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Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Easy-Mod
Interesting, keeps you busy. Enjoy. Updated Legion cicle of Doom.
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The Dark Archer
Map Design3.5
Playability: 2.5
This rating has been greatly affected by all the other rating as my enjoyment of the campagin wasn't high because I was wondering what I was ment to be doing. I also found it to easy too win and felt after winning that I didn't do much and that nothing had really happen. Also although I didn't bring the artifects to the government center I believe that I still wouldn't have atchieved victory because I noticed that allied victory was on which gets rid of indervidual victory condisions, although this has not been tested to see if it does affect this campagin.

The designer could improve this rating by improving all other areas and turning the allied victory off.

Balance: 2.7
I found this campagin too easy to win to give it a high score but at the same time the start of it is very easy to lose so it does has some difficulty to begin with but after the first huge attack everything becomes to easy. Unfortunely the global victory is set to standard so it is possible to win just by keeping your wonder up and this is how I managed to get victory.

The designer could improve this rating by taking the standard global victory off and forcing the player to complete certain tasks. This would also help the playability score as a more challanging campagin makes a more enjoyible campagin.

Creativity: 3.4
I found this campaign to be reasonibly creative with some good use of the beta units which is always good to see. I liked the burning ruin but it would be better if the bolt could be mostly hidden. There is also a bitmap and although it is only a screenshot of a place in the scenario, it is something good to see and not commonly used.

The designer could improve this rating by making more of a story and improving the map design.

Map Design: 3.5
The map has good points and bad points. Starting with the bad points I didn't see enough terrain rendering for my liking although I admit there was some and that is very good to see but I don't think there was enough. The another thing was the use of the jungle terrain. To me personly I hate that one plam tree that is used way to much in the jungle terrain and it just makes the scenario look worse. If you are making a forest at least take some time to mix the terrains a bit to liven things up a bit. And one last thing was the placement of some units. There were somethings that seemed to be in places for no reason, like a Heavy Horse Archer and Stone Thrower on an island next to two docks. I didn't see the point of them and why, if they where needed, weren't they gaia units.

Now on to the good points. I saw some really good use of beta units which is something not often seen and there where some excellent eye-candies made like around the area where your flags at the start which is nicely decorated. Another really good point is the fact that this doesn't appear to be a random map and that the designer has taken some time to craft this campaign.

The designer could improve this rating by doing some more terrain rendering and mixing up the forests a bit more.

Story/Instructions: 2.3
The story was the worst part of the campagin. Although there was some traces of a story it was only one paragraph that confused me and posed questions that I wanted answered but didn't get answered. Like why was me legion restriced to one area, why was I being attacked by all these people, why did I have a wonder that I could use to win. A bitmap was made which was good to see but the story needed to be stronger to really score higher.

The designer could improve this rating by writing more of a story and adding some victory and lose messages.

Additional Comments:
One of the designer's more rushed works. He has showen that he can produce high standard work but he just needs to slow down and give it some more time and detail.

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Map Design3.5
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