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Ulrich Schregenberger
File Details
Difficulty: Hard
it is a fairly well structured map, and as you may call a "session map", optimized for 8 players. the enemy should be one team and the humans a team. the enemy has pretty much resources from the beginning on, while for yourself you have to do the usual gathering procedure (enough ressources). If you do the right tactics, you don't have to cheat :-), but you'll find yourself acting in great battles. well, the map was intended for LAN play, if you have a brother or sister, you'll have much fun playing this scenario.
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Map Design3.5
This is actually a multiplayer scenario, but a very entertaining one. Players 1 and 2 are situated in a corner of the map with lots of resources. They have to fight against the other 6 players. What makes this attractive is that blue and red just need to defend a small part of the "frontier". The rest is made impassable with deep water (no docks), cliffs and forests. Thus, it results in a sort of siege situation.
I suggest two human players which play red and blue.

Playability: 4.5
Very good. I had lots of fun the whole time. As defender, you can really time your breakout. The tiny crossing over the water which I defended successfully was, of course, covered with walls and towers. Once we had built up a nice little force we just deleted the junk, crossed and pwned. Well, not actually, because the comp defended himself very well. The comp players were situated in a "checkerboard" manner with strips of forest inbetween, thus making it very hard and complex to beat the PC. Basically, we had to take the six squares one by one, keeping a close eye on the openings of each square through which the comp would sneak and come in from behind, which was very annoying. The second time we played this, I wisely chose Babylonian and plugged up those little openings. Of course, you have to watch out for cats.

Balance: 5
Excellent Balance. I've never played a scenario in which I could actually stand a chance against six comp players on very hard. As mentioned above, the more computer players you destroy, the more fronts you have to fight on, which results in a high fun factor.

Creativity: 4.5
Very nice map, and an original idea. I liked the arrangements of resources and players.

Map Design: 3.5
No eyecandy, but, it is a multiplayer scen in which you want as little lag as possible, I presume, so I'll be forgiving.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
Sadly, no story, no instructions, and no intro map in-game. The instructions supplied above are enough, though.

Additional Comments:
If you are having a vintage LAN or if you're just looking for a good multiplayer map, I can definetely recommend this download. It is played best with two human players playing blue and red against any number of comp players.

Summary of a game played on the eve of 30. March 2005
We (me and my bro, that is) started off nicely. I played Babylonian and he played Assyrian. i can't actually remember the computers' civilisations, except for that #*"!&% Sumerian who kept us busy throughout the game with his cats.
As I said, soon we were in tool and had started to plug up the small river crossing (I had cheated and looked at the map before). When i was about halfway to reaching bronze, the comp started attacking. Since they were only tool age units, they didn't stand a chance against the well defended towers.
We reached bronze nearly simultaneously and started pumping. Soon after, the comps started attacking with stone throwers and later on cats as well as other units. This caused a lot of confusion because it was difficult to get our units out and once they were out, they were easily massacred. We retreated and built up defenses farther back, throwing what we had into the battle and continuously pumping. Over all this excitement, I forgot to look for more gold, thus I had a gold shortage for several minutes, which nearly ended in disaster. Luckily, my bro had looked after his gold supplies and we stabilized the situation. The comps kept on attacking, but not in masses anymore, and more importantly, spread out along our defense line. Only that Sumerian kept us out of breath with his cats. We built up our forces with the immense supply of resources which was situated behind us and eventually broke out. We moved into the first square and exterminated that player. Gullible as we were, we immediately moved east into the next square, leaving the first square completely unattended. We got on nicely with the next player as well, but at some point I realised that the reinforcements I sent weren't arriving. This was because a computer player had built up in the area which we had thought to be safe! We retreated back and let some villies plug up the openings and built up a base there. The rest was easy but took a lot of time. Each square which we moved into, we had to plug up as well. In the end, when just one player was left, it was a piece of cake.
Overall, it was extremely fun and entertaining.

[Edited on 03/31/05 @ 05:12 AM]

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Map Design3.5
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