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Emperor Ciek VII many people have asked for this and i just remembered that i made one, it isn't cleared of everything, so if you want to use it you may need to erase everything, i believe most of geography is pretty accurate but i'm no greek native or descndant so i honestly would accept any criticism. if used please credit me. thanks
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Dean McCullough
Map Design4.0
This map is generally excellent, with a few problems.

The map itself is very well done with lots of detail and depicts Greece quite accurately. Although, remember that this isn't always a good thing, as some people would rather prefer a blank template. This isnt a huge problem though.

Anyhow, the map also already has players on it, put in their correctly named spots (Sparta, Athens, etc.) and with a few starting units. It's a bit cramped to play this RM style, but I'd go for it anyhow. The detail also is excellent, with lots of islands and surrounding areas. There IS one very large flaw with the map however, as Greece is rather smushed into Turkey very closely and frankly looks awful... North Africa is a bit far north aswell.

Summed up:
Pros-Lots of detail, accurate shape, good starting positions.
Cons-No blank template, nation's relevance in loaction are screwed up.
Overall:Should be generally ok for a Greece vs. Persia scenario, although some might not like it. It could be used for just about anything else just Greece releated though, so I'd say download the map and check it out.

Also not bad for an MP game.

[Edited on 05/04/07 @ 05:53 PM]

XMA98 This temlate may show greece from the past, with continental drifting, so please don't offend his work.

he tried his hardest.
Dean McCullough If I'm right, "Ancient" greece is from about 3000 to 2000 years ago. Even that long ago, it wasn't rotated 90 degrees to the right, squashed into turkey.

Woo-hoo if he tried his hardest. And how would you know? It's good stuff, but it's hardly perfect and certainly isn't the best in this section. I tried to review as fair as possible, being helpful to both the uploader and the downloader.

Yeah, "offend" is not the proper word to be used here... You're a strange guy...

[Edited on 08/26/07 @ 03:40 PM]

Emperor Ciek VII
File Author
thnks but to be honest i must agree with dean, well because i agree that i did "smush" turkey in for my own purposes but it was only ment to be a small region of the coast and i realized midway what i had done and didn't want to go back and fix it as i was pressed for time at the moment and/or possibly i just got lazy... but his comments did not offend, and said i would gladly accept criticism in my opening description. thank you.
Emperor Ciek VII
File Author
oh and that bit of land on the bottom of the map isn't north africa its crete :D
Dean McCullough :S Maybe I should edit the review...

But this is a great effort Ciek. Why not add some more works XD
Map Design4.9
(Note, I rate map templates based on map design and creativity alone - all other scores here merley reflect 'map design')

Nice! Great map. Sure, it may not be perfect but Greece is VERY difficult to depict on such a large scale with AoE scenario designing.

It is far more difficult then many other areas because it has a lot of complexities with difficult shapes necessary to function well with its many historically important cities. Remember, all that is Greece is EXTREMELY small. Just take a accurate map and match up Greece with other areas. So much history in such a small place!

(remember, Ancient Greece did not have 'nations' or 'national powers' - their identity is far different, a complex system of city-states. The only temporary 'real' empire was Athens, which was different then an empire from our understanding. That is, until eastern Rome became more prominent, and eventually became what is called Byzantine by historians (of course, they identified themselves as Romans even though historians call them Byzantine) and much later, in the 1400s, the Turks. The ancient Greeks complex involvement with forming colonies through out Europe, including the black sea and within the meditranian even as far as Spain, also complicates their identity as a political entity. Later on in history, the extent of the political unity with Alexander the Great and with the early Roman empire cannot define them as a empire. I believe it is said that with the Roman conquest of Greece, Greece actually conquered Rome ~Greek culture became a strong & dominating force within the Roman society - esp. in the upper class, and many Greek city-states had far more local sway and independance then most of the rest of the Roman empire. Again, it is a complicated history which would take a book to get a good understand of)

So, given the complex nature of the many elements of Greece, the limited amount of space and options with AoE, and finally the difficulty of its islands and other geographical uniqueness gives you a next to perfect rating in my book. I would love to see someone create a map of Greece more accurate; but until then yours is the best attempt at it I have seen thus far (that is, a scenario depicting Greece on a large scale).

Thanks for the template!

[Edited on 12/14/07 @ 01:16 AM]

Dean McCullough The problem is that it looks like turkey is directly south of Greece... Either that, or Greece is completely rotated and connected with Turkey. Because of that, the map looks kind of screwy and would probably put off alot of people... Why not take a look an accurate map of Greece and tell me how it compares to this?

[Edited on 12/30/07 @ 01:29 PM]

Emperor Ciek VII
File Author
It's fun to look at what i did over 3 years ago, funny thing is that I'm now at University studying for a dual major in Classical Civ and Geography, hmm i wonder where i first discovered my interest in this stuff (obviously here)... maybe i should release a few more items from my old archives onto here hehe

[Edited on 04/06/10 @ 04:13 PM]

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