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Death of the Morads (Remix)

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Difficulty: Hardest
In this scenario you play as the troops of General Arkon and have to kill the Morad tribe to cut off supplys to your enermys the Zios (not featured in this scenario) and retrieve the secret wepon their prisoners hold. After this you must kill the Haxert soldiers and their leaders. The bitmap is not completely accurate but the major points are about right.

I have included a edited language.dll (with my new ? button trick) and the scenario in a campaign format. The layout of the map in this scenario has not changed from the original but it has been remade with eye-candies and a more realistic look. The difficulty has been increased with the addition of archer to the enermys units and the story has been completely rewritten and now is free of the spelling mistakes the first remix had. I hope you have fun playing this.

The Dark Archer

Multiplayer also : No
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Richard Ames
Map Design5.0
Death of the Morads was Dark Archer's first scenario long ago, but now following Andrea's remaking of Senate and People of Rome he has transformed the level into something hardly recognizable, and much better.

Playability: 4

This scenario is a fixed force - Gaia discoveries are an important part of the mission, but there is no healing, so it isn't for rookies who want to fight swordsmen with axes. The mission has a bit of a puzzle aspect to it, and making good use of your units is fundamental.

Balance: 5

This scenario should be doable for anyone who takes their time, as the puzzles and tactics are easy enough to grasp. Executing this correctly is tough though, so the mission will take a bit of saving and reloading, and will prove a great challenge for all of us.

Creativity: 5

The map was a very unique one - Dark Archer's map design has a lot of style. In this map he has used forests of a unique palm and autumn trees look, with many Gaia units, especially stone mines. The story is detailed and entirely fiction, which also takes a bit of originality to come up with. The gameplay is unique - most FF missions have a bit of healing and more units - in this one you'll have to get tough.

Nope, that's not all. The bridge at the end of the scenario looks superb, and very unique, despite the masses of different bridges that have already been made. At one point invisible demons are used nicely to block your path (yes, I can see them, I have X-ray vision :-) At the beginning birds fly out across the map and decorate the skies thereafter. The objectives are creative - assassinating leaders and their guards, with a unique player and good choice of units here.

Finally the scenario has a rare edited language dll, with the first recorded use of a new trick Dark Archer invented, and one of the most creative - use of the '?' button help to provide a description of units.

Map Design: 5

The map has a neat mixed forest and swamp look before - very "blue and green". I liked that look, but the map design was ultimately quite simple, and the forests were a bit crowded at times. Now the level is a well put together fixed force route, where you'll have to do things in the right order to succeed. The forests don't get in your way, and many can be walked through.

The eye candy is beautiful; I didn't think DA had quite come this far yet. There's very little room for improvement, and not only does it look cool, it's also very unique, as I've explained.

Story: 4.5

The story is a good long read, and the instructions are excellent. The bitmap is great too, with a villager chopping a tree, something rare for someone's first attempt. The story has been improved again since my updated review, and I've increased the score a little more.

Overall: 4.7

Great work Darkie, Death of the Morads joins the elite.

[Edited on 11/05/05 @ 08:05 PM]

File Author
3.3 what a fluke. Man I am going to do a remake of this what do you think it needs?
My list is: More story
More eye candy
More of a challange

BTW I didn't base on history at all excpet for the name Morad. Also I'm now known as The Dark Archer

[Edited on 03/07/05 @ 11:04 PM]

Map Design4.2
Woah. I finally got this mission done, and I can only agree with Richard - the scenario has been improved drastically, and the hard work shows.

Playability: 4.7

First of, I'm a fan of these tactical missions which offer little to work with and where a good strategy is crucial. This is one of them, and one of the best I have played. You start with a tiny army consisting of a scout, a few swordsmen and archers and your first objective is to kill the enemy's woodcutter outpost. Several soldiers are scattered across the way, and though they are mostly in smaller groups, their technology level is higher than that of your own army and you will need to manage your troops well so you don't loose too many. I loved how tactical this mission was.

Balance: 5

Balance was surely the strongest point of the scenario. Unlike many other missions, you need every, and by that I mean EVERY unit you can get. One wrong turn, and you might aswell start over again. I love the way the scenario forces the player to think carefully and manage his troops, in contrary to those "hit 'em and they'll die" scenarios I've seen. The balance here is no less than perfect - I had to use the messenger and the secret weapon to kill the leaders of the Haxert, because these (and the boat I found) were the only troops left over. If this isn't perfect balance, I don't know what perfect is.

Creativity: 4.5

'Death of the Morads' doesn't seem very creative at the start. But if you actually notice how immensely strategical you have to move it's really quite original. It's very hard to describe, so all I can say is that I like it. The unique style of the map, the completely made up story and an edited language.dll file sum it all up to a 4.5.

Map Design: 4.2

Like I said, the map is quite unique, and a lot of work has been put into making the terrain (especially the forests). However, the map has one weakness, it looks the same everywhere. It's nice at the start, but if you play it for longer time (which you probably will due to numerous restarts) you'll get bored of the map design. The bridge near the end is superb though.

Story/Instructions: 4.7

The story has been improved a lot. Writing is something not everyone is able to do (just like not everybody can draw), but Dark Archer has probably spent a great amount of time into thinking up the story and writing it. It's easily understandable and the bitmap is an awesome piece of work. In addition there's the edited language.dll file which adds more atmosphere by editing the names of heroes and units (for example Hero Alexander is named General Arkon if you click on him) and a readme which explains how to install it. Why not perfect score? Well, there were still many spelling or grammar errors and some hints didn't make much sense to me, so I decided not to give a 5. Still, DA has done an exceptional job. Congrats!


This is surely worth the download, especially for the great tacticians out there. There are slight weaknesses, but these get outnumbered easily by the many strengths of the scenario.

Download Recommendation:


[Edited on 11/24/05 @ 10:03 AM]

The Dark Archer The update is nearly complete. I just need to finish my bitmap and then it will finally be finished.

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