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Prince of Palmyra

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King_moron No Description Available
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Dr Lorenzo
PLAYABILITY: Fantastic, with the first scenario being Fixed Force with an option for building, the second being Quest, B&D and FF all in one. It is enormously fun sacking desert towns, and all that has kept this score from a perfect five is the units scattered about the desert, which were sometimes tedious to find. Still, this is a minor drawback in an otherwise great campaign. 4.5

CREATIVITY: This scenario was made with the original AoE, thus cutting out some unit choices. However, King Moron has not let this hold him back and has crafted an excellent Modpack, replacing two units with "Camelry" and Slingers respectively. Another nice feature is the custom language files, creating new heroes and units. Even the disclaimer has changed! But that is not all. The second scenario is three games in one, and there are objectives that are not widely used. Brilliant.

5 BALANCE: Maps are well-balanced, but perhaps a bit difficult in parts. However, the walkthrough is on-hand if you are stuck, and if everything is done in the correct order you should be fine. 4.0 MAP DESIGN: Maps are lovely here, with good geographical representation. Nicely done towns in scenario two, and overall great design in scenario three. 4.0

STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: The story and instructions were exceptional here, with interesting and informative history sections, helpful hints and a fantastic and slightly humerous story. I will also mention the author has included a fantastic walkthrough, with every detail of the game covered. This shows the author has put a lot of time into making his game user-friendly. 5.0

OVERALL: A brilliant effort for a first campaign, with features all designers should aspire to. 4.5

[Edited on 02/06/05 @ 01:35 AM]

Lennart van Beek
PLAYABILITY: First of all, this was one of the better campaigns I've played in a while. I had great fun playing this cpn, especially because of the puzzling and other things. In some occasions, you really needed to carefully plan your next step in order to proceed. This involved strategic thinking as well. The whole campaign was filled with this, I loved it, thus a high score is given to this.

CREATIVITY: Enough objectives to keep you satisfied, and plenty of secrets and traps were made. Could have been a little bit improved, like adding some optional sub-missions or something.

BALANCE: The balance in this cpn was very good, because sometimes if you made a wrong move, you would be defeated. That's where strategic thinking comes in place: "How do I get past those bowmen without losing much of my men?" This added an extra plus. I also saved often, not knowing if there was a trap set around the next corner. All this together deserved the highest score.

MAP DESIGN: Most parts of the map where very good looking, while other parts looked less attractive. However, most of the towns and surroundings where good enough to let me smile, tho things could have been improved a bit.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: This is where I got the "Wow" feeling. Every scn of the campaign started off with a great story and good instructions. The bitmaps looked very good as well. I was getting involved with the story, and next to that where those "Hints and Tips" which where very attractive and creative, sometimes referring to the story and one hint even told you that if you don't know which is the special building, go to AoEHtoons section to find out. This was a breakthrough, and was very nicely done. Excellent work; thus I gave it a 5.

OVERALL: An excellent cpn with a lot of thinking and fun. With a lil' bit improvement it could be a 5 rated cpn. A must see :-).

[Edited on 02/06/05 @ 01:36 AM]

This is a very good campaign about Odenatus, the lord of Palmyra in the 260s who made Palmyra a major player in the world at this that time, There are 3 scenarios. The First scenario is about crushing the rebels at the Syrian city of Emesa, Scenario 2 tells of his attempted invasion of Persia. And the final one concerns Odenatus' campaigns against the goths. Prince of Palmyra is very good campaign, but there was major problem which denied getting an even higher score. In the last scenario "Anatolius Gothicus". Here the Author confuses you with the scenario instructions, instead of writing clearly what you have to do, He writes the objectives mixed in with the storyline. And even then instructions are very vague, one of your stated objectives is to destroy "the building which is most close to the goths", there are no hints given to what the building is at all. In the end I gave in and read the walkthrough written by the Author.

Well, anyway...

PLAYABILITY: This was very fun and enjoyable to play, even counting for the frustrating problem with the objectives.

BALANCE: Scenario 1 was slight bit too easy for me, While I found Scenario 3 perfectly balanced, that is as soon I found out what my objectives were. Just one problem, The last objective in Scenario 2 I found close to impossible, Here you must march Odenatus into the goverment center of Cteisphon, the Persian Capital. Given the amount troops you have this is extremely difficult and so It took me about 10 attempts to win. So I was stuck between 3 and 4 for this section, in the end I decided for a 4.

CREATIVITY: A very nice trick with Diplomacy in scenario 1, which I have never seen before. There was also modding and Language.dlling but both of those have been done before. The Objectives were unique too, they were not the usual "Kill X". So overall this campaign gets a 5 in Creativity.

MAP DESIGN: In many places, there was lovely scenery and eye candy. But sadly, the maps were not consistent, there was too much open desert in scenario 1 and parts of scenario 3 were dull and un-interesting with very little eye candy. So this campaign gets a 4 in map design.

STORYINSTRUCTIONS: Perfect (except for the already mentioned flaw), nice bitmaps, readable stories with little noticable spelling errors and clear instructions. Good Points: - Quite creative - Overall, Fun to play - Nice Story and Instructions. Bad Points: - Badly Balanced in parts - Maps not consistent enough - The "Scenario 3 objectives" issue.

[Edited on 02/06/05 @ 01:37 AM]

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