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taunts 26-100

Author File Description
Phill Phree Full List:

1. Yes
2. No
3. I need food
4. Somebody pass the wood
5. Gold please
6. Give me some stone
7. Eahhhhhhhh...
8. Your attempts are futile
9. Yeehawww yipp wee hoo
10. Hey I'm in your town
11. Oooooohhhh...
12. Join me
13. I don't think so
14. Start the game already
15. Who's the man?
16. Attack them now!
17. Hahahahaaaa...
18. I am weak please don't kill me
19. Hahahhahhahahahhahahahhha
20. I just got some satisfaction
21. Hey nice town
22. We will not tolerate this behavior
23. Get out!
24. Bad Gum
25. Oohhh yaaa...
26. It's coming right for us! <explosion>
27. Asian culture has plagued our fragile earth for many years. We must end it. Excellent A-
28. My uncle says that smoking crack is pretty cooool
29. Well Stan you wanna know what I think? What? <fart>
30. Well I'm sorry children but taking elephant DNA just ain't right. Why haven't you heard that song by lover boy? Which song is that? <song>
31. Ohh, well there ain't nothing worse than geting drunk and waking up next to a pig. Or a fat elephant.
32. Go. I say go away boy your bothering me.
33. WWOWWW! I feel good.
34. Help me Wilbur
35. I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too. Hahahahhahaha
36. Ohhweeohh ohhhoooo
37. And now ladies and gentlemen LETS GET READY TO RUMBBBBLLLLLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
38. Your despicable
39. Butmunch
41. I'll be back
42. The following program is intended for mature audiences
43. Help! Help! Somebody save me HEELLLLPPPPP!
44. Running away won't save ya
45. Red Alert! Battle Stations.
46. Great horny toads!
47. Don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you <slap!> AHHHH
49. I do not think you realize the gravity of your situation.
50. Dananana... Dannnananana <song>
51. Any more impudence and it will be your head on the block.
52. You are an idiot ah ah ah ah ahhhhahhahh
53. Hey bud what's your problem
54. Hey this is great man
55. Anybody out there?
56. This sucks
57. Dandandndnnnaaaaaaa
58. There's something screwy around here.
59. <DONG> You rang?
60. We must plan for tomorrow night. Why what are we gonna do tomorrow night.
61. When 900 years old you reach look as good you will not hmmm?
62. Game over man
63. Follow me.
64. Help you I can yes hmmmm
65. Houston we have a problem
66. Now the real game begins
67. This will eat you all with nasty big pointy teeth
68. Fascinating, but quite impossible
69. I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque
70. Now we se the violence inherited in the system
71. People of Earth your attention please...
72. Thank you Mr. Knowitall
73. I have come here to chew buble gum and kick butt, and I'm all outa buble gum
74. <Tarzan yell>
75. Budgets? We don't got no budgets. We don't have to show you no stinking budgets!
76. You see, we're on a mission from God.
77. I've fallen and I can't get up
78. I'll bite your legs off!
79. Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of berries.
80. Arrrrr! Fart in you general direction.
81. You tiny brave watchers of other people's weapons.
82. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!
83. GO AWAY!!
84. You're a loony.
85. Loser
86. You stupid bastard!
87. Weirdo
88. Consultable armaments
89. Oh right oh right we'll ill him fisrt and then actually admit it
90. What are you gonna do bleed on me?
91. Oh lord, bless this hand grenade that with it thy may blow thine enemies to tiny bits. In thy mercy.
92. I'm invincible!
93. You haven't given us time to hide.
94. None shall pass
95. <Mumbo jumbo and stuff that I can't understand>
96. Anybody else feel like a little..... Giggle?
97. Wait to bigus digus hears of this.
98. Runaway!! <people yelling>
99. Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who.
100. I've got a peculiar feeling that putty cat is up to someting.
101. Oooo that putty cat he mad at me.
102. Uh-oh that putty cat he after me again.
103. Ahhh the poor putty cat fall down.
104. I wonder what that putty cat up to now?
105. O.K. you win. I give up. I stop.
106. Holy freeholies that thing runs faster than me.
107. They don't make pussy cats like they used to.
108. What's the matter pussy cat you nervous?
109. Hello pussy cat you looking for me?
110. Ehhhww. Something tells me this little black duck has worn out his welcome
111. I'll just relieve you of that if you don't mind.
112. Ohh right racknick, lets see you try that again.
113. No thanks are neccery my good man, i was just doing my duty.
114. Jeeez! I mean wouldn't you think they could find some other place to put a building?
115. What do you say you and me go steady?
116. I like him he's crazy.
117. This means war.
118. I hate you
119. Hankering for trouble ehh?
120. You wouldn't dare.
121. Stick 'em up pomper your under arrest.
122. I'm gonna clean up this one horse town.
123. Look just give me a chance. can't ya?
124. Alright, enough is enough. This is the final the very last straw.
125. Ive never been so humiliated in all my life!
126. Would it be to much to ask if we could make up our minds?
127. Okay have it your way.
128. Hey. Psst whoever's in charge here.
129. Help! Help Help! Save me pal help!
130. Quick, quick save me pal!
131. Survival of the fittest and besides it's fun hooohooooo...
132. As I was saying buster this planet ain't big enough for the two of us. So, off you go.
133. You may fire when ready grizzly.
134. Your dispickable.
135. Hu you didn't think I could do it did ya?
136. Arn't we gruesome?
137. To be, or not to be that is the question
138. Ain't you got nothing better to do?
139. It'll take him all day to figure this one out.
140. Ohh, you again.
141. Hmmmm. I wonder how you get out of this place?!
142. Yaaaa Mr. Wise guy, now your gonna get it.
143. Ouches <Yosemite Sam yelling and stuff>
144. And whomsoever art though, in thy cast iron tuxedo?
145. You'll be soooooory
146. Ehh looks like I'll need a little help.
147. Now cut that out that's enough of that stuff.
148. Hand your duffle over dock.
149. And just who do you think you are?
150. Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold! I'm rich, I'm rich I'm fabulously wealthy!
