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Ormofopolis Part lll

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Easy-Mod
In this Finale, you will go into the city of Ormofopolis....things might not be as you expect!

Please Download Ormofopolis Part 1 and 2 before playing this or alternatively Download 'The Ormofopolis Trilogy'.

This may well be my last campaign for AoEH And although i have been here only a month or two, i have enjoyed making things for the site.
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Richard Ames
Map Design4.8
This, the final chapter of the trilogy, is definitely close to my favourite of the three, though I like them all.

Playability: 4.5

The map was very small, and the scenario fitting into it like a glove. The objectives related well to the story (and to the bitmap once you have explored a bit). All the other areas, like map design, creativity and balance, and or course the story, made playability very good, although the instructions could be a little clearer. I think the bitmap was good, and doesn’t match the map building for building, but bitmaps are allowed to be slightly cryptic, so no issues there, but I felt there was some confusion over who was who. I think it would be wise to say (Yellow Archimedes) after “You ‘brother’”. Also, the scenario relies a lot on the player choosing to do things in the right order. I chose to play it properly, and found it very well balanced, with the awesome challenge of getting past those damned towers. But I think you should not be allowed to kill the king until you have discovered the guy that is supposed to kill him. Make it “bring object to object” so that the cavalry unit has to be the one to kill him.

Balance: 4.5

Great balance, that is, when you play it properly. Still hard if you don’t. The mission has a similar style to the first one, but it also has some puzzle aspects of the second one. It’s a very unique mission, although because of that some players will find it quite hard. The enemy hoplites were very strong, and that made it a challenge, and the towers of course. The use of Archimedes was good, both because he is your brother, so he looks and acts like you, and because he follows you perfectly with the same speed. The cavalry unit was good because it is fast and has long LOS, but isn’t too strong, so you must watch those hoplites. The way Archimedes stopped at the house was great, since he stops when he has to turn around, so he doesn’t follow you. This is the first time I have seen that used, which is very neat, like the way Ingo used them as advisors in Chou Kung (scenario #3). I thought the way a scythe chariot was used to change diplomacy was a bit too obvious, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the mission. Use of an alligator there was new though. One small bug I noticed was very occasionally the yellow team build a storage pit in a place where you can’t get past. If you make a personality file to stop them doing this it would be good, you just need to get rid of “auto-build storage pits”. Ask on the forums if you need any help to do this.

Creativity: 5

Very good creativity. The story is well thought up, the map is one of the most creative ever, and the objectives are great too.

Map Design: 4.8

The city of Ormofopolis was seriously one of the most beautiful cities I have seen. Map was excellent, highly creative, and very good eye candy and tricks. I’ll explain a bit more: The city is very close packed, but still plenty of room to move. Looks very original, and it has cacti as a terrain with the right type of stone paths over the top, another first. The king actually moves across the map from the start, and the enemy hoplites come after you when you are inside the city. Doves were great; tree stumps looked neat by your brother’s house. The only thing I thought could be improved was the burning houses and farms, cover them over a bit better so you can’t hardly see them underneath. I also noticed a catapult was used to damage the house, which I thought was impossible. It didn’t always set it fully on fire though. I use catapult triremes to do this. Original to use catapults though.

Story: 4.5

The story links back to the first scenario. I really liked the ending, and I thought the story overall was good, especially since it is all made up and the author is Greek.


Very, very good end to the campaign, it’s been one of my favorites, and a great play while we wait for a new submission from Andrea. Perhaps you could fix the small bugs I spotted and update the trilogy. I think the trilogy would receive a stronger score still, since each scenario no longer has to stand on its own merits.
Czech Centurian
Map Design4.3
Playability: 4.3

The scenario was quite captivating. I wanted to play a few times, admittedly
the first few because I couldn't pass but this only shows how good it must
be. The only thing effecting the playability is the scenario instructions
which seemed a bit vague. More on this in Story/Instructions.

Balance: 4

The scenario on the whole is quite easy to beat. I believe there could have
been a greater challenge. This type of scenario works quite well if you've
just come from a heavy battle scenario.

Creativity: 5

The scenario was quite creative. Borrowing ideas from different sources and
using them in a way that worked for the author. The begining with the
releasing of the doves was spectacular, a very good trick. This made me want
to play on. The escort trick I saw in one of Ingo's campaigns and is well
implemented here.

Map Design: 4.3

It is a small map and space has been used wisely. Usage of cliffs to create
the valleys is good. Good use of desert and grass terrain. Not too sure about
the mixing of tropical and pine forests. Thought of placement has been given
but some of the terrain could be used even better, the bones look like they
were just placed there as an after thought.

Story/Instructions: 3.8

Apart from punctuation and spelling the story works well. If English isn't
the Authors first language maybe he should contact someone to go over his
language for him. The Instructions were there and were clear to a point. I
wasn't sure about who 'the brother' was this is the main reason I couldn't
pass at first. The author could for example tell you Yellow Archimedes is
'the brother'. As well as the locations of the Hideout and Diablos Point a
coloured flag in the area to tell you that, that is the objective area would
be helpfull.

Additional Comments:

The scenario was quite enjoyable and since I have not played the first two
campaigns in this series I now want to. A few minor tweaks and it will be

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Map Design4.6
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