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Ramses II

Author File Description
Haiku the Hun
File Details
Number of Scenarios: 4
Difficulty: Mod-Hard
Review : ; 1) The Fourth Cataract Play Seti I, Ramses II`s father in his bid to destroy the Rebels. 2) The Great Chase As young Ramses II, destroy the Lybian city and the Rebels. 3) The Battle of Kadesh Command the Egyptian army in this epic contest between the Egyptians and the Hittites. 4) pi-Ramses; The festival of Opet Be a part of the legendry festival of Opet, byt beware of the Assassins! Sources:- ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS OF EAST AND WEST (Progress publishers); National Geographic (April, June 1991)
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Map Design5.0
Here are to original reviews from the “Through the Eyes of the Pharoah - AoEH Campaign Contest Results”

Please note that the score goes but the highest review.

Review #1:
The spelling & grammar errors in the instructions put me off a bit, but they did tell a story. The bitmaps were rudimentary, but pertinent to the scenarios. The scenarios all involve killing off very large numbers of bad guys, typically with a big battle underway as each scenario opens. It's a classic scenario design approach.

Scenario 1 had some nice touches, such as the prison and hidden resources. I was able to build a dock in Scenario 2 & find the juggernauts without using all of the little islands (the hints would make you think otherwise). The huge amounts of enemy forces that must be overcome in every scenario makes them repetitive. Of course, if battle-battle-battle is to your liking, then you'll get into this campaign. I prefer to see something different from one scenario to another. The maps generally were good, but could have used a little more work to make them stand out. Units from RoR were used, which I think is against the rules, but no deduction since I was not sure.

Instructions - 4 Overall- 3.6
Creativity - 3
Map - 5
Balance - 3
Playability- 3

Review #2:
"Ramses II; The Legacy" certainly starts off with a bang. In fact, all scenarios in the campaign are very creative and fun to play for the first few minutes, that is.
Every single scenario in this campaign has an exciting and fun beginning, but unfortunately the feeling of excitement does not last. Let me explain myself:
There are many similarities between all four scenarios. All of them have you starting off with a small army, and overcoming many obstacles to build your meager forces into an empire large enough to accomplish your goals. The main problem with this campaign is that after the first part of the scenario is over, you have the repetitious chore of building wave after wave of units and sending them in to die against you re enemy. Rinse and repeat, over and over. In fact, every scenario degenerates into a large Iron Age battle. Granted, some of them (such as the final scenario) can still be won by tactics, but for the most part if you can survive the first part of the campaign, you have some large and boring battles again.
There is not a lot of AI action, and the computer will almost never attack with any regularity, which causes the large battles to lose a lot of their appeal as well.

Don't get me wrong, this is a solid campaign. The beginning of every scenario is very creative, and will require you to accomplish different tasks and use unique tactics just to survive. The map design, while nothing amazing, is certainly adequate. Although Playability and Balance may suffer, they are not bad enough to make me be unable to recommend this campaign.
One highlight of "Ramses II; The Legacy" was the Story/Instructions. It was presented in a clear and entertaining way, told as a story rather then just giving the background of the scenario. The objectives were very good and creative, and really kept the final parts of each scenario from going stale. There are some spelling and grammar errors, but overall the Story/Instructions category is probably the highlight of the campaign, even though the bitmaps could use some work.
All told, "Ramses II; The Legacy" is certainly a fairly solid campaign and is well worth a play, although you might want to skip the final stages of a few scenarios.

Instructions - 4 Overall- 3.6
Creativity - 3
Map - 4
Balance - 3
Playability- 4

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