151. You realize that this is not going to go unchallenged.
152. Okay buster what's the idea shooting sergeants out of season?
153. I can not fight no more against such genius
154. Ain't I a stinker?
155. Woww that old bear means to so me serious hurt.
156. Woulds't though like to have allt histreasure for thy very own?
157. What a gullabull hehehhehehe. What a nincowpoop.
158. Heheehhehhee, What animbessl what an ultra maroon.
159. Be very very quiet were hunting Elmers huhuhuhuh.
160. Well here I am
161. Ready or not here I come.
162. Of coarse you know this means war.
163. Run for the hills folks or you'll be up to your armpits in Martians.
164. Boy it's really wonderful to be back in civilization.
165. Where the heck am I anywase? Well wherever it is I don't like it, and I'm getting outta here.
166. If I only could figure out a way out of this trap.
167. That settles it!
168. Hmmm. Not bad.
169. Why the nerve of them guys!
170. Okay soldier explain your actions.
171. And I thought this was gonna be a dull day.
172. This you gotta see to believe.
173. Ohh, it looks like you out smarted me.
174. Say, this promises to be fun.
175. Ohhhh I'm diiiing!
176. Are you in, genius?
177. Hey, what's going on here?
178. What's up doc?
179. <Elmer Fud laughing>
180. O.K. you crutty rabbit, I know your in there. Come on out.
181. I got you now wabbit. I'm gonna blow you into a million wabbit cuttips.
182. You'll never take me alive!
183. Hey you, come back here.
184. I just hunt for the sport of it.
185. Hey what's the big idea? Why don't you look where your..... huuh?
186. Alright, come out or I'll blast you out.
187. Why you hanging around with these guys? They'll never amount to anything.
188. <explosion> Yes, yes, yes, fire, fire, fire. Now that really was cool.
189. Let's ROCK!!!!!!!
190. We came, we saw, we kicked it's butt!
191. You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole.
192. I'm a getting evil on your butt.
193. Anyone ever try that on me, I'll kick his butt.
194. I want my mom.
195. I'm talking about taking it to the man.
196. What you have done is wrong!
197. Quitting time! QUITING TIME!!
198. There in here.
199. Lallalallalaaaaa
200. Aww. How am I supposed to last five days without shooting something?
201. Thank you for coming. I'll see you in heck.
202. Your butt is mine.
203. That does it. I'm outta here.
204. Doh!
205. Eat my shorts.
206. You stinck, your a senile buck toothed old mummy, with bony girl arms and you smell like an elephants butt!
207. Excellent
208. I'll show 'em, I'm gonna give'em the frowning of a life time.
209. HA HA!
210. I am invincible, INVINSIBLE! Your... Owwwww!
211. Ya well bart can kiss my hairy little butt.
212. Uhuhhha haha ah hahahhahhahah
213. Hu ha Hu ha hu ha...
214. Notty, notty.
215. Thats it I'm outta here.
216. Bart quit it! Hey quit it, quit it, quit it, quit it, quit it. MOM!
217. Ya Moe that team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!
218. I'll give you the thrashing of a lifetime! Uhh! Uhh! <pitiful attempts>Resistance is futile.
219. Silly customer you cannot hurt a Twinky.
220. Woo hoo!
221. That seems pretty senseless, but WHATEVER!
222. Sometimes you have to slap <slap!> them in the face just to get their attention.
223. No, I didn't get his name I was to busy getting my butt kicked.
224. Gotchya didn't I you little sucker!
225. Say your prayers you heathing baboons!
226. Is there a history of insanity in your family?
227. Stand aside wussies.
228. Your a lying member, of a no good race.
229. What do you do for an encore, Fall asleep?
230. You are also a revolting despicable scum of the Earth who should be taken out like a cockroach.
231. Umpa Umpa doompty do <music>
232. Oh dear, now I shall have to make more Martians.
233. No let's all play fair.
234. Come back here so that I may brang thee.
235. You know you could put somebody's eye out with that thing.
236. War is much more fun when your winning!
237. That's gotta hurt.
238. <dueling music>
239. Call 911! CALL 911! Call 911!
240. Why you miserable cork sucker.
241. I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!
242. We have paper jam. I repeat a paper is jammed.
243. Does this mean were not friends anymore?
244. Oh my gosh! The quarterback is toast.
245. Oh ya sure! With those things running around.
246. Oh man, not again.
247. No getting rid, of me is there?
248. Aw man this wasn't a fight, this was an execution.
249. You know what I'm gonna do about this? Piss an moan like an impudant jerk than take it out the tailpipe.
250. Did you know that over 400 people are eaten naturally by lions every year?
251. <shooting and stuff> Oh my gosh, you killed Kenny you bastards come back here!
252. The hotels are being absolutely molested by middle park. I haven't seen so many children molested in...
253. Ah, man this sucks!
254. I was just trying to scare you guys, you can put the gun down now.
255. Ready Ike kick the baby. Don't kick the baby. KICK THE BABY! <kick>
256. What the heck is wrong with you people?
257. Nooo, why God why?
258. They're all stupid anyways.
259. Screw you, hippie!
260. This guys turd is dead.
261. Come man keep quiet. OKAY.
262. Why do I was get kicked in the nuts?
263. Shut up you guys. It's not working.
264. This isn't happening everyone look away please nothing is happening here.
265. <shooting> Die shoot hem. Here you need a bigger gun.
