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Jason's Revenge

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Number of Scenarios: 8
Difficulty: Hard
This is a very long campaign which involves alot of the heroes. The story is long and the scenery is great. Very difficult. I tested it many times but still may have bugs if so contact me and i will fix them. The best thing about this camaign besides the scenery is the AI and Per files I have created. Many computer players are designed to do only certain things and thats all they do! I believe this campaign to be the greatest Ive ever play and it took over 4 months to create. New things I havent seen are Desert tribes of camals only that keep creating themselves. Woodcutting company youll have to see it to understand. Computer quickly builds a castle with towers and walls and does not close themselves in. Water around the base of trees, sorta like a marsh in a deep forest. Large farms. All priest senerio. Prison with individual cells. Roman Colliseum. Flowers in the grass. Tall grass. Graves. Well thats all. Please Enjoy.
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super Fool
Map Design5.0
This is a very, very good campaign. I just had to say that. It's a VERY good campaign. It is extremely fun, (it might have been better if it was a <i>little easier, but still, fun as heck). This is easily a Pick of the Week... Some aspects of this campaign were so incredible, I was truly shocked. In the first scenario, the burnt, destroyed forest was very well done, as was the creative use of road. The scenarios in this campaign were very difficult, and I didn't have very much time. Also, some were a bit laggy on a PII/233 because of all the terrain features and units. I must admit that I only beat 2 or 3, but I did look closely at the rest, just so I could judge. :) The maps were amazing! ;) Interesting terrain, creative rendering, and some REALLY good puzzles all add up to hours of fun. The Scenario instructions and bitmaps were very good as well: the author put a lot of work into the map and story, although grammar and spelling was not quite perfect, and a couple of scenarios had no bitmap. :) (I'm using smilies a lot in this review. That's a good sign) Overall, this one is a must play, when you have the time for a long, difficult one. I consider this campaign to be one of the greats.and
Map Design4.5
I decided to download this old submission in order to see how an old campaign worked and why this one is considered to be magnificiant. I also wanted to give it a "new" review because it seems to me that reviews have changed into more detailed work by the last few years. So here we go:

Playability: 5
This campaign has excited me right from the begin. It's design is supreme although sometimes pesky little flaws can be really annoying. The designer seems to prefer fixed force style missions, sometimes combined with little puzzles. All in all it is much fun to play and I am sure to have found a beautiful submission. It contets many hours of playing, some very unique scenarios and wonderful maps. And finally it's got the right feeling which kept me playing all the time.

Balance: 3
Well, bad news. Balance is perfect in most scenarios. Unfortunately there are 3 scenarios which are simply too hard to beat. The second one is impossible I believe. I don't really know how to get through the red enemy. The second last might be beatable but not for me. I am not the king of huge battles which you can't interfer much anyway. The last scenario again is impossible. There are just too many enemies and they are pouring in like rats, you can't stop them. Maybe a bit more playtesting could avoid such problems. All the other scenarios contain a great balance, are hard to win but still possible.

Creativity: 5
You think you know all about creativity? You really do? Check out this campaign and will see that there are still things out which you didn't know. Every scenario has a unique gameplay. this is awesome espacially if you consider that all but one scenarios are fixed force scenarios. Sometimes you have to sneak through while other times attacking with all your troops is powerful. Sometimes you can wait for your allies to do a job and sometimes you have to move quickly. The victory conditions are mostly basic but used wisely. There is only one mission where I had a problem: When you have to free Perseus it is hard even to FIND him. He looks just like any other of these 20 composite archers which makes it really hard to identify the hero. Anyway, I appreciate the use of many players (most mission consist of 5 or more players), the interruptions in story and I loved the priest scenario (the 3rd one, I think).

Map Design: 4.5
The designer has done a perfect job. Perfect? Not quite. The cities are supreme and there is much eye candy out there. Really cool stuff. A little bad point are the landscapes. They are not bad but not good either. Most forests are done with the forest brush, not mixed and look a little bit artificial. The cliffs are ok, elevations not bad but still, I have seen better work here. I don't want to say that maps are only average, I just want to explain why I do not give full score. Looking at sceanrio number two I wanted to give 3.5 but the next scenario was a straight 5.0 even nowadays! So this is why I chose to give 4.5.

Story/Instructions: 4
The campaign is based on a fictional story about an evil priest. (not again) The good thing is that it holds some nice turning points and the author put quite a lot work into it. So I am sad to say that the story itself didn't blow me away. Probably it's just because the story is not unique, at least one out of ten campaigns here holds roughly the same story. The instruction maps are nice and the hints are very good.

Additional Comments:
download recommendation: Yes!

I will check out other stuff from this author because this one really pleased me. As I mentioned above I think that the author didn't test all of his scenarios. Maybe I'm just too lousy as a player but I don't believe this. Story could be improved a little bit, the rest is perfect or at least next to perfect.
ReignSupreme I can't believe this scenerio still exists on the web. I am the author and I created it in the last part of my senior year in highschool. It was the only scenerio I built, and I was by no means an excellent writer. I've played the scenerio recently, and I can tell you it's definately impossible. Thank you all for the kind reviews however, and who knows I might try to clean up some stuff on it.
Cavarly_7 Um can you submit these .PER files i really wanna have them for my great 16 scenario Champion Ship. I am working on an per file too,but its not the best i saw :P
They built towers,farms but they don't sent transports to destroy me and they don't create soldiers.Please i wanna download them :D
MeRLiN_2019 Wow - I submitted this campaign the year I graduated high school - 20 years later. I too have difficulty with some scenarios but I remember being challenged by using elements to create unique aesthetic appeal. The story is riddled with typos/spelling errors. I may try to remaster the campaign. I appreciate the 2 reviews though!

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Map Design4.8
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