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The Hero of Hellas

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BBazlas No Description Available
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Dr Lorenzo
PLAYABILITY: Not too bad, but there were bugs that were hard to miss. For example, the seconds scenario states you have to "find the five Greek gods" but I couldn't find anythig that told me what these gods were meant to be. 2.0 CREATIVITY: The scenarios in this campaign had some objectives that were, while not new, unused generally and this deserves credit. "Walking on water" was a trick that I have only seen in two other campaigns, so this was nice to have. 3.0 BALANCE: Not too bad, each scenario is at least not drastically hard/easy but there are simple sections which let this section down a bit. 3.5 MAP DESIGN: Maps are little more than Random Maps with huge, chunky forests and slightly odd looking towns. Little or no eye candy, and not much to comment on. 1.5 STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: Not terrible, but not paticularly good either. An interesting way of writing speech but thats about it. 2.3 OVERALL: A word of advice to the author - keep refining, testing and creating. An okay campaign from an author that shows promise.
Lennart van Beek
PLAYABILITY: All scn's where mostly 'siege the town' scenarios, which wasn't too much fun. No special things, no traps or whatsoever. CREATIVITY: A few thoughts have been given to this part, but none in particular. Just plain simple towns and objectives, nothing special. BALANCE: The balance was bad. In the first scn, you start with a huge army that takes out the enemy by ease, so destroying the town and government centre was no hard task at all. The only thing which was a bit fun was converting an enemy villager and build a town centre. The 2nd scenario was a typical build 'n destroy one. You had to capture 5 gods ad bring 'em to safety, but no instructions were given who the gods where so I had to use the cheat code to get to the next scn. MAP DESIGN: No eye-candy or whatsoever, just plain old same forests and towns. Too bad, even with a little more attention and more creativity, Bbalazs could have made mixed forests and some swamps or something like that. STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Very bad instructions were given on how to win the scn, especially scn 2, in which you had to save the gods. The bitmap was ok, but no good story or good objectives. OVERALL: Needs LOTS of work and creativity to make things better. With some more attention and eye-candy, things could turn out better in the future.
A pretty average campaign this one - which is a fictional story about Perseus and his struggle against the Romans and their gods. PLAYABILITY: The 1st scenario was a tedious fixed force and Scenario 3 was an over-long Build and Destroy, But Scenario 2 was slighty better and had one or two nice puzzles. BALANCE: Very Unbalanced - One scenario too hard (The First one), The 2nd scenario easy in parts, very difficult in others. Scenario 3 rather easy - That is as soon as you can find a way to beat the Roman Mirror Towers. CREATIVITY: Nothing really new here - But walking on water is rarely done, so a 3 for this section. MAP DESIGN: Boring old forests, Boring old grassy areas, Boring old terrain and very little eye candy. That's all I can say. STORYINSTRUCTIONS: A mediorce and confusing story with Average bitmaps. Instructions were confusing, for example in the 2nd scenario you must find the 5 greek gods and rescue them from the Romans - but the problem is that you're not told what units the gods are - It took a very long time to figure out they were priests. Good Points: - One or two nice puzzles. - Average bitmaps. - That's it. Bad Points: - Unbalanced. - Boring old maps. - Tedious scenarios. - Confusing Story and Instructions.

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