266. Uh-oh were losing him.
267. You guys it's just me. Are we sure it's Skuzzlebutt? Does it have <can't understand>. Let's kill it!
268. Kill me, God dangit!
269. <yelling> Oh the running back is down. I think he's... yes he's been decapitated. Oh my gosh, you killed Kenny, you bastards!
270. Thanks Tom. Police are requesting that if you see this little 8 year old boy, you immediately kill him and burn his body. That's all for now.
271. Oh my gosh, they killed Kenny! You bastards!
272. In great...
273. Eww, I sure am hungry
274. It's all a bunch of tree hugging hippie crap.
275. I got your back soldier.
276. Fire in the hole!
277. It's coming right for us. <robotic voice> IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US.
278. Carry on!
279. Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!
280. I've been a right bastard.
281. I wanna bag that animal.
282. It's about time, you lazy butt son of a ****.
283. Look to the head. <shot>
284. I'm getting better. No your not you'll be stone dead in a moment.
285. I got a bad feeling about this.
286. I like these scarm little moments before the storm.
287. You were good kid, real good. But as long as I'm around you'll always be second best.
288. I've got to get me one of these!
289. DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Help! Tension breaker, had to do that.
290. <a guy getting beat up>
291. Hey what's that one Norm? Well it's a dog eat dog world sam and I'm wearing milkbone underwear.
292. I am a good boy. Cause I done a good thing. Yes I am, yes I am.
293. You know sometimes it just gets hard to smile through it when they ask you to bend down and grab your ankles.
294. You are a meter.
295. Maybe it's just me but I believe we're gonna have to get midevil on your buttox.
296. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
297. Patience Mr. Potato head.
298. We were in the nick of time you were in great peril. I don't think I was. Yes you were you were in terrible peril.
299. What is this? This where you pucker up and kiss my butt.
300. Ahh, dude I'm starting to have flashbacks. What?! Ten four pull up flank. Look out for Charlie up in the trees.
301. I am the sound of all evil.
302. We see you.
303. But wait there's more.
304. His town needs an animal.
305. What we've got here is failure to communicate.
306. Great googly moogly.
307. Argg?!?!??!?!
308. I dont think your happy enough.
309. Horror and mortal terror are your friends.
310. My name is <blah blah blah> You killed my father. Prepare to die.
311. Oh! I wouldn't do that I really wouldn't.
312. Nepit is a bird.
313. Oh bother.
314. There can be only one.
315. Peek-a-boo heheh
316. Yo quero Taco Bell?
317. Villains I say to you now: Knock off all that evil!
318. You can't handle the truth.
319. You talking to me?... You talking to ME?
320. Your head is as empty as a eunuch's underpants.
321. Wait till they get a load of me
322. Of course you know this means war.
323. What would you do with a brain if you had one?
324. What, when, who, where, why...
325. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.
326. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.
327. Excuse me but I'm in the middle of 15 things, all of them annoying.
328. Did I mention that my nose is on fire, that I have 15 wired batches in my trousers.
329. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.
330. You just committed a fatal error there's nothing we do for you, dismissed.
331. Who you calling jerk? You long haired, fat bellied, goofy tattooed, 60's grow back, village people wanna be, biker freak!
332. Haldtress!
333. And now for something completely different
334. Bing out your dead!
335. GORG!
336. Ten six niner, ten six niner, we got **** on the setting, we need back up now!
337. <old latin singing with stomps>
338. DOH!
339. Kiss my hairy yellow butt
340. Thank you for coming I'll see you in heck.
341. Woohoo!
342. Your bringing me down man
343. That's a good one
344. Hey buddy hey buddy buddy buddy...
345. Your better slap a muzzle on that scaled down, piece of evil.
346. Luke, I am your father.
347. Impressive <clash> Most impressive
348. Away put your weapon I mean you no harm.
349. I bring you peace
350. No
351. Affirmative
352. HA! HA!
353. Hee he he hu hu hu ha ha
354. Oh, no more Yankee my wanke the Donga neeed food
355. Hu hu hu hu hu What
356. This place blows.
357. That outa keep the little squirts happy.
358. It doesn't get any better than this dude
359. Now this really pisses me off
360. Ahh cut it out fart knocker. Don't make me come out there and kick your butt
361. When punks start hassling decent people I make it my business
362. Not so long you can monkey boy.
363. Come on get a move on.
364. I can't do this all day dillweed
365. Prepare to do some funky punching
366. What are you looking at?
367. I like to destroy stuff
368. Hail to the king baby
369. Yee haw
370. Ahh yo wolo no no no...
371. That sucks to get your butt kicked by a girl Stan. I would never let a woman kick my butt, if she tries anything I'd be like HEY! You get your butt back in the kitchen, and make me some pie.
372. Well, I'm pissed off!
373. How about we sing Carls mom is a stupid @!#&%$ in G minor.
374. Want some more cheesy poofs hun? Ya i want some more Cheesy poofs.
375. Nobody screws up my chicken chase and gets away with it.
376. Well I'll tell this petty coward in the cloud get in here I'll take you all on!
377. Die now!
378. Spooooon!
379. Ieieiieieieieiieieiieieie!
380. Banzai!!
381. What a rush!
382. Don't my spleen.
383. Ow my glavacle.
384. Peace to you.
385. DIEEEE!!
386. Sir don't touch the merchandise.
387. Wait a minute that money is mine.
388. The claim auction is over! Alright take all these rejects over to the colosem and sell them for lion bait.
389. Oh siez this
390. I'm really sorry to hear that.
391. No matter what happens don't panic. Don't Panic.
392. We've flatened their fingers, we've branded their guns nothing is working. Send in the Nun.
393. <broken one>
394. Skip the beating chain.
395. Burn me, humiliate me, only do it hump hump hump put the baby king
396. What is best in life is to cruch your enemies, see them perish before you and to and to hear the lamon day sniff the women.
