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New Expansion: The Rise Of Fiji

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 85
Difficulty: Moderate
This is a new mod/expansion for RoR created by NicksSoftware its called "The Rise of Fiji" you (Fiji) must survive and declare independence from Great Britian and rise to become a superpower civilization. RoF's major features includes:

*5 Thrilling Campaigns (60 Missions)
*12 New Civilizations
*20 New Multiplayer Maps

Included also is new title screen, new soundtrack, extra scenarios, and more!

For the newest info on Rise Of Fiji and to play Rise Of Fiji Online, check out the RoF official website at

Http:// - RoF Official Website
Http:// - Creators Website

2005 NicksSoftware
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Map Design2.0
Playability: Simple playability, all you do is build a few houses and attack the enemy.
And the there are the traditional goals like kill player X or bring object X to area so don’t expect anything new. So some people might find it fun but for me it seem it had the same playability as random map.

Creativity: Hmm…. I’m not too sure about this part. Like a said nothing new and the map design was just Fiji over and over again which got so boring.

Balance: It’s always in you favour but in as you could win with your eyes closed. For me it was a piece of cake. Actually playing noobs on the zone seems harder to me than this campaign.

Map Design: Map design was the standard of a random map and the map was recycled over and over and over and over and over…………..again. Maybe they should read some design articles.

Story/Instructions: Kill player X, well that’s about what you will see and also there were no bit maps either and no history. Which made it boring and yeah. Nothing else I can say. It got a two because it listed clear instructions

Maybe this is a true, true expansion because it isn’t very well done. Rise of Fiji is just a waste of time and also it’s not a real mod either. All you get is a new title screen, which is just some plain text.
I think the author should seriously look at the great designers and learn from them.
So if you thinking about downloading this, well I suggest you change your mind.
If the author re-does this camping to a much higher stranded I will be willing to review it. Also the author should know that’s its quality no quantity that makes a good campaign.

[Edited on 01/01/05 @ 10:34 PM]

Map Design3.5
Playability: 4.1
With over 80 scenarios, it is clearly a campaign that has plenty to offer and will take quite a long time to beat; making the story continue on and leaving the player still interested. You can play some missions over again whenever you wish because some of them are tough to beat and probabrly require more than one try for, well, at least the average Age of Empires player, like me. The campaign does not get the player bored, because the missions really dont repeat and everytime the missions have something different to offer.

Balance: 4.3
Scores well here; It was one of those campaigns with a mix of easy and hard missions; Some of them were fairly easy to beat and others would definately take a little more than one time to beat; You have to be quick in controlling sometimes, and other times you will find that patience is a virtue. A good mix of hard and easy. Not the hardest of them all, but then again not any walk in the park either.

Creativity: 4.3
Very creative; A story that blends in a native Fijian's tale in Fiji, and connects it with some of the history of Fiji. Much of it is fiction of course ( I mean, Fiji never conquered Australia and fought with the Japenese) but it does tend to show Fiji as a state who has warred to get independence. All the characters are not historical, but they play a certain significance in the creator of this campaign's life.

Map Design: 3.6
Probarbly the lower of the scores. While the map stayed the same for a long time, that was only fair because it was still talking about Fiji. However, a zoomed in map of Fiji, or more details in the map wouldn't hurt too much either.

Story/Instructions: 4.0
Clear instructions and the story was shown pretty clearly. Nothing too much to gaze at in this area; but the player can easily understand the outline of the story.

Additional Comments:

It is a campaign definately worth downloading to keep some of the 'Age of Empires' spirit alive in a world where Empire Earth and Rise of Nations has taken the baton and the limelight. If you still play age of empires, do try this campaign because it will help keep some of your interest in this game alive. So a good campaign; A few more adjusments are necessary, especially in the map design area. Otherwise, it is a well made campaign!
Map Design1.7
Playability: 2.6

This so called 'expansion' didnt play to well. the missions were very unprofessional and very unorganized.

Balance: 2.8

Easy As...

Creativity: 2.5

The civs just had different names....NOTE: they are not new civs. I am not sure how to rate this one

Map Design: 1.7

Awful map design. Need much improvment. This is a major turn off.

Story/Instructions: 1.3

Cant remeber much. all i know is that its very rushed. Clear Instructions

Additional Comments:

i wouldnt bother downloading this if your expert or Dont hav high speen internet. Not worth it. i really dont like how Nicks software acts like a big company. in the chat logs for instance it describes the guy talking in a chat log as the 'CEO' of nicks software. Too Fake IMO...

[Edited on 01/14/05 @ 10:42 AM]

Map Design1.5
Playability: 2.5
The scenarios featured simple victory conditions which hardly supplied fun. It was rather boring playing through the missions, which mostly featured B&D. I'd rather go play a random map with the computer, as FireLegion said.

