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Topic Subject: Would you like to see more campaigns?
posted 01-14-20 02:28 AM ET (US)   
Hello everyone,,
The devs have said that they aren't going to add any more civs, which is fair even though there are some I wouldn't mind seeing represented (Caucausian, Southern Indian, Jurchen, Tibetan and Somali mostly), however that doesn't preclude new campaigns.

I've been running through all the old and new campaigns since DE dropped and generally having a good time, its got me thinking about what other parts of medieval history would be good candidates for either full fledged campaigns or individual historical battles. I've been thinking about how there's a number of civs that are conspicuously under served in the existing campaigns and what moments in history could be used to represent them:

Alexander Nevsky Play as the Slavs during crucial moments in the history of Kievan Rus', fight against Vikings (Swedes), Lithuanians, Germans and other Slavs at battles such Lake Peipus or Neva while balancing relations with the Mongol Golden Horde.

adysław II Jagiełło Play as the Lithuanians as they face off against their enemies, especially the Teutonic order, while trying to pull together the vast kingdom of Poland-Lithuania. Fight against Teutons, Slavs and Lithuanians while making overtures to the remaining Mongol powers for assistance, until things come to a head at Grunwald.

Tokimune Play as the Japanese as they stare down the greatest threat the country ever faced. Fight off both Mongol attempts to invade Japan on land and sea, fighting both the Mongol forces and their Chinese and Korean auxiliaries that they've assembled for this invasion.

Taizong Play as the Chinese in the dying days of the Sui dynasty, playing a key role in overthrowing the Sui to establish the new Tang dynasty. As Emperor Taizong you must play your part in destroying resistance to the new Dynasty within China itself, as well as defending the frontiers from Gokturk incursions. Ultimately Taizong overthrows his father and kills his brothers, taking the mantle of emperor and leads the Tang to destroy their Turkic enemies, pushing far to the west into the Tarim basin. Later he launches a massive invasion into Goguryeo, but dies long before the Tang can claim victory. Fight against Chinese, Tatars (Gokturks), Mongols and Koreans (Goguryeo).

Belisarius Play as the Byzantines, at the height of their empire. Belisarius is Justinian's greatest general and led the empire to dramatic victories against Vandals, Goths and Persians. Reconquer Italy and North Africa and defend the Eastern frontier against the Sassanids. Fight against Persians(Sassanids), Goths, Huns and Bulgars. Berbers, Saracens and Italians can be unlikely allies (not sure how the Vandals should be represented specifically).

Boniface of Montferrat Play as Franks and Italians, follow the course of the disastrous Fourth Crusade as they get waylaid as a particularly dangerous mercenary force for Venice and ultimately conquer and destroy the greatest city in Christendom. Ends with the ignominious defeat of the resulting crusader states by the Bulgarian empire. Fight against Slavs, Magyars (siege of Zara), Byzantines, Vikings (Varangian Guard), Bulgarians and Cumans (battle of Adrianople). Italians under Enrico Dandalo are a crucial ally, perhaps even playable.

Some other notable battles that could make good one-off Historical battles, Kosovo (Slavs vs Turks, 1389), Clontarf (Celts vs Celts and Vikings, 1014), Las Navas de Tolosa (Spanish vs Berbers and Saracens, 1212), Wayna Daga (Ethiopians and Portuguese vs 'Adal Sultanate' (basically Ethiopians) and Turks, 1543) and Tumu (Mongols vs Chinese, 1449)

That's some I've come up with, I'd like to see what else people think would be good. Unfortunately I can't really think of anything immediately that comes to mind that would a good campaign where you play as the Persians, I would have said Khosrow I and his campaigns but they already kind of used him with the one-off Bukhara campaign. Its a shame because the Persians are very badly underserved when it comes to the campaigns, especially if you want to play as them, so maybe other people have ideas for them.

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posted 01-22-20 02:27 AM ET (US)     1 / 3  
This forum is only for Age of Empires I and Age of Empires IE. I think your suggestions are for Age of Empires II which can be found at
posted 02-02-20 01:34 PM ET (US)     2 / 3  
Jan is correct, i am sure people there will like to hear your ideas, Mithridates.
posted 09-23-20 06:54 PM ET (US)     3 / 3  
I read that the game AOE Online is planning on adding a Roman Campaign this year. I know that it would be for a different Game, but it is my answer as to what AOE-series campaign I would like to see

As for AOE:ROR Multiplayer, I like it alot that one designer reformed all the original campaigns into two person cooperatives. I would like very much to play them with people here. It seems like the Discord server (Eg. is the best place to meet someone for it.

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