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Ormofopolis Chapters 2

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Number of Scenarios: 2
Difficulty: Moderate
I think this is better tha part 1. Please Download King of Ormofopolis Before playing this. Thankyou
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Map Design4.1
Playability: 4.5
This campaign is mostly fixed force, and it seemed impossible to beat after losing my small force to a hoard of brown Broadies. There should be some Gaia trees near a small camp, because without the wood, you can't build a proper base.
EDIT: Now that's Richard has told me of some tips, I know how to complete this campaign.

Balance: 4.4
One thing that stood out was the way the map was built, using water instead of cliff to make a portion of the river impassable.

Creativity: 4.6
The reason this campaign get's it's point is that it is B&D at the end and good ol' fixed force at the start. Gaia units were placed in good places. A nice twist of styles.

Map Design: 4.1
This campaign get's high in map design terms. Swamps, grass and forest were placed nicely, but it's lacking Gaia trees. Nice use of cacti, grass clumps and desert.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The instructions were nicely detailed and carried on from Ormofopolis 1.
EDIT: After some experimenting, I now know this campaign as a good nice one.

Additional Comments:
A recommended download, the map design and story will grab you, but you should download Ormofopolis 1 so you get the story before playing.

[Edited on 03/19/05 @ 06:45 PM]

Richard Ames
Map Design4.5
I was really surprised by the quality of Ormofopolis Chapter 1. Some might not agree, but it has the components of scenario design I like the most, which makes me enjoy the level more. As I started to play this scenario, I thought it wouldn’t be quite as good at first glance. It seemed like a boring and very short fixed force level, but my assumption proved to be very wrong.

Playability: 5

What you’re dealing with here is basically a combination of fixed force and puzzle. It took me many attempts to finish, and I’m sure that an average player would probably give up if they don’t understand the level. On your journey you are attacked by the Persians, and you have to teach them a lesson. The objectives are to rescue your brothers from prison, to destroy the enemy wonder and all town centers, and finally to carry on the journey by bringing your hero to the bottom of the screen.

You begin with a battle against many archers. Then you must take on the yellow base, and destroy the required buildings. Finally you must get to the end of the level somehow. I loved it. 5 star.

Balance: 4.5

Very tough, very fun. Rather than intense micromanagement, which many people will assume is the key, it’s puzzle really that will win it. Use your head, and look for an easier way. I think there should have been a few more hints though, some will struggle more than I did.

Creativity: 5

With an original story, creative map design, and a brilliant and original level style, I can’t resist a 5. Great work!

Map Design: 4.5

The map is very good. The eye candy is original, the layout suits the level, and the puzzles fit in perfectly. Gaia units are placed well, and the river looks good, and also has a neat trick to make it impossible to cross. Well, almost impossible. The yellow town is beautiful. The only thing I would suggest is to make the river look even better. Check out some of Andrea Rosa’s rivers. The desert patches and cactus is great, but you can add more rocks, trees and stone mines, berries, you name it.

Story: 3.5

Well, the rating is getting a little high so... It’s perfectly fine, but it really requires that you know the previous story to make sense. The story is actually a little hard for me to remember, since each scenario is a separate download, which makes continuity an issue. Bitmap looks good, and improved a little on the last one. Instructions are clear, but hints aren’t full enough.


I’m going to agree that this is an improvement on the last scenario, which was very good.

Extra Section:

Here I’m going to write a little walkthrough for the level. Don’t read it unless you need to!




Firstly, you need to defeat the red player by killing all the bowmen. Backtrack towards the north and you will find Legions. This should even it up a bit!

Next rescue your brother from the prison. Use the centurions wisely. They kick ass.

Destroy the town center while you’re at it. Then look for some reinforcements in a corner.

Now go south and use your centurions to hammer the infantry of yellow. Once you have taken out the buildings in the way, smash the two towers (bring the infantry down south of them so more can get in), and then proceed to destroy the wonder and town center before they retrain units. Find a special unit in a corner of the town and use it to look at the view over the cliff.

Now use your boat to find some more infantry. Use them to go west (not east), and you find a villager. This is the most difficult part. You have very little wood. You can make a town center, but you will not be able to make any units with it since you would have no houses. Houses are the key. Here are two important things: You are Minoan. They get cheaper boats. Also, it is post Iron age. This means that the units you make will have massive armour and piercing armour, which will make them take virtually no damage, and will be much much stronger than Gaia units, which get no upgrades. In addition, this is Rise of Rome, and logistics has been researched!

Try to finish the rest yourself. Here’s the rest, if you are in great need

Make 3 houses, so you have just enough for a transport. Then waste all your Gaia broad swordsmen on the enemy. Once you have done that, start making long swordsmen. Because of Logistics, you can make twice as many. Delete any units besides the hero, which are using up your pop cap, and then make a ton of long swordsmen. You can now invade the brown town, kill their men, and take down the towers. Make a transport when you are finished, deleting units as needed, and bring the hero to the flags. Remember to raze the town center too.
Map Design4.7
Playability: 5

You start with a small force, and need to battle your way through three enemy towns and destroy their town centers. This sounds simple, but it's more. Apart from some quest elements, there's also lots of puzzle, especially at the end. I loved this scenario, even though it was frustrating at times. Use Richie's walkthrough should you get stuck.

Balance: 4.7

Difficult at times, but once you find out how to do it it's possible. Some stuff was a bit too hard to find out without hints though.

Creativity: 4.7

At first it looks like a normal fixed force scenario, but you'll soon notice it's more. I especially liked the puzzle at the end.

Map Design: 4.7

Map Design was very good, a lot of work has been put into it. It's not perfect though.

Story/Instructions: 3.5

The story was not so good, a bit confusing and spelling mistakes also. It was not as horrible as in part 3, but it could've been better.

Additional Comments:

The best chapter of the Ormofopolis trilogy, worth a download.

Download Reccommendation: Yes

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