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Series of Destruction V 1.4

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Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Im back. And i got attitude, Im puttin my campaigns on the darker side with moody missions and stuff that will break your heart so expect a emotional storyline... Have fun

*UPDATE* Story included

Bugs fixed
Waterfalls out of nowere taken out
Series of Destruction coming soon!
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Richard Ames
Map Design4.0
Playability/Balance: 3

In this demo scenario you begin with a small FF division, Perseus, and a pair of villagers. I found it hard at first, so moved down to hard difficulty. It still seemed impossible, so I switched to moderate. Then I looked closer at the bitmap and realized how the mission was supposed to be played. The path to my destination was hard, which was good. Finding a path through that area is like a minefield, and I enjoyed it.

I looked forward to a well balanced B&D buildup, but I found the enemy didn't attack my base, so it ended up being a bit of a disappointment. They did attack me once I went out and attacked them, I would suggest the player do this as early as you can to make it challenging, so there will be some feel of a defend element.

It was good to see I didn't win when I had destroyed all the players, it's rare that someone turns conquest off. The problem is though that gathering resources is boring, and I did not have enough gold to win, nor was there anymore on the map. It would help if there was some gold in enemy town, or tell the player to conserve their gold in the objectives.

Also, there is no loss condition. I assume Perseus would be of some importance to the story, and therefore shouldn't die?

Creativity: 3

The use of overlapping and hidden units is nice to see, there's plenty of creative experimentation seen here. The gameplay is interesting, especially at the start, and the objectives are far from conquest. The scenario doesn't have a story though, which limits my score here to a 3.

Map Design: 4

The map is quite nice overall. You can tell immediately that the enhanced editor has been used, with dead bodies, rubble, and overlapping units/units where they can't normally go, for example towers embedded in the walls.

There are some nice features, like the simple but effective shallows/rocks rivers, the beautiful swamps on elevations, and the stylish tree forests, of various designs. The design would need some finer touches and that 'designers eye' that you can only get with a lot of practice.

Story/Instructions: 2

You say you don't want to give any of the story away. That's all very well, but your score will suffer for it. It's better to have some story in a teaser anyway, to get the player interested in the campaign. I didn't find myself very excited about the campaign, because I have no idea what it was about. The enemy players didn't even have their own names.

The instructions are good and clear, but there are no hints. There is a bitmap, just basic paint stuff, but it's good to see one. One line on the bitmap has a letter that has dropped down to the line below, and the spray paint overlaps the edges a bit. To work on this I suggest you learn to copy and paste units and such from other bitmaps and screenshots. You can take a screenshot from the game and tidy the unit up a bit, take it straight from the SLP files using SLP Studio, or use Fudgy's bitmap collection, which is good for buildings.

Overall: The demo shows some promise, but it seems a bit rushed, and lacks in the important area of a story.

[Edited on 02/27/06 @ 12:28 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I found the demo quite good. If it were a scenario in a campaign I would have given it a lower score. I used Perseus, as he is a priest to open up most of the map. I saw where I was to go and followed through. Staring with a small force and knowing you are to face hoplites gave me cause to be wary. Starting the villager to cutting rather than standing around was a good thought after I moved to where I was to go.

Balance: 3
My only issue was you could sit and wait for the enemy to moved then convert. I didn’t destroy the player as I used them to destroy the towers around the ruin. This could have an effect on game play as after I took control of the ruin I was not challenged and sat and waited for time to run to be victorious. Playing a second time I waited until time had almost run down before taking control thus getting more time to establish more goals.
Having a second ruin near would offset this.

Creativity: 3
I liked the creative design but had to remember that it was just a demo. Sort of like a movie trailer. Gets you interested but does not reveal the true story line

Map Design: 4
Good mapping design. Right from the opening you can see good use of the enhanced editor as stated before. I enjoy looking at a good layout as you travel through the map. It only gets better with practice and trial and error.

Story/Instructions: 3
As I said this was more like a movie trailer than the movie. More on the idea of the story would be more beneficial for a bit more interest and excitement.
The instructions were good if in fact you had to follow them again once you have the ruin all you really have to do is sit and wait to be victorious. That is one error I would correct.
The bitmap was a bit dry and basic. Looking at a good bitmap starts you feeling ready to get things stared. Some practice with this will add some more “colour” to each scenario and overall campaign.

Additional Comments:
Again I had to remind myself that this is a demo of more to come. If the areas in question were corrected we are looking forward to the end result

[Edited on 03/07/06 @ 02:01 PM]

Chris Mattox
Map Design4.0
Playability: 1.9
The playability of this campaign was below average here, some of the VCs' were unplayable
because all you have to do is control a ruin to win. You don't have to do any other VC

Balance: 1
The AI of the red player wasen't up to par. When i captured the ruin, all the red player's forces did was stand there. And some of the VCs' couldent be completed.

Creativity: 3.5
The creativity of the demo was good, I liked the idea of the end of the world in acient times.

Map Design: 4
Map Design was the strongest area of the campaign. It made me feel as if though i was in a land of endless bloodshed, which is good for a end of the world campaign.

Story/Instructions: 2.5
There was minimal story and a little bit hard to follow for me. But at least there is a story and a bitmap. The bitmap was okay too, But not spectacular.

Additional Comments: Should you download? Maybe, if you want a type that differs from other stuff out there.

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Map Design4.0
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