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Definitive Edition: Single Player Campaigns
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Definitive Edition: Single Player Campaigns

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Download File (107.06 KB)
107.06 KB
Dawn of Carthage
An exiled Phoenician queen founds a city in a distant land.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 302 0 0
Download File (38.56 MB)
38.56 MB
Amon Ra Din
A compiled divine story of PreDynastic Egypt
by AmonRaDin
- 239 0 1
Download File (330.79 KB)
330.79 KB
The Story of Exodus
Play as Joseph, Moses, and Joshua in the epic Biblical tale of the Exodus.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 262 0 0
Download File (910.19 KB)
910.19 KB
The Tai Gun II (remastered)
The story of the Tai Gun continues...
by Ingo van Thiel
- 238 1 1
Download File (45.43 KB)
45.43 KB
Moses, Prince of Egypt
Retrace the steps of Moses and live the story that would become a legend.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 258 0 1
Download File (156.05 KB)
156.05 KB
Alexander in Bactria
King Darius is dead but Alexander's conquest of Persia is not complete. He marches onward into the harsh lands of Bactria.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 252 0 2
Download File (313.09 KB)
313.09 KB
Alexander in India
With Persia defeated, Alexander looks eastward for new lands to conquer.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 318 0 0
Download File (202.66 KB)
202.66 KB
After the Flood
As King of Kish, defend against Akkadian raids, defeat your rivals, and build a Mesopotamian empire.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 292 0 0
Download File (64.72 KB)
64.72 KB
Phoenician Dawn
Lead the Phoenicians and build a trading empire amid the ruins of the Bronze Age collapse.
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 270 0 0
Download File (220.57 KB)
220.57 KB
Uprising of the Five Barbarians
The Five Barbarians ride against China in the final days of the Jin dynasty...
by Al_Kharn the Great
4.3 (1)
391 1 0
Download File (301.45 KB)
301.45 KB
Hanno and the African Voyage
As Hanno, venture down the African coast and return to Carthage with great riches!
by Al_Kharn the Great
- 285 0 1
Download File (384.24 KB)
384.24 KB
Ghengis Khan (Aoe:DE)
Early struggles and the conquest of China
by Ingo van Thiel
- 507 1 0
Download File (935.62 KB)
935.62 KB
Budonian Tales (AoE:DE)
A fantasy campaign about mythical Budonia, remastered for AoE:DE
by Ingo van Thiel
- 648 2 0
Download File (879.72 KB)
879.72 KB
The Tai Gun (remastered)
Updated version of the 1998 original Tai Gun campaign: Defend your tribe against the mighty Shang.
by Ingo van Thiel
- 452 1 0
Download File (349.48 KB)
349.48 KB
Chou Kung (remastered)
A semi-historical campaign about the Rebellion of the Three Guards in ancient China
by Ingo van Thiel
- 456 0 3
Download File (977.51 KB)
977.51 KB
Rise and Fall of the Seleucids
This is a campaign about the history of the Seleucid Empire.
by Decius Flavius
- 719 0 5
Download File (73.16 KB)
73.16 KB
Mago (remastered)
A one-scenario fantasy campaign. First created in 1999 for AoE:RoR, now "remastered" for AoE:DE.
by Ingo van Thiel
- 404 1 0
Download File (1.06 MB)
1.06 MB
The War of the Ring
The campaign consists of nine scenarios set in J.R.R Tolkien´s Middle-earth. In these scenarios, we follow the life and career of Aefundil, a captain of Gondor
by VainWarlord
- 811 1 3

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