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The Ionian Revolt

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Difficulty: Hardest
Cooperate with yor allies in order to overthrow the persian tyrants and capture the city of Sardis!

- For historical information read the history section!
- You are not obliged to follow one route. There are many roads to victory!
I would be very grateful if you good comment it as soon as possible.
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Dean McCullough
Map Design2.1
Playability: 4.0
Quite interesting, and I for one sought every path I could go down on this one. The play was quite interesting, for the most part it consisted of trying to dodge Persian bulges... WHILE finding a way to destroy their home bases with a very small army. The fact that this was virtually impossible made this aggravating after awhile though, and in the end In just stopped trying. This had plenty of development, but wasn't quite polished. While these rather traditional FFs are still always fun to play, they need to be given special care to make sure they are at least possible to complete ;). I'd take a look in the siege faq and learn to make AIs and pers, if you haven't already.

Balance: 3.0
As stated above, virtually impossible to MOST OF AN EXTENT. I started at hardest, couldn't win, went down to moderate.... Pretty soon at Easiest. I tried everything on the hints list and tried everything, but still could not get past blowing out the outpost. Something continuously happened each time, i.e. I'd lose too many archers and everything would get slopped down in an instant. My hero kept dying as well. Really, I just couldn't get that final objective, even with siege equipment. I must have tried this thing 7-8 times, and continously failed. Sort of depressing, really. For the most part, giving the troops a mobile priest and more houses might fix the problem completely. According to the author, there is a special way of how to go about winning on this one. So a boost for this one. It's a special dandy ingo/andrea style trick. It took me so long to find, this doesn't change the rating much for me. But oh well.

Creativity: 3
The story gave what it needed, the map unfortunately was sub-par, but the gameplay sparked my intrest. The author he provided a ton of different variations on how to go about winning this, even though it was impossible... There's lots to be had in the map.

Map Design: 2.1
Grass, forest, cities, and grass pathes. Bland and boring overall and nothing special in particular. The weak point of this scenario along with the map.

Story/Instructions: 3.3
Gave everything neeed to suffice this scenario. Extensive history, plenty of helpful hints, and a quick overview of what to do and how to go about doing it. It's all done as it needs to be, nothing speical in particular, though no bitmap. History buffs the score a bit.

Additional Comments:Good for download. It's really difficult, and if you can pull it off you're one hell of a player. It's nothing too special otherwise, should be made a bit easier.

[Edited on 08/12/07 @ 06:42 PM]

File Author
Thanks! I really wanted to read a post for my scenario.

To be honest i removed some houses before i upload it because i thought it was too easy!! I bet ,however, that you haven't found the horse riders, which surely help :)

As for the .per files e.t.c i do have to work with them..
Dean McCullough Gwah, I had trouble figuring it out. i could try it again. You may want some other fellow to playtest your stuff for you...

Mind you, the horse riders were behind a fortified wall. By the time I was halfway through, the persians blew me apart.

Really... How did you win this? It's aggravatingly difficult, but really quite fun to play at the same time. Give me a hint, would you? I must be an awful player.

If you update, I'll update the review. Your gameplay is good, but I'd advise on detailing the map through use of the enhanced editor, and make it possible in a way that looks possible, if you know what I mean.

*Ah and I found your little trick... I see how it can be done. The big problem though, it isn't fully functional. Sure, heavy catapult can blow out the trees to find the 2 heavy catapults in the woods, but the main problem is that it doesn't quite reach as far as it should...

[Edited on 06/12/07 @ 11:26 PM]

File Author
Ok, if you have any difficulty in winning this scenario here is an alternative easy way of finishing it. It will spoil the gameplay of the map , however, so if you don't mind do not read below.

Note: This scenario can be completed without this "trick". I did it ,but of course i am the creator of this and i knew everything.

After killing all the enemies in the beginning in the brown city, heal any wounded units and follow immidietely the right grass path. It will lead you to Myus( teal and orange player). Destroy any enemy tower in your way and find some gaia units in the city. To the north there is a forest and a small wall blocking your way. Place three hoplites attacking a single box of wall while engaging the enemy with your other units. By the time the wall is destroyed leave nad enter to the "secret area".

Note 1: you can enter this area by destoying a fortified wall , like Dean said, but it takes too long.

Go straight ahead, kill any lion and after the ruins you will find three heavy horse archers. Behind them there is a boat, but you ll have to follow another way to find it. Take a horse archer and go to the left side of the area. Then move upwards. There should be two towers and a catapult attacking you. Easily avoid their missiles and turn right to find the boat.
To the right side of the area there is a hidden path which leads to a river. Take your men to the opposite side and continue by following another path. Destroy a wall that you 'll find by selecting it and pressing "delete".
File Author
There lie two heavy catupults and a blind priest. Heal your units and cut the trees to the direction
an arrow is pointing (It looks more like a cross).
Find a river and take your men to the other side.
Continue destroying trees and reach the city without being seen by enemy villagers. Destroy a tower and then head quickly for the government center. You see it actually works!

Note 2: There might be enemy units tring to stop you. In that case you should return to the priest and heal yourself sometimes.
Dean McCullough Nevertheless, the catapult can't seem to "reach" the trees and blot away my way to get to the transport... What's wrong here?
File Author
what do toy mean when you say "can't reach the trees"?
Dean McCullough Well, the only way to get to the transport is to blot out the trees first, right?
File Author
I see that you haven't read the guidelines.

On the contrary, you must first find the boat and then find the catapults. In order to reach the boat you should go to the left side of where the ruins are, go up and then right(behind some trees)
Dean McCullough The review guidelines? Yes I have.

I lowered balance and it's good as it is.

Mind you, I played this scenario over & over... It came to the point where I gave up out of boredom.

The scenario should be possible to a certain extent, mind you, and if there's only ONE way to go about doing things that is both confusing and difficult to figure out in the first place, that just flat-out lowers the balance. I tried everything else, and when I tried getting the catapults, I still could not do it... I'll try one last time and see how it all works out.
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Map Design2.1
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