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When In Rome

Author File Description
Rich Parker
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Moderate
Ancient Rome, seat of imperial power and hotbed of intrigue, scheming, betrayal, malfactors, and lots of other verbs and adjectives. A secret mission is afoot, with high stakes and deadly consequences. Yikes!

In Rome, where the long-suffering plebians' motto is Defendo Tui Turgum, one must indeed be cautious and ever watchful. It also helps to go around heavily armed. You get the point - between your ribs if you're not careful, bucko!

This is a single scenario "campaign", originally intended to be the first of a multiple scenario campaign. But these days I have not much time and less patience than before to do decent scenario work, so this pup has to live on its own.

Hopefully this one will entertain a few folks. Enjoy!
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Map Design5.0
All people say Rich Parker is a master of scenario design. They are right. This single player campaign has wonderful gameplay, great map design and everything else a good scenario needs.

Playability: 5

A lot of fun. You start as Markus Phelphus - a secret agent and have to do many different tasks taking place all around the city Rome. At first you start with nothing than yourself and have to pick the right way to get into the city safely where you can recruit allies. Achieving the objectives was very time consuming and often very tricky, but I just couldn't let up on it and played again and again everytime I could until I finished it. I also like the way the layout is done - very original. The only failure was that getting resources was sometimes really slow because there were so few villagers. That doesn't matter too much though, because getting resources is not the main aspect of the mission.

Balance: 5

Very tricky, can sometimes get frustrating, but you'll always want to play again. The enemies are often changing their diplomatic stance, which gives the scenario a great strategical aspect - if one of your enemies allies with you you'll have to think carefully what you'll do in that time, because sooner or later he'll turn enemy on you again. I loved the difficulty of this level, it's hard but never unbeatable. Good job.

Creativity: 5

The layout is unique (hard to describe :) ) and the objectives are very good aswell - you won't get bored playing it until you've finished the campaign. Every victory condition needs a different approach to winning and there are multiple ways to beat the scenario which keeps it refreshing - one tactic doesn't work for you? Good. You can try another then.

Map Design: 5

The map design is simply a piece of art - detail everywhere. This scenario has the best city I've ever seen. Every spot has been painted with eyecandies carefully and the hard work that has been put at it really shows.

Story/Instructions: 5

The story is easily understandable aswell as funny in the history section, has a great bitmap and useful hints. Perfect.

Additional Comments:

This unexpected campaign by oldie designer Rich Parker is truly a masterpiece. I'd love to see a campaign with multiple scenarios all like this, but unfortunately Rich doesn't have much time and patience to do some designing. Still, I've loved this mission and it is really worth the download.

Download Reccomendation: Yes
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Really great. You start as a one-man army, but Gaia units and clever strategies can make up for that. I couldn't beat it in the first 4 attempts, but I'm still trying, just because it's so captivating.

Balance: 4.6
As I said, I couldn't win, but I haven't given up, because whenever you lose, you think to yourself "What if I went that way, I would've won it", so while it's hard, it doesn't appear to be impossible.

Creativity: 4.8
The "Secret Agent infiltrates base" storyline has been done before, many times, but never quite like this. You don't just infiltrate a base, you make some assassinations, rescue some agents, start a mock battle, destroy a's got it all!

Map Design: 5
IMO, the map looks stunning. Obviously, a lot of time and effort went into it, and the designer really didn't cut any corners. You could've left out a few corners in the roads, but no, they're all completed. Wonderful.

Story/Instructions: 5
The History and Instructions are hilarious, but informative, and you know exactly what's expected of you, whilst laughing your arse off and your character's behaviour.

Definitley worth downloading, I thought it was wonderul!

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Map Design5.0
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