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The Artillerist

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Sick Sid
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Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Travel back to circa 700 bc, the glorious dying days of the decadent Assyrian empire. Step into the shoes of a young Akkadian on the day of his graduation from the Assyrian siege engineer academy at Nineveh. The Chaldeans are revolting, and need to be crushed. A detailed historical scenario that requires you to level cities and fortresses I the land between the rivers. Includes very detailed historical instructions, and a map. This is a large and busy scenario, and may lag on slower computers.
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Map Design4.6
I'm not sure why, but I had a feeling this would be a good scenario.

Playability: 4.7
This has to be one of the best, if not the best, single player RoR scenario I've ever played. I must have liked the overall design over it because I played about 3 more time upon it's completion.

Balance: 4.7
Great balance in this scenario. With heavily fortified enemies, you must manage your army siege weapons with extreme care to succeed. Nice usage of terrain elevations and cliffs for different stategies.One thing I found odd was that my allied Assyrian army always seemed to stand around with nothing to do. Other than that, superb.

Creativity: 4.7
I haven't really played a mission like this before. Before you can go on to doing something else you must finish the thing before it. Great placement of objects, buildings and terrain. I liked how you couldn't bring your remaining weapons and troops through Nineveh, and only Hersifon could pass. Unfortunately, I didn't relize that at the time and ended up leveling my own capital. Yet, It was worth it due to being able to get one or two catapults across the river in addition to the new ones you would find soon after.

Map Design: 4.6
Great map design. Again, elevations added to the appearance of the scenario. Great compact cities. Can't really explain the rest.

Story/Instructions: 4.8
One of my favorite parts. The story was very captivating and made you feel like you were on a mission to destroy the Chaldeans. Good instructions also. This area was also jampacked with tons of useful and interesting history and helpful hints. Also had a nice intro map as well.

Additional Comments:
I would definitely reccomend this one, as it is absolutely worth a play.

[Edited on 10/25/05 @ 02:35 PM]

Richard Ames Sounds like an interesting scenario. Thanks for your many reviews, Rug_Might.
Richard Ames
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

This scenario is a two part Fixed Force mission. You play as Herisfon, a young siege engineer who has just finished his studies, and you must take up control of the siege equipment and many other units and use it to destroy two cities. Once the first city is destroyed you must pass through Niniveh alone and find a second set of siege equipment along with other reinforcements. This time you get many siege weapons, some cavalry, and even some other siege weapons that might not be so obvious. Destroying the second city was more challenging that the first, and very enjoyable.

Make sure that you don't try to attack Nineveh when passing through, since they will destroy you quickly if you do. I realized how it was set up after trying to find a way around the city. Herisfon may pass through, but anything else will be destroyed. I accidently attacked a centurion on the way through - luckily Herisfon is tough, and they didn't quite switch to enemy. You must also take care not to hit your allied (green) with splash damage. A passive ally per file adjustment would be good here.

Balance: 5

A well balanced mission, which will require careful FF management. By the end I had only a heavy catapult, and I put my villagers to good use too. When the walls of the city come down you have to make a strong defensive position, and invade slowly and with care. I finished it in one go, but there were plenty of close calls, and I had to restart once.

Creativity: 5

The story is written carefully and imaginatively, even keeping in mind things like the literacy of ancient Assyria. The map is designed in a unique fashion and the use of neutral diplomacy works well to divide the mission into two FF parts. The gameplay is unique because you play as a mainly siege based contingent of a much larger army, and you must work along side them to win.

Map Design: 4

The map is very nice, depicting Assyria and Babylon. It is mainly desert which is hard to design, and makes good use of eye candy and elevations to break the monotony. It still looks a little rugged compared to some of todays maps, and it was designed quite recently so I can't score it as if it was made in '99. One thing I don't like to see is cliffs on varied elevations with the gaps in them, and there were a few of these. A great map all the same.

Story/Instructions: 5

Excellent story, and superb writing. This is easily the strongest area of the campaign. The evil ruler of Assyria, Sennacherib, is portrayed very well, and has an air of malevolence like that of the Martial Emperor, even though he is portrayed very distantly. The instructions and hints cover what to do well, while the map lays the locations of important cities out clearly for you as well.

Overall: 4.6

A great find from a section that seems to hold strangely few great submissions. This deservedly finds itself among the best.
reckoning_mike personally, im not so sure. my ally attacked me and my hersifon mutated into a villager. hmm.
Richard Ames That hero always will mutate into a villager, same with Corlis. It's a bug that they never noticed, probably because they didn't use them in the campaigns. The ally also will attack you because of splash damage, make sure you don't provoke them with catapults etc. A good way to avoid this is to use a per file with no diplomacy change, but unfortunately this designer didn't know about this.

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Map Design4.3
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