397. Don't kill me. Please!
398. The number you have reached 911 has been changed to a non published number
399. What we've got here is... failure to communicate.
400. That wasn't a bit nice
401. Our situation has not improved.
402. Looking found someone you have I might say.
403. I hope you know what your doing.
404. This isn't gonna be easy.
405. I have a bad feeling about this.
406. I don't like this.
407. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board.
408. Why you stuck up half witted, scruffy looking, nurf herder!
409. Well why don't you use your divine influense and get us out of this.
410. You tell that slimy peice of worm ridden filth that he'll get no such pleasure from us! Right?
411. It's against my programming to impersonate a diety.
412. Sometimes I just don't understand human behavior
413. As you wish.
414. You are beaten it is useless to resist.
415. What s thy bidding thy master.
416. He is clumsy as he is stupid.
417. If you only knew the power of the dark side.
418. There is no escape don't make me destroy you.
419. I find your lack of faith disturbing
420. All to easy.
421. The force is with you young skywalker. But you are not a jedi yet.
422. Everything is proceeding as I have forseen.
423. I think it is time we demonstrated the full power of this battle station.
424. If you strike me down I shall become more powerfull than you can possibly imagine.
425. <star wars music>
426. <bar music from star wars>
427. Mabey I should keep you around just to make me laugh.
428. I your sure? I already bought 2 kinds of cheese.
429. Wait! I need closure on that antadote.
430. Sure is quite in here today. YES a LITTLE to quite if you know what I mean. I'm afraid I don't. You see these usually make a lot of noise. NO NOISE sugests no bees. Oh, now I understand. Oh, look there goes one. To the bee mobile! You mean your Chevy? Yes.
431. Well that settles that there is no silver tounge. Is there Bonsey? Oh I wish chief, with that knid of dough I could buy some eyeballs. Ha HA HA! Well thats the spirit Bonsey. Why son't you sing a song for the nice people? Alright! Camptown ladies sing this song do da do da...
432. <Homer Simpson singing about himself to th etune of Flinstones>
433. Eh hay, so your in deep doo now.
434. An dwith a flute up his nose Ralph Wickens <toot to toot> That's some nice fluting boy.
435. Everyone is saying gabble this and gabble that but no one is saying worship this and Jerico that.
436. Are you the creator of high and lowest? Because you are making me laugh. That drawing is worth exactly $750 American. It's valuable huh? Ohh, your powers of deduction are exceptional, I simply can't allow you to waste them here when there are so many crimes going unsolved this very moment. Go! Go! For the good of the city.
437. Uh-Oh <crumbling> My eyes the goggles do nothing!
438. <Homer Simpson singing>
439. Ahh, the last penut over flowing with the oil and salt of it's departed brothers.
440. AHHHHHHH! Make way for Willy! <thump> I said make way for Willy you bloated gas bug!
441. Yes I'm sorry I don't speak English. But you were just talking in Eng.... Ya Y Ay Ya...
442. Dear Lord may your guide Homer to the mattress square and true. Ehhh <bang> OK
443. The sum of the square roots of an isosles triangle are equal to the sum of the square root of the remainig side. That's a right trinagle ya idiot! DOH!
444. My plan has come to forwishen. Soon I will be Queen of summertime. Oh King KING!
445. No now go away we're racing for the title of the champion of the Universe.
446. Well as you can see when the burgler trips the house raises from it's foundations and runs down the street and corner to safety. <explosion> Ha well the real humans won't... won't burn quite so fast in there.
447. Go quick contedating Simons, and use an open face club, for sand wedge! Ohh, open faced club sandwhich.
448. Wait, did you know that there's a direct corolation between the decline of spirograph and the rising gang activity? Think about it! I will. No you won't.
449. <a song from the Simpsons that you can listen to yourself>
450. <broken>
451. Ahh, we were just messing around and you had to go to far!
452. They don't feel right.
453. Up and at 'um <wierd voice> up and atom, up and at 'UM up and Adam! Better.
454. I admit I used the city treasurey to fund the murder of my enemies. But as gabble would say: I'm a bad little boy.
455. Enjoying yourself?
456. <Tooo dooo>
457. All crew to batle stations.
458. Bud Wie Ser
459. Great googly moogly.
460. NO evil will always triumph. Because good is dumb.
461. I can't understand it I'm playing the worst game of my life. Take it easy on yourself, your not... not good.
462. EH uh how many lumps so you want? Ohh 3 or 4.
463. No it's your turn.
464. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Heck no!
465. What's the matter Cor. Sanders, chicken?
467. We mmet again, at last.
468. <Chewy growling>
469. General there's a fleet of Star Destroyers coming out of hyper space in sector four.
470. Don't fail me again.
471. You dispence with the plesantries Commander. I'm here to put you back on schedule.
472. Comence primary ignition.
473. Help me Obi Wan Kanobi your my only hope.
474. I've just about had enough of you.
475. I have you now.
476. Lutini!
477. <R2 D2 beeping>
478. <more beeping>
479. <even more beeping>
480. <I really hope that you like beeps>
481. <this is getting stupid (beeps)>
482. <Guess!>
483. Pay attention to what your doing!
484. The force will be with you always.
485. I sence something, a presance I have not felt since...
486. <R2-D2 scared>
487. There will be no one to stop us this time.
488. <Ship going by>
489. Use the force Luke
490. Welcome young Skywalker. I have been expecting you.
491. <banjo> Howdy Ho! Howdy Ho pal!
