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Tales of Udrania

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Number of Scenarios: 2
Difficulty: Moderate
I decided to make a campaign again. This time, I chose English language so that I can submit it to the heaven. It's only 2 scenarios, but I think the story is good and maybe I will continue this campaign. Waht is it about?
Well, it's about Vandir Takh, a simple man living in a village in the west of Udrania. He is told by the duke to prepare a few hunting huts for him. But then the trouble begins....

1st scenario should be quite easy I think. just walking along the path...
2nd scenario is a bit difficult in the beginning. Read hints if you don't know what to do. Once you escaped the scenario turns out to a build up scen.
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Map Design4.0
This is Nanaki's first campaign that he released. It has solid gameplay and map design, but lacks a bit in the areas of instructions.

Playability: 4

The campaign consists of two scenarios. An introductory fixed force style one and a longer scenario which forces you to escape, rebuild, and get back at your enemy. The first scenario was simply following the path fighting raiders. If you look around, you can find a few slingers to help you on your quest. The objective is to prepare hunting huts for the duke. Escaping in the second one is quite tricky due to an incorrect bitmap (more on that later). If you manage to find your allies you can rebuild though, and prepare the siege on the enemy city. Your allies will help you fight.

Balance: 3.7

The campaign is not really hard. Good for beginners. The first scenario is pretty much a walk in the park - only a few enemies to be dealt with. The second one starts more challenging with a tricky prison escape, then turns into a not too hard build up mission. The enemy attacked me a few times, but by then I had already errected a lot of towers. The siege on the yellow city was not too hard, a few priests and chariot archers aswell as stonethrowers to destroy the towers did the trick. Like I said, the difficulty is very nice for beginners. Advanced players will find it too easy though.

Creativity: 4

Some good ideas here and there. The objective to prepare hunting huts is original, and while prison escapes have been done a thousand times before I liked the idea with the fire galley. There was also some creativity in map design, such as a swamp village with individually placed trees. The story is completely made up and the player finds out more the further he plays.

Map Design: 4

It all looks quite decent. There were some nice parts with beautiful eyecandies, and most of the time it looked ok. Some parts were unrealistic and/or ugly though, such as forest terrain carelessly mixed with pine. That combination can look really good, but only if the orange/dead trees get deleted. I especially liked the swamp village. The cities could have been better, but they were ok.

Story/Instructions: 4

In the first version of the campaign there was an incorrect bitmap, aswell as a hint I didn't understand, which gave me a big headache - it took me ages to just get out of the enemy city. Nanaki fixed it by now though, and included a new bitmap, aswell as some arrows on the game map to avoid confusion. After that problem being washed away, I can finally give this section the rating it deserves. The story is completely made up and goes deeper the further one plays. And it isn't even finished in this campaign - in the next chapter, the story will continue. I'm looking forward to finding out more.

Additional Comments:

A good and decent campaign, with solid map design and gameplay and a not too high difficulty level. I'm looking forward to the upcoming sequel.

Download Reccommendation: Yes

[Edited on 09/17/05 @ 03:39 PM]

Richard Ames
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

A short but enjoyable campaign - Tales of Udrania is really just a teaser campaign, with short simple missions. All the same, it's a lot of fun to play, and I really enjoyed it. A unique story and maps made it extra enjoyable, and I look foward to seeing where it goes in the next part.

Balance: 3

In the first mission you have a FF exploration style mission - preparing the 3 hunting huts for the duke is your goal. This one is easy to lose if you're careless, but fairly easy. The second is a larger mission, where you have a role playing puzzle start, then a B&D "Destroy object" goal. The mission was quite difficult, with the yellow player able to kill you if you go walking around carelessly. Reading the hints is recommended here if you are unsure what to do. Quite easy again though, at least for me. Since these are just the first two missions the balance is not a problem.

Creativity: 5

The gameplay is quite creative in the missions with unique story related goals, and a mix of different styles. The maps have a unique style and are a little like Ingo's - take a look at some cool architural creations - the "Hunting huts" are neat, and the "Monument" wasn't even a building, but looked like one. Very nice tricks.

Map Design: 4

Maps are beautiful yet simple. Lots of Gaia trees, tricks like the hunting huts and the 'death by fire' from Taigun, cactus paths in the first mission, omnicolour forests and swamps in the second. The elevations were a little too flat in the maps though, work on that a little. Still room for plenty of improvement.

Story/Instructions: 5

Very enjoyable fantasy story, good instructions and hints. Bitmaps can be improved a little bit.

Overall: 4.2

A short, easy and fun campaign, Tales of Udrania is something you should definitely download right now.

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Map Design4.0
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