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Obscurum Roma

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Joecool1 No Description Available
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Dr Lorenzo
PLAYABILITY: At no time was I bored in this campaign, and I always had something interesting to do. Nicely done sections and a mix of styles, including Fixed Force, Build & Destroy and Quest. CREATIVITY: Often, inhibitions on creativity are tapped when designing a historical scenario. However, this campaign is extremely well stocked in creativity. Such ideas as having to subdue a village instead of wiping it out were nicely done, as well as having druids that were there simply for historical representation. Another nice feature was the limited villagers in scn 1. Joecool has outdone himself in this section, and for that I will award a 4 BALANCE: The scenario's are well balanced but perhaps the first scenario is too easy to win. Nevertheless, it is a challenge keeping a hold on the villages and the second scenario was done very well with the relics being scattered across the map and the jungle trees blocking paths. However, this section will only get a 3 as the victory condition did not activate in the first scenario. MAP DESIGN: Maps were functional and well made, if a little lacking in the eye candy department. However, there were nice features such as Hadrian's Wall with it's bordercamps, the druid circles and the jungles and swamps. Still, some features looked barren , so this section will get a 3 STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: I nicely written story with fine historical representation, well written hints, and a diary extract which changed the pace. 4 OVERALL: A good first project, perhaps slightly more polishing is needed on the victory conditions and map design is needed. Good job! 3.84
Lennart van Beek
PLAYABILITY: The balance of the cpn ruins most of the playability. The first scenario was still a bit fun but too short and easy, more thoughts could be given to this. Destroying the towns could have been made more difficult. As for the 2nd scn, it looked better then the first one, and I liked killing the Aztec empire. More vc's and more allied/blue units could have been added, especially a healing priest, to make things more easier. This scn was lacking in vc's. Both where still fun to play, but needs a lot of extra work and more thoughts. CREATIVITY: It's mainly the several objectives that added up to the creativity score, nothing more nothing less. No special puzzles or traps where made. Could have been improved a lot, instead of filling the places with loads of archers and military men. BALANCE: The first scenario was far to easy, since you can destroy olmost every enemy with your given army. If you don't make it, there's always a group of villagers in your town to supply you with an army. Next to that, defending the Government centre was extremely easy, no cpu rushes where made nor did they had any siege weapons to destroy your fortified wall. The 2nd scenario was too hard, because there were too much enemy military men, mostly in great groups. The 2nd point is, no healing priest is given ANYWHERE on the map, not even a blind lame one. I couldn't win it, though I did defeat olmost the half of their army... MAP DESIGN: The towns and villages looked ok, but where lacking much needed eye-candy, although some tricks were used, such as the swamps. Some places looked dull, which could have been fitted with gaia trees or rocks or whatever. Still ok and enjoyable to look at, but it could be improved much. STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The instructions were pretty good, for both scenario's. Objectives are above ok and the bitmaps looked nice. I was getting a bit involved with the whole story, thus the highest score is given to this part. OVERALL: A nice cpn, but needs lots of work and thoughts to be recognized as a true good cpn. Maybe it was the due date that forced him to make something as quickly as possible. With a bit more attention and a bit more creativity, things could turn out better next time.
This is an overall solid campaign by Joecool1, In which you play as the Romans in 2 scenarios exploring the more obscure less known facts of the Roman Empire. The 1st Scenario is based in Britain in the 300s, fighting the picts, saxons, etc. While scenario 2 is about the interesting (yet unlikely) possibility that the Romans were first Europeans in the Americas . PLAYABILITY: While overall fun to play there was a major problem with the scenario 2 objectives - they didn't seem to work. You have to bring 5 Aztec Artifacts from the Americas back to your 'base' island. Sadly, I did this and nothing happened. But despite this it was quite fun to play so it gets a 3. BALANCE: This campaign was too easy for me to get a huge score, Scenario 1 was done quickly and while scenario 2 took longer and was slightly harder, there were no major challenges. CREATIVITY: Nothing new here. MAP DESIGN: The Aztec swamps were nicely done, as was Britain. This map is better than an average random map, but still not good enough to get a 5. STORYINSTRUCTIONS: This was easily the best part of the campaign - The lovely bitmaps (which the author rightly called "ingo-ish"). There were no visible spelling mistakes and the instructions were clear what you had to do. So, In summary Good Points - Lovely Bitmaps - Nice scenery - Clear Instructions Bad Points - Too easy - Not very creative - Buggy objectives

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