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Bison & Bunista

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Number of Scenarios: 1
Difficulty: Moderate
This Campaign is about a man called Bison who captures a city and uses it against you, and another man called Bunista who helps you control an army camp.
A camp is building up forces to defeat you - defeat them before they become too powerful!
This is my first AoE Campaign and there is a RoR Campaign called 'The Romans With Weapons'.
This Campaign also has custom AI files.

If you spot any bugs, you want to give it a review, or you need help, contact me at
If you want to play other Campaigns or my other 'The Romans With Weapons' Campaign, go to

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Richard Ames
Map Design5.0
Bison and Bunista is a single scenario build and destroy, where your enemies are out to get you from the first minute. You begin with only a pair of villagers and an enemy tearing to get at you. There are a hoard of different ways you could finish the mission, and many places to set up a camp. It’s a wonderful campaign overall that should provide you with at least a couple of hours of enjoyment.

Playability: 5

The map really won me over from the first moment, and it also played a big role in the scenario besides looking pretty, you have many different paths you can take. There are lots of different approaches, the first time I played I took the enemy on and lost miserably, so the second time I went south and built a base across a bridge. Unfortunately for me, the red player managed to get down there after razing my camp, just as I was about to launch my assault. The brown player thrashed me while I tried to defend the bridge, but I managed to gain control. I used a well placed river to make a fleet strong enough to hold brown off, while I built up an assault force. There were so many other places I could have gone, and many different paths I could have taken.

Balance: 5

I can’t say I was disappointed with the custom made AI. They were hitting me with almost everything. As soon as I saw some bowmen I thought “Hey, this will be easy”, but before I knew it centurions were ripping me to pieces. Not to mention the legions that kept overpowering my walls. I eventually gained the upper hand by finding yet another hidden path. I catapulted my way in, but then red swarmed my base and the captured city took out all my horse archers. I was too short of gold to fight back, but I held in there and took back the bridge by upgrading my walls. I then found some new pockets of gold and used every trick I could to destroy the brown player. There were still more challenges ahead, but that was the hardest part. Expect an unrelenting enemy. Destroying their buildings is the only way.

Creativity: 4.5

As far as the map went, there was excellent creativity, I especially liked the rocks on the rivers, the cool mixed wall on the bridge, and the use of Gaia trees, to add to forests, to make clumps of trees villagers could walk through to pick berries, and lined up nicely to decorate cities. The victory conditions were quite original, and were defined by the needs of the story, such as destroying all the government centers so as to remove control of the city from the enemy.

Map Design: 5

Map design was of a very high standard if you haven’t figured that out yet. There was great use of mixed forests, not using a blend of two terrains, but a blend of carefully and patiently laid Gaia trees. The map looks like a mix of styles of modern map designing greats like Andrea and Tropper, but with a unique style as well. A new map feature I haven’t seen before was a land slide, made with a good combo of stone mines and Gaia rocks.

Story: 3

The story was a little short. This is the main area to improve on, add some more detail to the story, relate in close to the victory conditions and add some characters. The instructions were clear, and hints were very good. The bitmap was also a little weak, better than none at all, but it would look better with greater detail. Fudgy’s bitmap collection is a great tool for creating these since you can fill in the white with black and you have a clean cut unit without the green background.

An amazing effort for only Upnotep’s second campaign, this one is guaranteed to be a great play.
Map Design4.7
Playability: 4.5

Like Richard already pointed out in his review, there are thousands of ways this scenario could be played. I did like Richard, and built a base behind the yellow bridge. I managed to hold the enemy out for a while, but soon I had the first problems. That, because I just couldn't find enough space to build up, which got on my nervs. The second thing I didn't like was the fact my stupid villagers did not do what I wanted them to do, because they often got stuck and couldn't find the0 way. That could've been solved by building storage pits or granaries, but then again I did not have enough space to do so. Apart from that the scenario was nice and I like the concept.

Balance: 4.7

In my opinion, it was a little bit too hard. I hate it when I'm invaded when I'm still in building my economy. I had made 3 villagers and red showed up, crushing my base. I managed to flee and fortificate behind the bridge, though. Maybe it's just that I suck at this game too much, but I think it could've been a little less difficult.

Creativity: 4.7

Very creative campaign. The objectives were good, aswell as the concept was. Map Design was awesome, the only thing that kept this section from getting a 5 was the story, which could've been more creative in my opinion.

Map Design: 4.7

Map Design was great. A lot of work has been put into making the map look awesome. There was one area with snow though, which I did not like. The rest was great.

Story/Instructions: 3

Story was average. It was clear what to do and the hints were good, but the way the story was told was not so satisfying. The bitmap was a bit flawed too, but it was there.

Additional Comments:

I did not like it as much as Richard does, but still I think this is a cool scenario, worth the download. The many ways this is playable gives it a great replay value and looking at the awesome map is a great experience.

Those are my two cents.
Map Design4.4
Playability: 3.7
After a recent review by Upnotep for one of my Campaigns, he made me realise a common B&D is just lame. Thier for, i didnt enjoy caring out the tasks i was meant to.

Balance: 4
Well the AI was really quite good and i managed to beat it (yet again!) but still like freak said, i dont like when they attack so early.

Creativity: 3.4
The 3.2 comes because the fact is that i like the multiple routes. Other than that, these were the objectives....
-Destroy all brown Government Centres
-Destroy all Red Ballista towers
-Stockpile 1000 wood
-Destroy the orange archery range
Needs alot more creativity.......take a look at my Ormofoplis part 1 Campaign. There very simple objectives yet quite unused....

Map Design: 4.4
Your walking on a beautifully rendered terrain. I have almost nothing to complain about except for maybe the use of Ballista towers. I just personally dont like them. there very unrealistic and so i use gard towers instead. thats just personal opinion.

Story/Instructions: 2.5
2 ONLY because i could read the writing and objectives were plain and straight forward. The map was hideous. I couldnt make it out at all. it looked like ie meant almost nothing. Looked as though no effort was put into it at all (which i am still wondering wheather effort was put in).

Additional Comments:

too tell you the truth, this is just a Random map game that u might play with a good CPU opponent only you dont have to destroy them all just there towers and government centres. Think about it. You just Build and Destory. An improvement to Roman Roads in map design (objectives are basically the same).your creative flares just hasnt...flared yet.
A Must Download though because you cant resist a nice looking map... :-). ::Btw i suppose i was being harsh before as well......the AI sorta won me well as map.

[Edited on 03/26/05 @ 05:44 AM]

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Map Design4.7
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