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Shipwreck Wars

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Difficulty: Moderate
Your kingdom, the Kingdom of Palladia, lays to the south, hemmed in on all sides by ambitious and greedy warlords. For all, resources have become a problem. The lands to the east are inhabited by the primitive and savage horseman of the Tahkwanii whose kingdom is almost landlocked, their access to the Southern Sea throttled by your fortifications and fleet. Unknown to Palladia the Tahkwanii intrigue with the powerful Kingdom of Xenos to the North, to ally forces against Palladia. The Tahkwanii conspire to break out and end their isolation with the aid of Xenos. To the West, a barren wasteland devoid of anything of value, a mysterious and forbidding land that reeks of ancient mysteries. A no-mans land that no one covets, yet a strategic crossroads for all that must pass to north, east, south, or west by land. To the northwest, the land of the hostile Zanaii, the Zanaii who harbor no love for your kingdom but leave you alone thus far. The Zanaii have far bigger problems as they struggle for control of the Northern Sea with the forces of the Kingdom of Xenos. Once having countered the threat of Xenos in the Northern Sea, it is their desire to sieze Palladia, open ports on the rich Southern Sea, and to envelop the Kingdom of Xenos on two fronts. The Kingdom of Xenos in a land created as if by a freak of nature. It features a long, barren, and narrow causeway that seperates the Northern Sea from the Southern Sea. Xenos stands astride and between all of the Kingdoms and wreaks havoc on fishing and trade. The conflict with Palladia ignited over a shipwreck,as Xenos incurred the wrath of Palladia in the attack and sinking of a Palladian merchant ship bearing treasure of unimaginable wealth. Your fleet attempts to salvage the shipwreck, but Xenos and the Zanaii make efforts to prevent Palladia from recovering her wealth. In addition, Xenos is constructing a canal to link the Southern and Northern Seas. This is intolerable to Palladia as it would enable the Kingdom of Xenos to quickly mass her northern and southern fleets and bring to bear unstoppable sea power against all kingdoms in the region. There is retribution to be paid to the Zanaii as well. Ominous tidings, the Zanaii initiate attempts to destabilize Palladia prior to siezure. With a lightning raid, horseman of the Zanaii captured and stole the sacred Codex of 'Laws' from the temple of Palladia, these sacred tablets being the very soul of the Kingdom. The Zanaii Rangers were pursued and routed, but not before secreting the Codex somewhere in the wilderness. Palladia must recover her heritage and punish the Zanaii. Multiplayer also : ; ; ; No
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Map Design5.0
If you like challenging scenarios involving lots of sword-clanging, you'll like this one. When it starts out, one thing is immediately apparent: the map is beautiful and filled with resources. DarkStar put a lot of effort into making this map, and it shows. As you press your enemies back and reveal more of the map, you'll notice how nice it really is. This scenario has you "hemmed" into an island of sorts by your enemies, who are armed to the teeth. Your objective is to either capture or return some artifacts to your temple, which of course are in their territory. Getting them isn't easy, and without giving anything away about the enemies or how to beat it, all I can say is that it's a challenging and well-done effort. DarkStar usually designs scenarios to be played on easiest, but I tried on hardest and it played very well. No odd messages from the computer, and everything worked fine. There are only a few flaws, which still don't take much away from what is a great scenario. Had there been slightly less resources, it may have been enough to get my out of my base, instead of researching and building up. Then again, I wouldn't have been able to take in the nice view if I was constantly under pressure. Also, the instructions are a bit vague. Bringing the artifacts back to my temple didn't trigger the victory, and then I noticed there were some flagged areas in each of the enemy territories.. Were the flagged areas the "temples," or was I supposed to bring the "captured" artifacts there? I didn't know, and I didn't get to see the victorious message in the end, after my two hour long slugfest. Honestly, it doesn't even matter. The smooth tropical-looking map and the great battles are worth the download alone.
Map Design5.0
I guess it's time for this old scenario to get a new review.

Playability: 4.5
I liked playing this scenario. Although I believe it to be too easy, it is really fun. There is a nice story section in the beginning and taking out one enemy after the other kicks ass. There is a bug concerning the victory conditions, though. I captured all artifacts and returned the two recommended ones to my temple...but I didn't win.

Balance: 3.5
It is too easy to get all the artifacts. On the other hand, if you make some mistake or act too quickly, you will have hard times. Anyway, I guess that allowing yellow to attack you would have been nice. If you concentrate on one enemy at a time, you will surely ba able to capture all artifacts.

Creativity: 4
Capturing artifacts may not sound very creative, but combined with a nice story, it is really cool; espacially the "shipwreck", of course.
You have three different enemies and you cannot sail the seas in the north at the beginning. You can play this map either by using lots of ships or by using los of land units. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. I liked that.

Map Design: 5
The map is beautiful! There are roads in your city, elevations, palms, jungle and some eye candy, too. The cliffs in the middle of the map are really tough for your ships.
Of course, the map isn't as pretty as today's ones, but still very good job.

Story/Instructions: 5
I liked the little story. Would have also been nice as a campaign, I guess. There is a bitmap in the beginning which looks well, but has nothing to do with the scenario. ;-)

Additional Comments:
download recommendation: Yes.

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Map Design5.0
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