492. You guys shut up I'm not under alien control.
493. Follow your dreams you can reach your goals. I'm living proof. Beef Cake! Beef Cake!
494. Well good job Einstien why don't we just build a rocket in the mean time.
495. That hurts ya @#%&%!
496. NO! God NO!
497. Screw you guys I'm going home.
498. How's it feel to be 102 pops? Shoot me! Make a wish Grandpa. I wish I were dead.
499. Let me go un-uh
500. Just kill him dude mabey he'll give you some money.
501. It's about time you lazy @## son of a ****!
502. Come on let's go!
503. He thats not scary.
504. Well I'm pissed off.
506. He's doing something to his @## looks like picking his @## but he's definetly doing something to his @##
507. Carmen always makes stuff up man. You can't always believe everything he says. I'll blow your freeking head off! Hey wake up son that's dangerous, your gonna spill your bear.
508. <fighting>
509. AWW! Crap!
510. I didn't do it.
511. Go to #%$
512. I want my $2.00!
513. I've fallen and I can't get up!
514. I fart in your general direction.
515. [Jerry]-"Can you do me a favor, can you shut up?"
516. [Jerry]-"I don't want your boys down there."
517. [Jerry]-"Let's cut the bull sister!"
518. [George]-"George is getting upset!"
519. [Elaine]-"Get OUT!"
520. [Kramer]-"Giddy up."
521. [Kramer]-"Hoochie mama."
522. [George]-"You're killing independant George!"
523. [Jerry]-"Oh I am such a jackass."
524. [Jerry]-"What the f*** ya doing ya little piece of s***!"(they are all balnked out)
525. [Kramer]-"I need the secure packaging of boys need a house.
526. [George]-"Do you ever just get down on your knees and thank God that you know me and have access to my dimention?"
527. [Jerry]-"Like a punch in the face the stench hits me-its almost as if it had gained strenght throughout the night."
528. [Kramer]-"Now you just saying you want to have fun or do you really want to have fun!?.
529. [Soup Nazi]-"No soup for you. Come back one year! Next!"
530. [Kramer]-"We have to put the board in a neutral place where no one will tamper with it. [Jerry]-"So that's here?" [Kramer]-"Yes, you're like Switzerland." [Jerry]-"I don't wanna be Switzerland!"
531. [Soup Nazi]-"You think you can get soup? Please, you're wasting everyone's time."
532. [Kramer]-"Yowwwwwwwwww"
533. [Kramer]-"It was destroying my brain cells!"
534. [Kramer]-"Newman, you magnificent bastards, ya did it!!"
535. [Kramer]-"Stick a fork in me Jerry, I'm done."
536. [Elaine]-"Well, that's because you're an idiot."
537. [Kramer]-"You mean circumcision. I would advise against that."
538. [Frank Costanza]-"Jerry, it's Frank Costanza. Mr. Steinbrenner's here, George is dead, call me back."
539. [Kramer]-"That ball goes sailing up into the sky, holds there for a moment and then...unk!"
540. [Jerry's girlfriend]-"Hi schmoopie! [Jerry]-"Hi schmoopie!" [girl]-"No, you're schmoopie!" [Jerry]-"You're schmoopie!"
541. [Frank Costanza]-"You don't know what the hell you're doing!"
542. [Elaine]-"I don't have a square to spare, I can't spare a square."
543. [Jerry]-"That's not gonna be good for anybody."
544. [Jerry]-"La, la, laaaa."
545. [Kramer]-"Oh yeah, I like this idea."
546. [Jerry]-"I love you George."
547. [Elaine]-"He's a horrible seed, he's one of the worst seeds I've ever seen."
548.Who is this person that speaks to thee as though I needed his advice?
549.That's very clever sir.
550.The next time I have to come in here I'm cracking skulls.
551. Very impressive.
552. Hey! Pinocchio where are you going?
553. Are you or are you not the black angel of death?
554. How could you have such horrible instincts and survive this long?
555. Are you threatening me?
556. I could crush you like a worm.
557. Enemy neutralized, objective completed.
558. I hate... to die... with you
559. Then understand this what ever you send out you get back times three.
560. I'm the warrior chief, I'm the merciless god of anything that stirs in my universe.
561. [The Tick]-"We must choose battle cries, you know the cries we always admit just before leaping into battle? [Arthur]-"You mean like, 'not in the face, not in the face'?" [The Tick]-"Lacks sports, more like...SPOON!" [Arthur]-"I don't get it."
562. [Midnight Bomber]-"And I go yeah baby, 'cause I'm the evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight, hahahahaha!"
563. [Arthur]-"Not in the face, not in the face!"
564. [The Tick]-"SPOON!!"
565. Oh, here comes the unholy butthole now. Hey, thanks a lot for burning everything down you little *#$%*!
566. I must say I found you disappointing. I mean your incompetence.
567. I'm your huckleberry.
568. Tell 'em I'm comin' and hell's comin' with me, you hear? Hell's comin' with me!
569. I've got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it.
570. You might be a redneck.
571. If you've ever been too drunk to fish, you might be a redneck.
572. Thankya.
573. Thank you very much.
574. So I couldn't move. I had to stand still. The only thing I could move was my little finger, like this.
575. Man, that thing is huge.
576. Oh baby, that thing is huge.
577. lvis has left the building.
578. Have a nice day, ma'am. {sigh}
579. It ain't tactics, honey. It's just the beast in me.
580. If I could only reach you, I'd punch you right in the nose.
581. Don't make me have to hit you.
582. {evil laugh}
583. [Wish] "Thugstas, it's time for warfare, (yea), (can ya hear me now?), thugtas and it ain't gon' change so we better prepare, (prepare)."
584. [Krazy] "When will we start killing these bitches and taking no mo'?(Yea!)"
585. [Lazie] "No where to run, here comes judgement day, let's make these jealous bitches pay! Uh, huh."
586. [2Pac] "Yea, we can do this like gangstas and slug it out, or we can do this like punks and punk it out. Pull you strap on me!"
