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Outcasts in the Desert

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Guardian_112 No Description Available
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Dr Lorenzo
PLAYABILITY: This scenario was perhaps a little too easy, and I finished the game in twenty minutes. There was a forty minute timer which was perhaps a little long, thirty would have kept me still on my toes. Still, the final battle was good which warrants a 3.5 CREATIVITY: Some good creative points such as picking a charachter, luring enemies around, hunting down a priest and the aforementioned time limit. Nicely done, with only minor weak spots. 4.3 BALANCE: Unfortunatley, this scenario was riddled with bugs, such as the fact it was easy to pick both charachters and that the time limit was too long. More attention needed, but not too bad. 3.9 MAP DESIGN: Maps were quite nicely done and the towns stood out. Nice eye candy in spots (eg. The Bridge) but some bland spots which inhibit this scenario. Otherwise good! 4.0 STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: The story was by no means bad, but the writing style used was a bit strange. However, the format was interesting enough to give this scenario a 3.5 OVERALL: An excellent first project with some lovely ideas.
Lennart van Beek
PLAYABILITY: Quite fun, but a bit short. The choosing hero thingy was something I didn't get tho. You have 40 mins to complete scn according to the given timer, so no quick naps could be taken. However, it took me about 25 minutes to complete the scn, so maybe the timer could have been set to 35 or 30 minutes, which made the game a bit harder and more fun. Other thing is, only one scn was given in this cpn, tho the aftermath refers to a 2nd scenario. Short but fun. CREATIVITY: The scn itself was ok, but needed more objectives. The thing I really liked and made me think was the "Lure" option. You have to lure enemy soldiers to the bridge guards in order to remove them so you can pass. I loved this, so I gave it a 3 instead of a 2. BALANCE: Balance was good, you needed to carefully plan your next move. Most of the time when I encountered a small group of Axemen and Bowmen, I usually ran past them to save my strength. That's where saving often comes in handy. A bit hard to find the way through tho, but okay. MAP DESIGN: Map design was ok. Cities and villages were cool, but needed some more attention to stand out. The map itself was filled with rocks and stuff, however maybe some mixed forests might add something too. STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions were a bit bad, as I didn't know what to do exactly. For example, choosing the two heros was a thing that could stand out if it worked. Next to that, it was very confusing, since no specific instructions were given on what to do exactly. The hints and short story was ok. Its just sad to see a scn without a cool bitmap tho. OVERALL: Needs more thoughts and attention, and more objectives. It was Gaurdians first cpn with AoE, and I think its VERY good for his first try. I couldn't have done it better when I was designing my first cpn :p. Still fun but like I said before, too short.
Outcast in the Desert is an enjoyable, but short one-scenario campaign. It is a story about two Romans, Cato and Marco fighting in Egypt against people called the Set worshippers. PLAYABILITY: This was quite enjoyable, Bur there were one or two problems. First of all, Going through the Desert is very tedious, aswell it's not very clear at the start what you have to do. It says you have to "Choose a Character, either Cato or Marco", but it's not clear how it's done. BALANCE: Quite Difficult, The final attack against the Set worshippers is rather difficult and In my opinion the Timer is too short. It's hard to get this scenario done in 40 minutes. CREATIVITY: Only one new thing here and it's buggy - The "choose a character" doesn't work very well and even then you still play as both two characters. But the idea is rarely done: So a 3. MAP DESIGN: Good, Beautiful landscape and cities. Good, but not enough for a 5. STORYINSTRUCTIONS: The Story is too short and confusing - The same applies for the instructions and the hints - which don't explain how one can "choose your character". There is no Bitmap. Good Points: - Well Balanced - Good map - Some nice creative (if, flawed) ideas. Bad Points: - Where's the Bitmap? - Confusing Instructions. - Tedious in Parts.

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