Balance: 2.3
There was no scenario with which I had difficulties. They'd probably make for a good learning campaign.

Creativity: 2.5
The story stagnated at some stage. It circled around Fiji. Nothing exciting.
The so-called "new civilisations" were just the renamed old ones. I tried to join the "official RoF YEA clan" but the link to their HP didn't exist. Probably just a PR gag.

Map Design: 1.5
This was clearly the worst part. As the others said, map recycling, no eyecandy. My little Bro in primary school could do better.

Story/Instructions: 1.6
Clear, but not very interesting. No instruction maps.

Additional Comments:
Don't download this.
GiorgosRox Lol notice how 'the CEO' of Sameer Studios Rated this as a 4? funny
The Dark Archer Andrea is right. Stop being so childish and n00bish. Now I want to ask Nick a question. Will you e-mail me the dll files in this download? I know I could just download the whole file but it is too big to download for 2 files.
Map Design2.5
Playability: 3
FINISHED!! This was one of the longest games I have ever played. When I read 85 scenarios I was challenged. To be honest it is a total of 59 individual scenarios stretched over 5 campaigns. There are 22 individual multiplayer scenarios. I confess I did not do the scenarios but checked out one or two. This download has lots to offer and a few scenarios are worth their weight in salt. This game has simple playability at best, all you do is build a few houses and attack the enemy. Although you do have to fulfill some requirements the victory conditions are not always activated. The main map was a regurgitation for most of the campaigns.

Balance: 3.1
Most scenarios were fairly easy to beat with others needing a little more than one time. In one scenario you actually have to use “home run” to be victorious. Other scenarios the opening was met with victory and you never played it at all. In some scenarios I believe the designer was filling space and leaving it blank would have served a better purpose.
I liked quite a few scenarios as they started fast paced, but was disappointed as they trailed off to nothingness. Again victory conditions played a large part in the designers low score. Some scenarios could actually be brought together thus shortening the campaigns. Taking a fifteen-scenario campaign and making it an eight or even ten would be better suited. The campaigns started good but with the designer trying to make this a large game I felt a times he was grasping to keep you interested.

Creativity: 3.1
This campaign is in fact creative in that the designer made it as large as he did. Also to make individual multiplayer scenarios shows spirit and creativity.
The story it total fiction/fantasy. Sometimes the designer got the names mixed but with better knowledge and ensuring that all the bugs are worked out next time I feel we should see better results. The story centred on certain individuals and how they were to be the rulers of Fiji. Even after death the main character rules the land. I liked a few scenarios where you actually had to think of who you are as it opened onto the opposing forces. If you were not fast enough to fid your position you were defeated. Again shortening this some would not have taken away from the game but may have make it better.

Map Design: 2.5
This is where I get totally disappointed. Although this is a supposed expansion the designer should have spent more time on the map. Again I remind myself that we have come along way from then to noe. As I said before the map is a regurgitation of the first map with it changing in one campaign then returning the next. The last campaign you lose site of Fiji altogether. Before considering another design of this scale, maybe check out some designing articles. These articles are a great tool. Again the whole game there was no bitmap. Seeing what lies ahead is always a plus for me.

Story/Instructions: 3.6
With no bitmaps, no history and very short to the point scenario instructions I felt lost at times. Even when I was victorious I received no response.
As for the story I still don’t fully get it. Boo and his family rule until he dies. A new family is to rule but that is short lived as Boo dies his ghost seem to rule from beyond.
Being so short and to the point would have failed for me yet I again come back to the fact the someone actually sat down and thought out this many scenarios for you to play. Whether they are mundane or purely foolish in your eyes, this person did this for your enjoyment. I applaud him for doing this. Taking time to read and learn from others that today are proving to be great designers would be a great asset to this designer. Trial and error and we will see great thing from him.

Additional Comments:
As I said before the designer should read and take notes from the other designers that are proving to amaze us. Quality is sometimes better than quantity and I see no reason why this designer cannot have both. It is a campaign worth downloading to have some fun, if not just for the beginner.
AOE_mapper_newb Gonna check this out

[Edited on 03/22/07 @ 05:23 AM]

Map Design1.0
Playability: 2.5
It was ok but it was just build and destroy which if repeated can get boring.

Balance: 2
It’s always in you favour but in as you could win with your eyes closed. For me it was a piece of cake. Actually playing easy computers seems harder to me than this campaign.

Creativity: 2.1
The music was actually really good, and was quite nice to listen to, but I say that alone won't get a high score in creativity

Map Design: 1
No eye candy at all on these maps, just repeat the fiji map over again

Story/Instructions: 2
Had good clear instructions, short story only 1 or 2 lines.

Additional Comments:

Worth a peek but you won't play this over again unlike really good campaigns or scenes.

Also don't just post "you suck" on other people's mods, this wasn't that good.

[Edited on 04/05/07 @ 03:31 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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