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Arminius, Hammer of the Romans

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Number of Scenarios: 4
Difficulty: Moderate
In 9 A.D., Roman expansion in Germania Magna (nowadays known as Germany) was brutally halted by an uprising of the German tribes led by Arminius the Cherusci. Three Legions, under the command of Quintilius Varus, were slaughtered in the Teutoburg Forest. This campaign is my re-creation of these events. Scenario 1: Get Arminius and his followers to safety. Scenario 2: Steal the Roman war-chest and bring it to Wodan's temple. Scenario 3: Prevent the Romans from massacring the Tribes' priests. Scenario 4: The battle of the Teutoburg Forest.
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Dean McCullough
Map Design4.6
Playability: 3
While this campaign was put together very well and included a lot of unique gameplay ideas that I haven't seen before, I found it somewhat difficult to enjoy "Arminius, Hammer of the Romans." While there's a lot of interesting content to be found here, it seems like all of it finds a way to slow down the game and irritate you. The real enjoyment of this campaign is getting to the next level and seeing what your next challenge would be, and to the games credit, the author comes up with some interesting things. I have to give this game credit for being so original, but for the most part, this campaign is of "acquired" taste. You may find it to be very enjoyable, or you might hate it. Either way, it's worth playing to find out.

Balance: 3.8
All of the scenarios will present an initial challenge, in an irritating way. 1 & 3 are very interestingly set up and add some factors that twist the game in ways that I haven't seen before. 2 is much much more of a fixed force and is too easy---it's mostly about finding gaia units and then sneaking the artifact into the allied base. 4 is just obnoxious, and while defending your base is at first quite a frantic stand-off, things slow down fast when the attacks cease and you're told to blot down the ENTIRE enemy base. This was well above average when it comes to balance, but has some trouble maintaining it's perfection throughout the 4 scenarios.

Creativity: 4.8
Quite remarkable... The campaign is by itself when it comes to genre. There's a lot of mix here, many different styles and objectives, and some rather interesting ways to achieve those objectives. I'm sure this took plenty of time to make, and it's obvious that the author had some pretty big expectations for this scenario. Play this campaign, and I'm sure you'll be intrigued.

Map Design: 4.6
Excellent, lots of tricks used here, and plenty of detailed care put into the maps. Each map looks very different than the next and unfolds nicely. Overall, some of the best I've seen, especially for this campaign's age.

Story/Instructions: 4.7
Near-perfect storyline and amazing bitmaps. Plenty of hints given for each scenario, nd extensive history as well. The aftermaths have some thoughtfull development. Above all that, there's some great bitmaps to look at here. The only real drawbacks here were the lack of COMPLETE development and some rather ambigious instructions.

Additional Comments: Quite interesting and certainly worth a download to anyone. I reccomend this campaign to anybody.

I can't really say this campaign is for everyone, but if you play it I think you'll agree that it easily deserves the score given. Those interested in tough challenges and don't mind a tedious slow down every now and then will enjoy this campaign immensly.

[Edited on 12/20/08 @ 10:25 PM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
It's easy enough that I beat all the missions on Moderate.

Balance: 5
Good balance, since I think I'm a weak player, but I could still beat all the missions on Moderate difficulty.

Creativity: 5
Very creative stories.

Map Design: 4.5
Some good scenery. In Scenario 2, the cart goes through the woods alone by the river unprotected instead of along the road. I don't know if this was the author's intention., but I doubt it. There might not be a way to fix this.

Story/Instructions: 4
Good stories. In Scenario 3, you can't research both the "Martyrdom: sacrifice priest to convert enemy" tech [like the instructions seem to hint you should do] and also the monotheism technology with just the 600 maximum gold that the map allows. But it looks like you don't need the martyrdom tech, because you get priests from the well and the old priest and they can defend the brown priest and convert him with the monotheism and rejuvenation techs.

Additional Comments:
Scenario 1: I can save my three villagers, kill the several soldiers who are attacking my base, and build a vilager and 2 archers, but after that, a constant flow of enemies comes from Rome and I can't hold them off with my forces and have to escape to the east. A healing priest is to the north of the Roman base, in the woods, and there is a raft to his Northeast.

Scenario 3:
An unguarded path runs from the west corner to the north corner and another runs from the west to the south corner, where the Marsi chief on horseback is. The river runs from the north corner in a > down to the south corner, where the Marsi leader on horseback who you must convert is. The Demon of the Forest is an elephant rider on a path in about the center-west of the map. There is a crossing in the north edge of the river, and following it, you can pick up villagers. I got my villagers to cut out the woods in the middle forest where there is no path, and I found the temple and old priest in the northern of the two pathless forest areas. The waterfall area has a narrow enough space that only the 1 man raft can fit through and ferry someone there, like the Marsi chief. I can convert the forest demon with my priests. I defeated the Legion player by using the priests to convert the red legionaires with the help of the +50% rejuvenation technology. Then I got my priests to go down and convert the Marsi chief and I protected him by putting him in a ferry and taking him to the mainland. I then converted or killed all the remaining Marsi yellow soldiers using my priests and the converted yellow soldiers. I brought the Marsi leader and my hero cavalry rider to the main well with the brown priest, but the mission did not end. What you have to do is CONVERT the brown enemy priest with your own priest, and for that you need to research the MONOTHEISM technology.

Scenario 4:
Your hero is by your town center and I can't let the Green village die. Reinforcement cavalry is in the North-northwest of the map, to the left of the road's northern bend Gold and an archery is in the north corner. Catapults and some horsemen are in the south corner. I should send some horses to my SW opening for defense, send some archers to the NW for reinforcements, and send more horses to the east to protect my base and distract the brown player from the green base. I think I should build a tower on my NE side. I only get 150 stone, enough for 1 tower.

[Edited on 05/05/19 @ 11:34 PM]

Hey Rakovsky, I see you've been quite active reviewing things the past few days, which is neat! However I would like to ask you to be a little more detailed in your writing to that your reviews may be of greater use to other users. When you write things such as "good balance", it might seem evident to you, but it doesn't tell readers very much. Does it mean this is a fun scenario for a novice player, or a challenge even for an expert?

In general, whenever pointing something out as good or bad, try to include a line or two of motivation as to why you think so. :)

/Fruktfisk, Granary Moderator
rakovsky Good idea. I like how all these scenarios can get reviews with ratings. Now where can I give a review rating like this to the official Rise of Rome campaign? :) (I say that half joking.)

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Map Design4.5
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