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Definitive Edition: Single Player Campaigns
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Definitive Edition: Single Player Campaigns

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Download File (935.62 KB)
935.62 KB
Budonian Tales (AoE:DE)
A fantasy campaign about mythical Budonia, remastered for AoE:DE
by Ingo van Thiel
- 399 2 0
Download File (384.24 KB)
384.24 KB
Ghengis Khan (Aoe:DE)
Early struggles and the conquest of China
by Ingo van Thiel
- 248 1 0
Download File (879.72 KB)
879.72 KB
The Tai Gun (remastered)
Updated version of the 1998 original Tai Gun campaign: Defend your tribe against the mighty Shang.
by Ingo van Thiel
- 275 1 0
Download File (73.16 KB)
73.16 KB
Mago (remastered)
A one-scenario fantasy campaign. First created in 1999 for AoE:RoR, now "remastered" for AoE:DE.
by Ingo van Thiel
- 264 1 0
Download File (1.06 MB)
1.06 MB
The War of the Ring
The campaign consists of nine scenarios set in J.R.R Tolkien´s Middle-earth. In these scenarios, we follow the life and career of Aefundil, a captain of Gondor
by VainWarlord
- 520 1 3
Download File (313.09 KB)
313.09 KB
Alexander in India
With Persia defeated, Alexander looks eastward for new lands to conquer.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 3 0 0
Download File (202.66 KB)
202.66 KB
After the Flood
As King of Kish, defend against Akkadian raids, defeat your rivals, and build a Mesopotamian empire.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 13 0 0
Download File (64.72 KB)
64.72 KB
Phoenician Dawn
Lead the Phoenicians and build a trading empire amid the ruins of the Bronze Age collapse.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 43 0 0
Download File (220.57 KB)
220.57 KB
Uprising of the Five Barbarians
The Five Barbarians ride against China in the final days of the Jin dynasty...
by Al_Kharn the Great
4.3 (1)
60 0 0
Download File (301.45 KB)
301.45 KB
Hanno and the African Voyage
As Hanno, venture down the African coast and return to Carthage with great riches!
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 69 0 1
Download File (349.48 KB)
349.48 KB
Chou Kung (remastered)
A semi-historical campaign about the Rebellion of the Three Guards in ancient China
by Ingo van Thiel
- 279 0 3
Download File (970.4 KB)
970.4 KB
Rise and Fall of the Seleucids
This is a campaign about the history of the Seleucid Empire.
by Decius Flavius
- 448 0 2

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