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A Short History Of Lost Sumeria

Author File Description
Andrea Rosa
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 6
Difficulty: Moderate
Sumer may well be the first civilization in the world (although long term settlements at Jericho and Çatal Hüyük predate Sumer and examples of writing from Egypt and the Harappa, Indus valley sites may predate those from Sumer). From its beginnings as a collection of farming villages around 5000 BC, through its conquest by Sargon of Agade in 2371 BC and its final collapse under the Amorites in 2000 BC, the Sumerians developed a religion and a society which influenced both their neighbors and their conquerors. Sumerian cuneiform, the earliest written language, was borrowed by the Babylonians, who also took many of their religious beliefs, and parallels of Sumerian myth can be found even in the Genesis.

This campaign covers the history of Sumer in six scenarios, each one based upon one of the six periods in which historians trend to divide the multimillenary Sumerian timeline. I hope these missions will entertain you. For comments and bug-reports, either mail me or visit the Guestbook on my website.

Andrea Rosa


* This campaign was designed to be played with the original Age of Empires, not with the expansion pack Rise of Rome.

* To play "A Short History Of Lost Sumeria" unzip the .cpn file and put it into the campaign folder of Age of Empires, then run the game and start playing as any other AoE campaign.

* The recommended difficulty settings range from "Moderate" to "Hardest". Please do not play on "Easiest" and "Easy" or many parts of this campaign WILL NOT WORK.

* Carefully read the Hints before playing a scenario, because loss conditions are stored there.


Language.dll is an edited file which replaces the names of many units with the ones acting in the story. Installing this file is optional, in that case you should remember to make a temporary back-up of the original language.dll, so to go back to the previous settings once you finish "A Short History Of Lost Sumeria". If you have lost the original language.dll you don't need to reinstall the game, you can copy it directly from the Age of Empires CD.


Playing this campaign you may notice some units and landscape features pretty unusual to the AoE world. Those are actually hidden units which have always been buried within the game code and were finally unlocked in October 2005 by Scenario_t_c. Although some of these units (mainly Horses and Trade Workshops) were known from long time, they could be accessed only one at once by designing upon preset templates. Thanks to Scenario_t_c, now we are able to access almost all hidden units and mix them at will. This happens to be the first campaign designed in such a way, and the merit goes to that skilled guy, who shocked the AoE community by bringing the eternal quest of the "beta" units to an end.
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Richard Ames *Goes back briefly in time and rolls out a red carpet for this campaign*

Well done on completing another campaign so quickly Andrea, you can have 3 months of paid leave :)
Absolutely amazing. I could not pull myself away from the game. From scenario to scenario it has you at the edge of your seat. I do not hav ethe experince yet to give a proper eview but when I do I'll be back. If you die (and you will plenty of times) do not give up keep at it and play the campaign through to the end. Grecia Andrea!

[Edited on 02/24/06 @ 02:16 PM]

Dean McCullough I haven't even beat the first scenairo yet on hard... Quite frankly the difficulty at first is quite overwhelming. It really does not matter however, because the simply unbelievably beautiful map and unique play makes it easily one of the best scenairos I've played... I can't wait to see the rest of the campaign!

In the end however, the difficulty in this first scenairo is perhaps a tad too much. I was just able to pump out 700 gold just now when they asked AND build a market. It sort of spoils the fun... The rest of the scenairo is already challenging as it is, so it wouldn't hurt to lower the amount of gold for tribute.

[Edited on 12/16/06 @ 09:48 PM]

Cato Maior Don't worry about the first scenario. Just make sure to have enough villagers mining gold (maybe about six) and avoid disturbing the red player.

Believe me, balance is even in this scenario PERFECT.
nikokol Almost 5000 downloads...
Gojoseon One of Andrea's best, in part because of the Flood and Gilgamesh scenarios, which are a nice break from the difficult base-building and conquest in the others. Most of the scenarios here are challenging, beautiful, creative, have multiple goals, and very extensive historical documentation.

Some very nice triggers too, such as Assyria pouring out of the north after you've engaged some enemy Sumerian states.
TheWeintek Hi, Andrea Rosa, I would like to translate this great campaign to spanish and share it on The Granary. Do I have your permission?

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