587. [Krazie] "Now meet them faces of death!"
588. [?] "Guess who's back!, hahahaha, (scream), (gunshot), hahahaha...!"
589. [Krazie] "Body rot, body rot, body rot."
590. [Krazie] "Feel the blow to the brain."
591. [Wish] "Bloody redrum!"
592. [Krazie] "Give it up for the bloody murder mo', bloody murder, mo'mo', mo'."
593. [Krazie] "Excecution, red rum rum."
594. [Lazie] "No pain, no gain."
595. [Krazie] "With my mighty, mighty wariors (wariors)."
596. [Krazie] "Round after round after round, they'll fall down (down)."
597. [Wish] "Don't you hate on me, don't you hate on me."
598. [Krazie] "Bring more than one 'cause me shotgun'll be bucking your chest."
599. [Krazie] "They know me no surrender!"
600. [Bizzy] "Nobody moves, won't nobody get burned."
601. [Krazie] "Safety's off, come and get it if ya really want it, yea!"
602. [Wish] "Stand back, haters gonna be here for a while, can you hear the croud screaming real loud?"
603. [Krazie] "All of them callin' me, follow me down to me corner, slip up and you're gonna get blasted."
604. [Krazie] "We betcha plottin', that's why them triggers be cocked everytime."
605. [Tre] "Everywhere we go, playa haters gonna hate and that's for sure."
606. [Bizzy] "Why's my mind spinning?"
607. [Wish] "So high, so high, like la di da dada, la di da dada, so high, so."
608. [Krazie] "Hell yea, hell yea."
609. [Krazie] "That's insane."
610. --Gunshot
611. [Krazie] "Crazy, insane to the brain."
612. [Bizzy] "An' that's why I get high, an' that's why I get high."
613. [Krazie] "I've been lookin' for a better day, but they don't never seem to wanna come my way, my way."
614-This is a chanting sound, useful for games with a lot of priests.
615=cool time to kick some ass {duke Nukem}
616=damn your ugly {duke nukem}
617=lucky son of a bitch {duke nukem}
618=this pisses me off {duke nukem}
619=many screaming
620=goastly scream
622=another scream
623=got to go to the bathroom
624=get that crap out of here {duke nukem}
625=scream {duke nukem}
626=bombs droping
627=guns guns guns
628=i've got balls of steel {duke nukem}
629=i am not inpressed cowboy
630=where should i mount your head over the doorway or
the fireplace
631=lady screaming
632=why its a bonified cookout
633=[bell]round one
635=i am not an animal {jerry sienfield}
636=you stop it man your freaking me out {kramer}
637=your crasy {kramer}
638=big deal {jerry sienfield}
639=would u like insurance {jerry sienfield}
640=you will be stunded {jerry sienfield}
641=kick ass {south park}
642. HAL9000 - I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.643. HAL9000 - I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.644. HAL9000 - This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.645. HAL9000 - Would you like to play a game of chess? I play very well.646. "I know 200 ways to kill a man" "You could glue a jar full of rats to his face and glue it on so the rats would have to claw their way out through his face." "201."647. COPS Theme "Bad Boys, Bad Boys"648. Brain - "YES!"649. Brain - "No good will come of this"650. Brain - "I'm not well"651. Brain - "I plan to take over the world!"652. Brain - "Citizens of the world, you are under my control!"653. Pinky and the Brain - "What now Brain?" "We should flee in terror...that would be the wisest course."
654. Hooting owl
655-[Flanders] We're done for! We're done for! We're done-diddley-done for! We're done-diddley-doodlely-done-diddley-doodlely-done-diddley-doodlely-done-diddley-doodlely-done *slap* [Homer] Flanders! Snap out of it!
656-[Bart] What a load of Crappy Crap Crap.
657-[Dr Hibert] *Laugh*
658-[Homer] Ahhh! Boggie Man!
659-[Chief Wiggim] Nice Work Boys.
666. Who's your daddy?
667. Make up, please
668. My Kung fu is better than your kung fu!
669. Bitch!
670. "What did you say?" "Watch where you're going, bitch!"
671. I'm the bomb!
672. The Force is strong in this one
673. Where do you get those wonderful toys?
674. You called down the thunder, well now you've got it!
675. Where the hell did that come from? What's going on here?
676. That was the biggest load of crap I've ever heard!
677. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Sega.
678. Bunch of savages in this town.
679. You suck!
680. What'chou want, Grizzly Adams
681. You cock smoker!
682. "....beautiful man."
683. Gimme some change
684. What's on the menu this evening, sir?
685. That be a real shame when folks be throwing away a perfectly good white boy like that.
686. "De plane, de plane!"
687. "Good mooooorning, Viet nam!
688. Greetings and salutations
689. I wasn't playing with myself in the bathtub...I was just cleaning it and it went off.
690. Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie.
691. (Throw Momma from the train) WHo the hell are you?
692. (same) Stay away from me you horse's ass!
693. (Fish Called Wanda) It's k-k-ken c-coming to k-kill me.
694. (Charlton Heston) Frankly, son, you frighten me.
695. (Blues Brothers) I want to buy your women.....
696. (Airplane) Surely you can't be serious. I am serious, and don'd call me Shirley.
697. (Moe) Why don't you get a toupee with some brains in it!
698. (Ferris Bueller) You're still here? It's over, go home. Go!
699. fanfare from the Aggie Warhymn
700. 3...2....1....
701. That's what I call trouble
702. Yessssss! I'm He-Man! (???)
703. "hehehe" "What a dork!" "hehe"
704. " Who is this person who speaks to me as though i needed his advice, YE hippy!, work scout if you cant shoot anything.I can shoot you fat ass. I can Shoot you too. I'll Kill you. I'll fill you full of lead. OOOoohhhhhh Crapp. And now for something completely different.The following program is entended for mature audiences.Hueaaa don't worry i'm not going to hurt you...<whip sound> AAAAAhhhhhhhhh.Great hooorny coos.Ten six to miner ten six to minor we have hoores on the field we need backup now!"
