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YewMan Trilogy

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Number of Scenarios: 3 + 1
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Enjoy this variety campaign. 1st scene a medium sized task with difficulty. 2nd a small sized with tough simplicity. 3rd a Big piz de resistence, where ya must think on different fronts. Let me know any comments or improvements.
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Dark_Avenger Are you French? So I am.

The road, The mix of cactis/grey stones is cool. That mix will be Probably looking cool on rivers shores too.

Hope to see ya joining TD team.

[Edited on 10/07/06 @ 12:45 PM]

File Author
Thank you for sharing your comments with us. It will probably look cooler on shallows or water.

What is TD about, purpose, actions, etc...


[Edited on 10/11/06 @ 11:30 PM]

G1GGY TD is a designing team that focuses on AoE, and aims to be the best designing team on HG. Your expertice would make it much stronger.
File Author
Thanks Giggy, I may as well, but then again I might get dizzy with more clubs to join. I am working on some AOE stuff right now, so give me some time to check ya'll out. Did a quick scan of the site yesterday, not much info on what ya'll is up to now, any projects? Is TD for AOE or ROR or both?
McCloudDash91 Both AoE and RoR, and i agree with giggy, you definitely should join us. Despite the fact that you use limited [terrain] rendering, your eye candies are by far one-of-a-kind. We would only benefit from having a designer of your status with us.

And if you plan on joining, i've recently been promoted [for some odd reason] to head of the HGexpo project, so consult me if you wish to help us with it. Lord knows we need a little extra help around the house ^_^

- Fox

[Edited on 10/15/06 @ 05:32 PM]

File Author
Hi mcloud, I do have to say sorry for letting you think I was on break, but that scenario_tc new beta editor was a hook that caught me back into the boat. I am not sure of What is "limited [terrain] rendering"? That probably is I am still working in a limited time frame and I am Lazy:-). What is HGexpo project, and what do they do. My memory fails me.

I also had the idea of maybe after finishing some AOE scenes to submit myself as a scene design helper, that is anyone who needs repeatative work (i.e. forests, shorlines, etc..) done in a scenario, could give me a sample/instructions and I could fill it out in the scenario. Sounds good to anyone?
McCloudDash91 terrain rendering is focusing on things about the ground other than eye candies, like making natural fields and intricate forests. Im sure you'll improve over time, and if you dont its cool, your eye candies are still awesome.

And the Expo project is the HeavenGames Expo, where all of the games that designs and forums for come together to present their best-of-the-best creations in Campaign form. We could really use a guy like you on the TribD team ^^

- Fox
File Author
Sure, let me know what kind of help you need with the HGExpo, and I will assist you best I can, U have me e-mail. Thanks. There is no reason to wonder why they selected a good maker like you.

[Edited on 10/17/06 @ 10:42 PM]

Map Design5.0
Finally someone has pity with you and is writing a review for Yewmen Trilogy. ;-)

Playability: 4
Yewmen is a fantasy/fictional campaign where you are playing the Yewmen who have to fight off several enemies. There is one of my most important criticism: Who are the Yewmen and why do they have to fight?
Anyway the three scenarios are all pretty unique in a way that you won't get scenarios like these very often. If all worked correctly this would have been GREAT fun, but unfortunately it didn't.
In the first scenario you simply have to fight off the first attack and then wait until time runs out because when time runs out the one with most points will win.
In the second scenario all worked fine.
In the last one I found no way to win it, even with revealed map and with the hints. I don't know what you are suppoesed to do but giving the player at least one harbour would have been necessary for me since I lost my transport and thus couldn't win any more.
Another two bugs have been the player names had been corrupted (changed order) in all scenarios and once it crashed when I killed myself. (kill 7)
Besides these bugs I really had a good time playing your campaign. It is indeed an unusual feeling to be playing so reaxed and still being challanged.

Balance: 3.5
Well, the first scenario would have good balance IF you would have to complete your tasks. Since you don't need to there is also no challange in it. If you're using a time trigger , make sure the player can not reach the highest score.
In the second scenario - which was by the way a very good idea - you have to defend your ruins or destroy all enemies. Of course, if you destroy them all you would also have been able of holding the ruins. Again, holding them is pretty easy. Fighting off your enemy is possible, but much more time consuming.
The last scenario on the other hand was way too hard in my humble opinion. I made to the spy but I lost my transport. I didn't know that I NEED it. There was no harbour and thus I couldn't win. So I tried again - this time splitting my forces. To no avail. I guess one is too weak to reach the south in the beginning, if anyone does please let me know how. So you would have to save your transport but again, this seems impossible except if there was some safe harbour.
All the rest of the three scenarios was well-done. I had to reload a few times, just enough to make it interesting.

Creativity: 5
As I mentioned above this campaign is unique. The first scenario is - though victory conditions are not too specific - something new for me. The second one contains the ruin victory condition which is rarely used, but I like it. The last one finally would have been my favorite style (if it only worked). Completing your tasks in a world full of crowded cities and empty forests, fleeing, rebuilding and everything.
Regarding map design and tricks this campaign is somewhat an outstanding example of how to make use of the enhanced editor. Maybe it is not enhanced but enchanted :D

Map Design: 5
I don't know where to begin. There are lots of cool ideas again and most of them looked awesome. The best parts are the cities and the shores. There is eye candy everywhere you look and these maps aren't small. The ways made of bones, stone, cactee or whatever all are supreme! The only thing which could still be improved are the plains. Sounds strange but the plains are too plain. Some more elevations and some more grass patches would have been nice. The forests are too dense for my taste but that's only my opinion.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
Along with the campaign comes a little story. It tells you what you are about to do and the pics and hints are good. Yet, I'd like to get some more information about the Yewmen. Why should we fight? I didn't really get into it and I couldn't identify with them. It seemed a bit sterile.

Additional Comments:
download recommendation: Yes.

comments to the author:
- Test your campaigns more carefully to avoid bugs.
- Put some more efforts in the story section. A fantasy campaign lives from its story. Once a player identifies with your heroes he will play it till the end.
- Make the world less sterile. When I walked in the last mission I could clean the whole nothern continent with the Berta. There are not many animals in your map nor are there any "neutral" civs who are just there like some farmers or something like that.
- Keep designing. I'm looking forward for your next work.
File Author
Tks c4master! agree with all your points there about my rushed errors. As for Scenario three, I tried to make it puzzling. you need to PERSUADE scout livy (or his GC)? so yes only use the transporter once. I tested this scenario to the end. It has all sorts of possibilites. And stop killing yourself with cheetahs :)

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Map Design5.0
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