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Trojan War

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Number of Scenarios: 15
Difficulty: Hard
Did you ever read Iliad? Did you understand it? Its a really great book, an awesome story. Buy a booknote explainer to understand it better. Anyway, this is about the Trojan War. There is a lot of history and myth behind it all. I have around 15 (more or less? I forgot!) scenarios in this campaign. All that was written for the campaign (scenario instructions, history...etc.) is based on a lot of research. The Trojan War was something I had to research in school, see? Play this scenario and I'm sure you will know quite a lot about Troy, Achilles, Hector, the Olympians, etc... The stages better, perhaps than your average "download from the net" stuff. A lot of those scenarios really SUCK! Yet what I really boast from mine is a good storyline, a kick ass storyline. And (I think) a good stage design. Only for single player, obviously. The first campaign i ever built. To assure you, however, you must know that AOE is my best best game besides WAR2.
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Angel SpineMan
Map Design5.0
Wow. This collection of 15 scenarios will probably take you a week to finish but it's worth it. Joey has contructed a wonderful variety of scenario styles woven together with an awesome story taken straight from the Trojan War. It makes for great reading and really enhances the gameplay. Instructions are clearly written and you should have no problem knowing what to do. The scenarios consist of many styles including conquest, discovery, puzzle, limited army, assisinations, naval battles, land battles and wonder building. The variety keeps this campaign fresh and interesting all the way through. Playability is great - there is always something to be done, you will never be bored. Balance was also good although the difficulty varied from really easy to really difficult but everything is winable if you have patience. The maps are above average and some are exceptional. I especially liked the grand city of Troy that the last few scenarios are played on. Creativity as well - many unique and fun challenges await. It's hard to find much to fault here but some improvements could be made. It's not a perfect campaign but the length, variety and attention to detail make the Trojan War one of the best campaigns available.
Laurent Calonne It is by far the best campaign I've ever played. Good storyline, different kind of scenarios (raiding, battles, defense, search), changing difficulty level.It includes all 8 possible players, yet never slows down the game too much. A special credit for the excellent maps as well. This campaign really brings out the best in AOE !
Jereme Brown This was a very enjoyable campaign. It has a lot of scenerios but there never seems to be 2 the same. ; The maps are very well done. Many require some careful planning and control of your men to win.
Map Design4.9
this campaign is the best out of all three campaigns i've downloaded its so great that i dont no how to explain it
IICDO I could not get through the whole campaign as it crashed on me I tried two or three times with the same result. it would be great if someone could give this a proper review.
c4master I downloaded this one yesterday and I'm going to review it. Yet, this will take quite a while since it has got 15 scenarios! The first two have been quite promising. :)
Map Design4.0
Trojan War deals with the Trojan War (surprise, surprise). It begins right before it with the choice of Paris and covers every known point about it.

Playability: 5
I liked this camaign a lot. At first I just wanted to give it a new review but soon enough I found myself being addicted to these great and varying scenarios. Noone is equal to the previous one and nearly all of them are a tough challenge and yet you can make it if you keep working precisely and correctly. The very good use of different vctory condition and most times a high pressure will keep you playing even if you were not that much interested in the awesome history section. Only once the victory conditions didn't work.

Balance: 4.5
I'd say in 70 percent of the mission your enemy keeps you on your toes. Sometimes you have to sneak thorugh some areas, toher times you need to build up quickly or do some early attacks. Yet there are about three or four missions where balance is not as good as in the other ones. One example is the 13th one, which I found quite impossible. It's successor, scenario number 14 (and also pretty much 15) is far too easy. Still, a very good job!

Creativity: 5
Even though map design doesn't hold much creativity the gameplay of this campaign does. Every mission has different victory conditions, every time there are lots of things to do and lots of players involved. My favorite scenario is number 12 where you have to make seven discoveries. I died about 15 times but somehow I made it and it was really cool to sneak through the enemy base. But there are other great examples like you being under attack which forces you to rebuild your camp or discovering 70% of the map where it is full of Trojan units. Very cool!

Map Design: 4
The maps don't look very nice. At least the landscape is allways boring because forest brush is used. There's no eye candy and no grass patches, neither are there any gags or easter eggs. So why is the score that high? Well, first of all this is an old campaign. You cannot expect an awesome map design from back then. Second, (and more important) the cities look very good. Even though the author didn't use any roads they look very nice and detailed. Third, the author made wise use of elevations, cliffs and bottlenecks. It is allways important to control these places which makes the battles much more tactical than in most other campaigns.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
Well, what else could I say about story/history than "perfect work"? There is really nothing to complain about in terms of story and history (and myths). the author writes down all details about the Trjon War and even covers the to complain about are bitmaps and videos. There is not a single bitmap at all and those standard AoE videos I find rather disturbing and not very creative to use. Nevertheless, great work!

Additional Comments:
download recommendation: Of course!

This is one the most alterning campaigns I ever played. Every scenario holds different goal and you even have to change tactics for different scenarios. You really should have a look at this!
scoundr3l I've only played the first scenario, so it wouldn't be fair to do a full review just yet. But I have to express a few initial frustrations. The first scenario is nearly unplayable on Moderate or higher difficulty. Our hero Odysseus (who was quite an archer, himself) plays the fool, armed with what appears to be a scrap of wood more than a weapon, getting mowed down while he attempts to chase down archers through the streets while useless red villagers and poor pathing (AoE's fault, not yours, but no less frustrating) get in his way. If you play it on very fast speed and listen to Yakkity Sax, it's actually quite a comedy. The blind priest, while meant to restore balance to the ordeal, is the tragedy as he only seems to be able to heal when you need him least. After dropping it to easy difficulty, the AI let up the abuse and it became playable.

A few more nits to pick though: you inexplicably went back and forth between calling the Trojan Prince Paris and Alexandros. You also refer to the Greeks as "Achaians" which is either an unusual or simply incorrect spelling of "Achaean". All that said though, I downloaded your campaign for a reason and I am still trying to maintain excitement for this epic as you've obviously put a lot of effort into it and a lot of history. I applaud you, regardless of my frustrations.

[Edited on 09/22/13 @ 08:43 PM]

VictorIn_Pacific Scenario 13 is the hardest scenario and requires cheating to win. You need to reveal map and turn off fog. This allows you to locate your priest. After that, it becomes playable, but still very hard.

Campaign rating close to 5.0 is definitely correct.

[Edited on 01/03/14 @ 10:22 PM]

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Map Design4.6
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