705. stayin alive
706. uhhh ruda puda ruadapuda uhh... rico suave
707. charge!
708. don't play no games boy (we be bout killin)
709. how do you want it how does it feel
710. don't ever...ever...come by here...ok
711. (gunshot) ohhh i am sorry did i break your concentration
712. enter sandman
713. something like a phenomenon
714. you got ktfo man
715. everybody dance now
716. bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yey
717. i'll ride for you homie, i'll cry for you homie, i'll die for you homie
718. soldierz nigga huh nigga what we soldiez
719. its just that you should be punished, i am going to chop off your arm
720. is this bitch worth dying for
721. wipe out
722. wait i just remembered something, your boring
723. what is your problem you insensitive asshole
724. its official, you suck
725. are you sure you are making the right decision
726. i think i am going to have to come down there and whoop somebodies ass
727. come out come out wherever you are
728. warchant
729. you wanna leave fine there's the door
730. wannabe ballers
731. wake your ass up
732. there is no reason to get violent
733. hey dude how's the big fat veiny dong doing
734. i have had it up to here with the likes of you people
735. all the folks agree this is terrible, this is one of the worst catastraphies of the world
736. whats the matta
737. there you go
738. he's actually threatning to do somethin around here
739. i got me a timelife set of ass whoop over here
740. don't come here with that plush talk you nasty stuck up twit
741. you are ugly when your angry
742. get lost you maggot
743. come on man umph that
744. theres no need to fear underdog is here
745. for the 10th time if you don't shut up i am going to possitively kill you
746. guns don't kill people the government does
747. two legit to quit
748. hey man i am right here you can say that shit to my face
749. don't eat dog
750. is this like one of them 976 numbers....ummm...what are you wearing
751. i was abused as a child
752. Ace Ventura laugh
753. i want action tonight
754. ahhh man
755. ahhhhhh shit
756. i ain't playin with your bitch ass
757. amen brothers and sistas
758. i don't think i have enough ammo
759. cheer
760. we're putting that bitch on ice
761. this the right room for an argument
762. is it wrong that i was totally aroused by that
763. i do the asskickin round here
764. look you want the asshole of the year award you got my vote ok
765. pay attention boys i will show you how it is done
766. ay yi yi yi yi yi yi
767. before we proceed any further we have to get something straight
768. meow meow meow...bam bam bam bam....shut the **** up will you
769. i have a bad feeling some bad stuff is fixing to go down
770. you stupid ignorant son of a bitch dumb bastard
771. uhhh....sir i am afraid i am going to have to kick your ass
772. my friend don't be a jerk
773. before i die i hope i have a chance to make a change
774. if i haven't told you once i have told you twice, i am the best there ever was the best there ever has been and the best there ever will be
775. you have awakened my bunghole and now you must pay
776. another one bites the dust
777. if it bleeds we can kill it
778. if you ain't good we are blowing it up
779. that guys coming home in a body bag
780. boy what in the hell is the matter with you
781. bruised battered but never defeated
782. bull butter
783. ohhh my god we are burning alive
784. hey fool this stuff is dangerous, it will burn your face right off
785. little man i have had a busy day
786. call your mother your not coming home
787. don't make me do this i cannot
788. i just can't do it captain i don't have the power
789. people like me i am the champ
790. please come out...huhuh....please
791. you guys want to compare weiners or what
792. boy i told you i was crazy now, now you going to make me pull out my ugly stick and do a makover on your face
793. i how about i take a crowbar and bash you teeth in you jerk
794. waaaaahhhhaaaaaa
795. the more you run over a dead cat the flatter it gets
796. looks like a dog that got ran over by a car and didn't die
797. ohhh your hurting me
798. you didn't even know elvis you didn't even know him
799. here you are all equally worthless
800. nobody escapes us
801. excellent
802. i got a bad feeling about this
803. yes yes...ohhh yeah..can you feel that buddy huh huh huh huh
804. just a minute partner you can't talk to me like that thems fighting words
805. come down here and fight like a man
806. i hear you fruitcake
807. i tell you what your full of...beep
808. ain't nothing but a gangsta party
809. get away from me you stupid idiot
810. your going down
811. we're going to war
812. i got back at him though
813. ohhh groovy baby
814. i have a headache
815. you taunt me one more time, and your going to feel hell fire on that ass
816. get the hell out
817. you hear me talking hillbilly boy
818. hold up man hold up
819. keep the change you filfy animal
820. no i am talking to you and i am getting some satisfaction or i am coming down there and doing some house cleaning here in a little bit
821. huh nigga what
822. i think im gonna hurl
823. i hurt the boy i gonna hurt him bad
824. jeez i am an idiot
825. you think i am dumb enought to fall for that, im insulted
826. kill the goat
827. i like you that is why i am going to kill you last
828. you want a knuckle sandwhich
829. maybe i oughta tie that long hair on your head to short hair on your ass and kick you downt the street
830. man you are one pathetic loser
831. what is your major malfunction numbnuts
832. i like to move it move it
833. nerd alert
834. cuz thats not going to happen
835. ohhh boy is this great
836. do you even remember our original plan, you didn't stick to it did you, what were you nuts, how can you even look at me
837. its party time
838. i guarantee ya i am bout to plant somebody six feet under, i got a pine box full of ass whoop
839. ohhh (peeing sound in the background)
840. you really piss me off
841. hey could you do me a favor....could you shut up
859. i'll never surrender
860. bang...bang...maybe that will learn you to keep your big mouth shut
861. your the feller i am fixing to get sideways of
862. i have sinned against you
863. spank you very much
864. what is your strategy for the fight
865: I make your service...
