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The Roman Hero

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SnakeEyes No Description Available
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Dr Lorenzo
PLAYABILITY: This was a very fun fictional campaign, with enjoyable points. The first two scenarios were a mix of ideas, while the final was a chance to have a peaceful, relaxing walk-in-the-park. Overall, very good playability and well done! 4.5

CREATIVITY: The main idea of the first scenario was to give a choice of which hero you play as, which worked only sometimes. However, there were nice puzzles in the first two scenarios, and the final scenario was simply a reward for playing the campaign, which is a seldom used idea. 3.9

BALANCE: Balance, unfortunatley, was a section in which this campaign fell short. As mentioned before, the ability to pick a charachter was often difficult, and the "clashing rocks" section was near impossible. 3.0

MAP DESIGN: Maps are beautifully made and functional, with nice eye candy, scenic villages and a very nice looking mansion in the last scenario. 5.0

STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: Bitmaps are lovely with a very nice flair to them, but the story is a bit vauge, with quite a few spelling mistakes. Nevertheless, this is a minor drawback in a well written fable. 4.1

OVERALL: A very good campaign and a reccomended download to all. Kudos! 4.1

[Edited on 02/06/05 @ 01:39 AM]

Lennart van Beek
PLAYABILITY: Playability was O.K. Nothing much special or anything, but it was ok fun. However, I couldn't win the 1st scenario because of one reason: The catapult which had to remove some forest right off the start didn't work, which is why I instantly got stuck and had to use the "Home Run" cheat to advance to the next scenario. The 2nd scenario was pretty easy, converting a small army and a villager, and afterwards building a small town with the one villager. After having created a huge (not needed to make a huge army tho) raiding the towns was easy. The 3th scn was not needed, but ok. Good fun, but needs more objectives to satisfy me :p. CREATIVITY: Again, lack of objectives is why I gave it a 3. Maybe if the 1st scn was tested more, and the catapult worked, it probably received a higher score. BALANCE: The balance was nicely done, not too hard nor too easy. Plenty of recources placed down on the map to create a huge empire and enough military men. Sometimes a small siege was made on your base, which was cool. Keeping things fair and not too easy to beat, I gave it a 4. MAP DESIGN: Map design was great, much eye-candy and in the first scn a lil' bit overdone sometimes. I loved the way how the maps looked, thus the highest score is given to this part. STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The instruction where lacking a good needed story. Bitmaps where ok. The objectives where a bit confusing, had to read and play the first 2 scn's a couple of times to understand what SnakeEyes meant. OVERALL: Needs more thoughts and attention, and more playtesting. One catapult can ruin the whole scn, remind that SnakeEyes. Still it was pretty fun, a bit short (due to the 1st scn) but ok.
An overall good campaign by Snakeeyes, The story is about a war between Rome and Greece, where you (Being the Romans) must conquer Greece - but not before finding the Roman Hero, who will lead you to victory. PLAYABILITY: While fun to play this campaign had many bugs and flaws, The Scenario 2 objectives didn't work for me - also I had a certain problem with Scenario 1 - I couldn't get past the "Land of Mirror Towers" sequence. I tried this for about 30 times - each time doing what the hints advice you to do - Send villagers as sucicide squads into the mirror towers while your raft pass through the clifface - No matter how hard I tried this it never worked and so in frustration I typed in "Home Run". BALANCE: Scenario 1 was too difficult, Impossible in a certain sequence while Scenario 2 was quite easy. CREATIVITY: There was a very clever part at the beginning of the campaign where you have to choose your agent - This was a very nice trick. As well as that, The last scenario, "Your reward" was so odd and unconvential that this campaign gets a 5 in creativity. MAP DESIGN: The first scenario had a beautiful map, with good and original eye candy. But the next scenarios after that had pretty average maps. STORYINSTRUCTIONS: There were clear instructions and nice bitmaps, but there were too many spelling mistakes. Good Points: - Quite creative. - Good Maps (mainly). - Instructions and Bitmaps. Bad Points: - Balance problems - Buggy objectives - Spelling mistakes in story.

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