implement most of the ideas I had in mind.

Thanks again for the great and kind review, TailSpray!
TailSpray It definately deserved it. And like I said; the Map Design and Creativity outweighed the bugs. I would have never forgiven myself if I had given it anything less.
MrCheeze You could've mentioned it doesn't work at all with the patch - remember the Shang food change?

I'd like to know what idiot at ES made that patch...

Also: I always lose at the building-priest part because of the poison (medium and hard both). How are you supposed to do it fast enough when the trading takes so long??? Or is that the puzzle?

[Edited on 01/05/09 @ 05:10 PM]

File Author
Thanks for reminding me MrCheeze, I hardly play AoE with the MP patch nowadays, and forgot about the reduced Shang food cost and starting food amount. This is now fixed in the updated version.

You should be able to pass the poison part if you act fast enough and know how to trade. Be sure to have the appropriate amount of Gold when reaching your Temple.


Updated on 01/06/09

Version 1.1 changes:

- The intro no longer requires you to restart constantly and should pass quickly.
- Playable with the Multiplayer Patch applied/installed (AoE Only!).
- Changed starting Food amount, added a Villager, removed a Berry Bush.
- Fixed a few spelling mistakes.

Edit: It seems the MP patch causes quite some trouble for my campaign - if applied/installed you are unable to Land Trade in RoR as any unit becomes frozen upon touching the special terrain. I find this very strange as it works totally fine in AoE with the MP patch applied... Also, it removes a tiny bit of eye-candy (stone/wood fences) when applied in AoE - it would be best played on the unpatched original version of AoE.

[Edited on 01/07/09 @ 09:39 AM]

DustyDuke_II When I was first playing this campaign, everything worked out nicely. At one point I died though, because they managed to kill the mercenary, so I never completed it.
When I play it now, the ferryman will take a long time until he takes off, to long a time for me to still be able to save the poisoned priest. Two other thigs have not worked out correctly in later sessions. The priest does no longer come out at the right spot, instead it comes out behind the cavalry hero that'ts attacking the temple. That way I don't see the wall, that I have to delete in order to stop the poison.
Second thing was, the last time I played, the crocodile poison did not attack the priest at all, so I had all the time in the world, waiting for the ferryman to take off. I quit after the cavalry had killed my priest.

When it still worked fine, I had the languge.dll file applied as well. I deleted it again, because it was confusing me. But it can't have anything to do with it, can it?

Sorry for complaining. I actually think the campaign is truly great! I've never seen such an incredible map, and the idea behind it all (using a mercenary as the main hero, then working together with the traitor...) - mind-blowing!
Thanks PhatFish!

(Now I only need to learn how to build cool campaigns myself.)

By the way, I have always been playing on hard mode.

[Edited on 01/26/09 @ 07:21 AM]

File Author
Wouldn't want to call it complaining, more like asking assistance/giving good feedback :-)

As noted in earlier comments - the Ferrymaster usually departs somewhat later on Moderate, however he should take off before 4 minutes have passed or Wo Long (Hero Mor Havoc) is most likely to die because of the poison. On Hard difficulty, he should depart directly after tributing - if he doesn't, he might somehow "disobey" the .PER file assigned (which tells him to attack imidiatly after being attacked by another (cpu) player) but this is only the case on Moderate difficulty afaik. If this keeps occurring, notify me.

To get acces to the Small Wall in front of the Sacred Tree you need to "talk" to the Priest you're training, tell him to escape into the Lion pit below the Temple.

The poison sets in at ~3 min - if you're playing AoE you'll need to have boarded the Light Transport before it takes affect.

The language.dll only changes unit/building names to fit the story - it does not affect gameplay.

There's one rule when designing on small micro maps - you need to be careful and calculative with LOS (Line of Sight) - which is why there are only a few ranged units on the map and why you should not train Slingers before you have paid respect to the ancestors of the Ancient City (Ruins) when playing with RoR. I found a Mercenary very fitting since it doesn't have LOS - relying on allied vision to find the way which also allows you to attack Gaia units.

Thanks for playing!

[Edited on 01/27/09 @ 04:45 PM]

Map Design4.9
Newcomer here to the forums, but I've been an AoE fan for many years - just found y'all last fall - great site.

I downloaded this short campaign yesterday, and had a fun hour figuring out exactly what made it tick.

Playability: 4.5

I really had no trouble with the ferryman on Moderate or Hard. . .All of the triggers and conditions worked perfectly for me. It IS, however, a challenge to beat this campaign - something that you would not expect on such a minuscule map.

Balance: 4.5

Not a whole lot to say about the balance - the puzzles presented were varied but beatable, if a little time was taken to pause the game and examine one's options.

Creativity: 5

I've been playing/designing AoE for many years now, and this has to be one of the most creative campaigns I've seen in a long time. The objectives were varied and challenging, and the map design (more on that below) was innovative, to say the least.

Map Design: 4.9

The textures and layers of people, buildings, and scenery were eye-popping, and obviously carefully placed. Perhaps just a bit busy for my taste, but this could hardly be avoided on such a small map.

Story/Instructions: 4.9

The story made sense in connection with the scenario and its objectives - creatively done, to say the least. I believe I noticed a typo or two in the instructions, but this was easily glossed over by the rest of the well-written paragraphs.

Additional Comments:

This is a real treat to play and review - I would recommend it to any seasoned AoE enthusiasts who are up for something new and challenging.

File Author
Thanks for the kind review, BPanthr!

If you've been playing/designing for some years I'm surprised you didn't find AoEH/HG earlier... Are you working on/released any scn's or cmp's?

BPanthr Well. . . I had visited the site a few times over the past five years or so, but for some inexplicable reason, I never thought about joining until recently (guess it's cause I'm a member on about 6 other forums including one where I'm an admin - forums can eat your time up).

In the between four different computers, I've had some files get lost, and some corrupted. . .Still, I've probably finished 20-30 scenarios and 4-5 campaigns. Never really thought about uploading them - maybe I'll give it a go.

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