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Bushido - Episode 1 v_03

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Bushido Way of the Warrior - Episode 1

Project description:

The world may seem small, but it is what’s inside that expands into eternity. Two samurais bounded by blood travel the world, to see the how this world unfolds its undiscovered mysteries and one of these warriors hold a destiny - a destiny awaiting to be fulfilled. The land they will travel in will lead to many adventures of misfortune and betrayal; they will fight in foreign land, places they never thought existed.

You will step into the boots, wield their sword, and control their fate. Bring them face to face with enemies from another world, creatures who know nothing of fear - immortal beasts. Most of all, they will be fighting themselves, their inner strength and emotions.

In this world trust has long been buried in the soils of treachery. New samurais are born and killed, villages, raided and plundered and an age of a new nation will arise. A nation so dark and ominous will block even heaven’s light.

Author's Notes:
I must note that the first phase of the scenario is a cutscene, so don't try and win, because you won't.
Also you NEED the language files given to you in order to progress through the game. Additional instructions on how they are used are in game.

v_02// Scenario instructions are altered to give the player a better understanding of the objectives.

v_03// Fixed some copyright issues made on my behalf, and fixed up some dull places. Overall, not much of a change.

Do good - Fear not.

Bushido Episode 2:

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File Author
Just a reminder, remember to install the language files, or else you won't know what to do. (Seriously)
GeorgeROR roger, will do :D downloading now :P

Georg.. err. Don Jorge De Leon
Head of Content @
jlharter Ok, I am having some troubles with this scenario. I love everything about it thus far, but it seems impossible to get the character out of raid when the campaign first starts. I have tried it about ten times, but each time he is basically slaughtered before even getting past the town center. Am I missing something?
File Author
Well as the story progresses, Yung was suppose to be captured alive. So when he gets 'slaughtered' at the begining just wait about 10 - 30 seconds. And the game will start in a prison cell ^^. So basically its a cut scene.

PS: Remember the language dll, you won't be able to play without it ;]

Thanks for comment

[Edited on 12/19/07 @ 01:26 AM]

jlharter I see, I see... I was a bit confused. Soon as he died I would just restart - I will have to give it another shot and play around a bit. thanks~
GeorgeROR Awesome deisgn, love the blend of the forests, the pathways the swamps, etc... :D Tough short campaign, will take some time and restarts to scout it out. Pick this up today!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.9
Although at the beginning I was slightly confused, then after my third try I waited and realized the first it actually a cut scene. Well done, but if you did not figure this out you were at a loss trying to save Yung and always at a lost cause. This caused a slight drop in the playability score. But not by much. In reality I had a lot of fun playing this single scenario campaign. It flowed along quite well and proves to be a campaign you can play over and over with great enjoyment.

I found this to have great balance and hold enough challenge for everyone who plays no matter what the skill level. Although if you are not too skilled I would progress slowly at first. This campaign involves some quest as well as battles that can prove costly I the player is not prepared. You can do some upgrading of units but just in making them more resilient to defending and attacks. You must keep your eyes open, if not you may miss much needed units to eventually complete your quest. Again lots of fun and gives you a great challenge.

Creativity: 5
This is where the campaign gets a well deserved score. The story is fantastic and pulled me right in. All objectives are quite clear and there were some neat tricks used with the original makers given credit for their use. The use of some injured units was great as you became leery of becoming overly aggressive, if you do you pay dearly. This campaign has its own language files that you should use. The map design was fantastic but I will talk about it later. Great work!

Map Design: 5
Again high marks here for this designers map designs. To begin with it has a great looking bitmap, which I for one love to see. It sort of gives you a feel for the campaign/scenario if you bet a quick peek at a map. The main map itself became more and more interesting as I traveled along and opened it up. Great looking trails to follow, some that even came full circles and others that led to dead ends. It was all well detailed to give you that looks familiar feeling. Good eye candy, very impressive to look at as a lot of overall effort was put forth.

Story/Instructions: 5
A fictional story that grabs you right off. You are a young warrior sent upon a quest to rescue a friend and cleanse the land of your enemies. First you must escape your prison then find your allies to complete these tasks. I found it thrilling and honestly cannot wait for more. Good clear instructions so you know what you must accomplish for victory. This with a beautiful bitmap that helped to enhance the whole campaign. I tend not to look at the hints as I feel it spoils the effect so I leave it to you to check out and decide for yourself.

Additional Comments:
A must download for any player that likes a challenge. I am not sure it this is a new designer if so excellent work and I cannot wait for more. Honestly keep up the fantastic work.

[Edited on 12/20/07 @ 03:56 PM]

File Author
O__o wow, thanks IICDO for the well written review, much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoyed it, because seeing that makes me very happy ^^

Yeah, I should note everyone about the cutscene, since some people have been confused by this issue.

At the momment, I am designing episode 2, may it be good as the first.

Thanks for the kind review once again,
Merry Chirstmas and a happy new year to all.

~ Nezon
The Dark Archer I'm downloading now so I can get a feel for the cpn before writing it up for Campaign of the Month. ;)
File Author
wow, thanks TDA. Hope you enjoy it ^^
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