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Man of the East Part 2

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Hard
"Fahim Rafiq stared at the smoldering ashes his town was reduced to. Everything was gone, absoutely everything. A few bodies were strewn about, lying mangled in grotesque positions in the dust. Fahim took in his first scene of total destruction with wide eyes. His bags of jewels and gold, which he had before been clutching with a miserly greed, dropped from his hands and slumped, lifeless, on the ground. They could not comfort him now. Fahim was suddenly snapped out of his trance by the sound of sobbing.

Fahim ran over the sandy dune to find his friend Zayn sobbing over the body of his wife. Fahim bent to comfort him, but suddenly realized that he had not found his wife yet. With a yelp, he ran around the pillaged village, searching for his beloved wife. Fahim noticed many faces he recognized, but he passed them as if they were manikins. Fahim checked every body, but his wife was not among the casualties! A thought struck him, and he ran to a path leading away from his village. However, his progress was impeded when he ran headlong into a short stranger, knocking him headfirst."

Fahim is back, and this time... It's personal. Help him and his merchant friends travel to the ancient land of the Kush, find mercenaries, and oust the Byzantine menace.

Note: Please play Man of the East Part 1 before this, or you won't know what's going on.

Any criticism is accepted! Tell me if you think it is too easy or hard, as I may update in the future.

Thanks to Tailspray for playtesting!

NOTE: If you downloaded before August 21, please redownload due to more bugs I found in the non-updated version. Otherwise, the scenario will be flawed.
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Da KiLLeR sweet Jimmy! This looks very cool..
TailSpray Yoohoo! It's here! I'll have to see if it's beatable now.
File Author
Finally, I've been checking the computer fanatically for this!

I'd appreciate a review from anyone, and I am especially hopeful for some critical advice. I'm still not sure if this is too hard or too easy now, so I'll update it if it's imbalanced.

Also, I noticed a problem: My AI for the Byzantines broke down whenever I set them on no Post Iron Age. The enemy would make 1 unit, then shut down. Any advice?
TailSpray I found some bugs, check the scn design forum. Perhaps you can't make certain units without the proper research and the ai makes one unit and runs into one it can't make and it gets stuck there?

I found it is a lot easier attacking from the back since the towers are no longer a problem and you can hit two out of three barracks from there without becoming too exposed, the only problem is that the trees get in the way.

[Edited on 08/19/08 @ 04:39 PM]

File Author
UPDATED AUGUST 21, if you downloaded before then, please redownload!

[Edited on 08/20/08 @ 09:17 PM]

Helelix Are you meant to be able to get past the trees before the gaia granary? I skipped three groups of bandits. I also converted a bandit bowman with one of my blind lame priests. (One from the group of three before the chariot archer across the river.)This then killed the byzantine blind lame priest in the trees and allowed me to capture the Gaia villager and raft near the granary.

Hope that helps.
File Author
I am fixing that right now, so that you can't escape through any trees. A new version will be up in a moment.

Ok, this is re-updated so that you can't escape through the trees, forcing you to find entry to Napata and build new ships.

And also, there's a way to find the hidden villager without anything besides your starting units. ;)

EDIT: Ok, I found more horrific bugs, but they're fixed. Check the time of my edit here to see if you downloaded before it. If so, you may want to redownload. Sorry to do this to ya folks.

[Edited on 08/19/08 @ 11:04 PM]

Dean McCullough Love the intro description!

Expect a review in the next few days or so ;)
File Author
Sweet! Yeah, this one's a lot different than the first. If you find bugs, please tell me, because I've found a few major ones and I'm afraid others may be lurking.

Thanks, Killer, hope you like it.
TailSpray There are still bugs, sorry for any inconvenience. I find 'em, Jimmy fixes 'em. Trial and error is the method of perfection subscribed to here.
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