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The Longbowmen

Author File Description
Town Drunkard
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 8
Difficulty: Moderate
Campaign consisting of 8 mostly puzzle-based scenarios of moderate difficulty, includes bitmaps for every scenario, and a walkthrough file if you get stuck. Enjoy! - TD
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Map Design4.5
Playability: 5

Incredible puzzle campaign. In the first scenario you start with Perseus, the hero of the story and have to gather allies and get to your home town, where you fight the king's soldiers. To do so, you have to make your way through numerous puzzles, most of them very creative ones. I had a lot of fun playing, and there's nothing I remember which I did not like.

Balance: 5

The campaign was balanced nicely. The first scenario requires some thinking at certain parts, but was not too hard. In the second scenario it gets more difficult, and in the third it gets very tricky. At the moment I'm still in the third scenario, but I've seen enough to give this a 5.0 rating. Very nice.

Creativity: 5

Very creative campaign. The story was very original, aswell as most of the puzzles were. Indeed, I did not see most of the stuff in here anywhere else yet. Every scenario features a different objective, and different difficulties. The author definately did a great job here!

Map Design: 4.5

The only aspect in which the campaign should be improved on, is map design. That does not mean it's bad, but it could be better too. The forests were mixed nicely, and there were some other cool eyecandy effects. Sadly though, the terrain on some parts looked a bit dull, and the forests should have more gaia stuff inside, like animals, shallows, rocks, etc. The rest was fine though. Good, but not perfect.

Story/Instructions: 5

Definately a strong point of this campaign is the story. It starts with the king harrassing Longbow, the hometown of Perseus. Perseus and the other bowmen flee into the forests, where they plan to strike back. From there on the player has to guide the bowmen of Longbow through the story, which always offers something new and does not get boring. The second scenario had a story divided into two parts, which was very cool too. The instructions were written nicely, and I found no spelling mistakes. Every scenario has a nice bitmap. The bitmaps are not like usual bitmaps are, instead they are screenshots. At first that's a bit irritating, but you get used to it pretty fast and it looks good.

Additional Comments:

Even though it's pretty old, I must say this is a very high quality puzzle campaign with creative ideas, a great story and fun puzzles. The map could be better, but is not bad either. A walkthrough was added too, so you have some asistance if you get stuck. Certainly a download reccommendation, especially if you're a fan of puzzle campaigns.

[Edited on 02/20/05 @ 06:08 AM]

Richard Ames
Map Design4.7
This campaign takes you on a fantasy journey, where you play as Perseus, and his longbowmen. The town of Longbow is very peaceful, and they love to practice archery. But those peaceful activities are soon shattered when there is an invasion, and cavalry storm the town and set flame to its buildings. The story develops and twists and the campaign will last you a good while with a massive 8 scenarios.

Playability: 5

Every mission is a unique style, and presents its own challenge. The campaign has a lot of puzzle aspect to it, but as you carry on into it, you’ll realize it is really a mix of many different styles. The first scenario is puzzle. Another is a quest mission with just two characters. There are also B&D and set piece battles. The creativity stands out in this area making it very refreshing and enjoyable to play. The use of the Minoan civ and its bonuses is terrific.

Balance: 4

There is a good balance in the campaign. It isn’t extremely hard, and I finished the majority of it in an afternoon, but it has good length scenarios and difficult missions and puzzles. The bothersome thing is that there are 2 missions which have bugs. The fifth mission has not been tested, and a common bug where the victory conditions get mixed up stops you from being able to finish. You can type “Home Run” to skip levels of course; don’t let it make you give up. Also, in the 6th mission the yellow player’s Per file wasn’t working right, and I wasn’t able to get past them. A more specific tribute file would have been better. Again, use Home Run if they don’t ally you.

Creativity: 5

This one really stands out in this area. The story must have taken a lot of thought, and the passion shows. The map design is unique, and the objectives are too

Map Design: 4.7

The maps were great. They worked in with the scenario perfectly, e.g. wide paths so you don’t get stuck, no computers building houses in the wrong place etc. The creativity was very high. Everything you see will be very original and creative. The quality of the towns and eye candy was high, but could still be slightly higher. In regard to some of the best map design, I’d have to lower this a little.

Story: 5

Story was a huge standout, like creativity. It takes many twists, and reveals the truth slowly. It has great detail, without taking too long to read. A lot of time has been put into this story, and remember it is entirely a fantasy campaign, in a made up place.


Sterling job, loved the campaign. This is a must download.

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Map Design4.6
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