866: Of course..... master.....
867: You suck!!!!
868. "Kramer, you threw a banana peel at a monkey!?" "Well he started it!"
869. "You're Batman!" "Yeah, yeah I AM Batman!"
870. "Let's cut the bull sister!"
871. "Come on! It's an emergency!"
872. "Jerry, George got arrested!" "What?" "Yeah, he went down at the beakman, he tried to lamb, but they cheesed him!" "Oh, NOW I see."
873. "Im not sure, and correct me if Im wrong... but I think I see a... nipple."
874. "Lo-Flo? I dont like the sound of that!"
875. (George Costanza's answering machine)
876. "First she screams: George! What are you doing!? My GOD!"
877. "No soup for you!"
878. "Dont do it, for MY sake! God knows I dont ask you for much! Now come on, please Jerry Im beggin you, please! Come on! Please!"
879. "Alright! Show's over."
880. "Im sorry, but this is what comes from living under a Nazi regime!"
881 - You're mocking me aren't you?
882 - I don't like confrontations.
883 - There seems to be no signs of intelligent life anywhere.
884 - You uncultured swine.
885 - Don't even think about it cowboy.
886 - Where is your honor dirtbag? You are an absolute disgrace.
887 - Farewell my friend. I go on to a better place.
888 - "Sir you had better buckle up." "Ah buckle this."
889 - I see your shwartz is as big as mine.
890 - "Found anything yet?" "We ain't found shit."
891 - Tickle us do we not laugh, prick us do we not bleed, wrong us shall we not revenge?
892 - Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings.
893 - Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.
894 - You do prefer it this way, don't you? As it was meant to be, no peace in our time.
895 - We come in peace and you blaitantly defy that peace.
896 - The game is afoot.
897 - Parting is such sweet sorrow.
895. "OK, everybody get in a line so I can whup all your asses!"
899. just a tune
900. "I mean bailin'"
901 "Just about blowed the doors off that place!"
902. "'bout third step that dog woke up and took a muckle outta his thigh about that big..."
903. "The fellow to mothers immediate left will let go with what I would conservatively..."
904. "How dare you set there and do a thing like that before my wife here?!"
905. "Well there's no question that these men were sportsmen."
906. boing sound
907. bugle call
908. 44 mag shooting
909. war gun fire
910. taps
911. chain saw rev
912. toilet flush
913. "Come on! Give me a break!"
914. "oh oh"
915. "awe man!"
916. snor
917. "ah ya!"
918. Extended laugh of #48
919. laugh
920. man screaming
921. baby crying
922. beavis "...yesss"
923. "hey, could you please pour me a cold one..."
924. burp
925. (lord helmet) Now u see that evil will always triumph becuase good is dumb
926. never underestimate the power of the shwartz
927. ludicrous speed..GO!
928. Keep Firing AssHoles (also from space balls)929. careful u idiot I said across her nose not up it
930: "Stone Cold 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!"
931: "I want a piece of Mike Tyson's ass!"
932: "Congratulations? All I did was open a can of whoop ass, and served it to Marc Mero, in front of a million people!"
933: 3:16 Opening theme (Watch out... 117 seconds full length)
934: "Do I think you can whip my ass? HELL NO! Do I think I can whip your ass? WHY HELL YEAH!
935: "Say what you want cuz i don't really give a damn!"
936: "A ho ho ho oh hell yeah!"
937: "You must understand Rock, when you mess with the 3:16, you're way over your damn head!"
938: "OH HELL YEAH!"
939: "You don't suck, because these people say you suck. You suck because Stone Cold said so!"
940: "...... You want Mercy? Bring your ass to church"
941: "For Jesus Christ son, when you step into this ring, your messin' with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that's something you don't do!"
942: "Personally, I think your a big piece of trash!"
943: "When Stone Cold comes back out, somebody's gonna get their ass whipped!"
960: "You weak pathetic fool."
961: Cartman- "I am a cop, and you will respect my authority!"
962: Cartman- "That's it! Now I'm all pissed off! Take that hippie!!
963: Cartman- "Revenge is so very very sweet.
964: Cartman- "No way dude!, I'm not staying here alone with your wee wee choppin' parents!"
965=(Owl tooting)
966=Bad boys music excerpt (Cops theme song)
967. missed me!
968. I would not do such things if I were you.
969. (Belch) 'scuse me.
970. Leave me alone!
971. Tilt one back wi' me, dog!
972. I luv blowin' things up!
973. Ya got a belly full'o Haggis.
974. Ach, there's no hope for this lad.
975. Do you feel lucky, punk?
976. That doesn't hurt.
977. Stop that incessant clicking!
978. When my work is finished I'm coming back for you.
979. (gurgling sounds)
980. (Chicken noises)
981-989. Baby-voice (or one of the chipmunk) saying various things cursing
990. I'm so hungry I could eat a lion!
991. Salutations! Life here is all right, isn't it?
992. Citizen! I've fought in many cities in my day, and this one is up there with the best!
993. This bunch looks like they won't be beaten easily!
994. Boring! That's what they say about this place, despite my valiant efforts. This place needs more entertainment, that's for sure.
995. There's so much unemployment here. I wish we could practice on some of them.
996. Hail citizen! Have you heard? The Gods are angry.
997. I'll teach you to come near my city. I eat people like you for breakfast!
998. Have you seen the taxis here? Citizen, it's just not right!
999. From the comfort of my villa, I perceive life here to be very good.
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HeavyKladdkaka Iäve added the sounds to the sound directory but how do I command them ingame-chat? when i write 74 074 or taunt074 it happens nothing...

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