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Man of the East---Part 1

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Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Moderate
"Fahim was beginning to feel panic. He had felt the distinctive jolt that shook the ship. Rain was coming down now, and the waves were bigger each minute. Suddenly, there was a huge crack, and Fahim felt sparks hit his face. There was a fire raging on the deck, and he could see a break in the huge vessel. There was another crack, and he was thrown to the deck. His head hit a reiling on the boat's side, and he went into a state of semi-conciousness. He felt Zayn's rough grip on his arm, and the next thing he knew, there was water swirling around his neck. The sea opened up, and Fahim and his friend were sucked into a raging ocean. He felt himself sinking into oblivion..."

In this scenario, you play as an Arabian man named Fahim who hears of endless wealth in the Orient. Fahim hurriedly abandons his everyday work and schemes up a plan with his friend, Zayn. Fahim plans to gather salt, gold, camels, and other common items in Arabia and sell them for a killing in China. However, Fahim has lived in a desert all his life, so he underestimates the strength of the sea. After a disasterous storm, Fahim is shipwrecked. The only thing he can do is forge ahead in his mission.

-This scenario has only been tested on moderate, so that is the advised setting.
-The beginning storm scene at the bottom of the map is a mini scene-once it is finished, go to the island north of the map where your soldiers are.
-I'm new at this, so any advice is appreciated.

NOTE: This has been updated Feburary 1st, 2008. If you downloaded it before, you may want to download again
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Dean McCullough
Map Design4.5
Playability: 3.5
"Man of the East" is an excellent single scenario campaign depicting the trek of a couple arabian pals trying to make it by selling their arabic goods in the east. To do so, they have to break out of bandit prison, set up camp, and build a bunch of trading posts throughout the land. Along the way there are several other things that need to be done; capturing back your goods, and destroying a couple bandit academies.

So starting off, the beginning was great, although a bit frustrating. I had to make my way, trial and error, to get out of the prison and to a good boat that can take me ashore. It's a bit irritating as you have no idea where to go, but and player with a functioning brain should get to it after a couple of tries. Building each trading post was basically a step-by-step procedure---scout ahead, and find ways to counter the units ahead of you. The other objectives were all able to be accomplished quite easily, although a few bugs get in the way of the fun; mainly due to passages that are too small for units to get through. There are ways to get around them, but it's a bit annoying.

Overall though, this was very fun to play. Lot's of variety in the gameplay, and constantly kept me intrested. While there aren't a whole lot of new things to see here, it's all solid and sturdy. If it weren't for the bugs, it'd probably get a 4.

Balance: 3.7
The beginning just takes a few tries---keep at it, and you'll figure it out. The trading posts aren't neccessarily hard to get to, it just takes time. Make sure you have enough units to go in and secure the area, and then you're good. Hit-and-run works well here. Getting the artifacts is a bit irritating, but a smart player will know how to use the merchants to his own benefit ;) Lastly, the bandit academies can be taken out by ship or siege---it's fairly easy either way. This scenario is fairly challenging as a whole, good for intermediate players. More time is needed here than anything.

Creativity: 4.3
The gameplay is sort of a mix of FF and B&D, and with many things to do it flows well and allows for a variety of intresting things to happen. There's alot of variety in the map, from snow peaks to jungles---not many maps are this varied. Certain little dings on the map are very pleasing to the eye---my favorite were the stand alone 'wood' fortresses out in the sea, and the sea storm at the beginning... Very intresting. The intricate system of pathes is pretty neat as well. Lastly, the story is excellent, standing right up there with any top designer's works.

Map Design: 4.5
Some spots look better than others, but overall this is just great. The only big problem is the EE bug where all the trees look the same when you use the brush... But oh well. It can be excused. There's lots of variety in the map and a lot to see... Not to mention it all flow together so beautifully. This kind of effort put into such a big map deserves this rating. Great stuff to see here.

Story/Instructions: 4.9
I'll leave it for you to see. One of the best stories I've seen here... If only there was more... There was a bitmap included, but the author didn't put it in correctly. That can be excused though, as the story is just wondeful. Excellent job.

Additional Comments: A great new work to see here... I'd reccomend downloading for sure!

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Map Design4.5
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Size:448.41 KB