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Goonies II

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Difficulty: Hard
You are the Goonies (Mikey, Data, Mouth, Chunk). You must find your way through boobytraps and secret paths to the rich stuff. King Arthur, Indiana Jones, and even the Blair Witch are to stop the Goonies. Multiplayer also : ; ; ; No
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Dean McCullough
Map Design4.7
Playability: 4.8
Goonies II is an absolutely great adventure RPG. While I've seen only a few parts of the film, I do know that you're taking control of the four main characters from it as they embark on their quest to find the true holy grail... Starting from a remote spot in the woods, you have to explore your surrounding area and use your own group of heroes as well as the other ones they find to get past certain obstacles. This game is a hoot to play, and I haven't seen many like it. "Goonies II" also isn't absurdly long, it's fairly quick if you keep playing along. It may not have the same depth as a lot of Ingo and Andrea's scnearios, but it's still an excellent adventure.

Balance: 4.8
Very tricky. For every obstacle you had to make use of one of your characters or you had to sacrifice something. For example, in the woods you find the blair witch, which will convert one of your soldiers. To keep it from doing this you have to find a villager to sacrifice so you can pass through safely. There's a lot of quick thinking involved in this, so you had better be paying attention and saving regularly as the game goes along. "Goonies II" is a good challenge for any player.

Creativity: 4
The gameplay and puzzles are great, although many seem to be copied from Ingo. Nevertheless, the map and the gameplay style must have broken some ground back in it's day, since there's swamps, bone bridges, and terrain rendering using desert patches and dead trees. The main drawback is the story, which is just a few sentences and sort of weighs down the whole experience.

Map Design: 4.7
One of the best Pre-EE maps I've seen, and certainly one of the much better maps overall. Plenty of terrain rendering, swamps, mixed forests, bone bridges, and plenty of gaia rocks and roads. Absolutely superb overall, although alot of the forest region is quite bland. Still excellent overall.

Story/Instructions: 2.2
Quite poor and fairly bare-bones. There's a quick storyline and a few interesting hints, but this certainly isn't enough and frankly gave me a bad impression of what the scenario would be like.

Additional Comments: Excellent scenario... I'm certain anyone would enjoy this one!

[Edited on 08/09/08 @ 05:36 PM]

Map Design4.8
Playability: 5
They say that a good scenario takes a few tries to beat. It did for me and I'm an average player. The main goal was exploring the map to find the right location and go there, so it was not too hard or confusing in that sense, but it did take a few tries.

Balance: 4.8
You can't really defeat all the enemy heroes, but you aren't really meant to. The enemies will grind on you, so you have to run away from them and take out the ones who chase you. They were not so hard that I couldn't get to the location.

Creativity: 4.5
I felt that it was very creative in using a big maze, but the enemies also seemed a bit cliched, like Robin Hood and King Arthur. They didn't come together well because they are from different time periods and places. But that is also a story criticism. Overall it was pretty creative because of the design and the idea of finding the grail and searching in different places with different obstacles.

Map Design: 4.8
The little Instruction screen map was poor quality, but at least it had one. It looked like the enemies for Indiana Jones' ark were too tough, but that was probably the point. Actually I thought it was a good map design, because I liked the maze aspect and different decorations. The Walk on Water feature was really cool.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
This was the weakest part. There were almost no instructions or story, and "Use the Force" didn't make sense as a Hint. Maybe it referred to building a Ballista Tower. The Hint "Walk on Water" was neat and referred to one of my favorite parts of the map.

Additional Comments:
You can't put Caesar on Cleopatra's barge, so he is stuck on a bunch of rocks. But somehow he can walk on water and go northeast. Weird and cool.

You can get a house on the east of the Mideast lake, and if you take your horseman north and then into the center on top of the cliff path you can get a villager with a house next to him.

I am not sure what to do with the villager, make stables? Another reviewer said he is good to use for a decoy to get your knight past the priest in the southeast corner, but actually I found that I didn't need a decoy to sacrifice. I was able to get my cavalry hero past the priest by having him ride over the creek to the west of the priest just out of range and then go north in the path in the woods that leads away from the enemy priest (Blair Witch). I think you could best use the villager to make a tower to soak up enemies that attack you and churn out soldiers from a stable.

The northern river is a dead end. To win, you need to use the bridge to get to the top. I won when I brought my horse hero Caesar close enough to the far northern flag and held the Discovery location there.

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Map Design4.8
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Size:286.00 Bytes