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Topic Subject: GameRanger AoEH Member Nicknames
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posted 08-10-09 01:54 AM ET (US)   
In order to get more multiplayer games going via GameRanger please post your GameRanger nicknames, account numbers and region:

318779 Jaeger Nacht Jaeger
319312 Mapppp
319685 Suppiluliuma

5599431 Thomas2

416052 BF Basse
319595 Fruktfisk
851257 Mattusili
318801 Rasteve

323584 Eden Cook
377128 Gumble
356113 Helelix
434908 Pontus Elesquid
318756 The Dark Archer
319582 Xeenslayer Duan Xuan


Keep me updates with your current status.

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posted 10-03-11 09:51 PM ET (US)     76 / 91  
Guys...if you can't find your account ID then right click on your own name in the friends' list (it is at the top) and click "show info"... have lots of nicks...I don't use JamikKim anymore

Dawn ∙, GrL Villager, -[Angeline]+ when I play "normally"

If I get too tired to play normally then I tend to join rook/noob rooms and call myself stupid things like Composite Swordsman or Impisite Bowman, and usually let the others win or at least give a good match. I often end up trying to tell them how to upgrade stuff if they are really noob... Remember those matches you made in the editor with non upgraded units vs post iron age? Where an army of 6 HHA and trash a whole army of chariots (not scythe because they don't know what a gov centre and storage pit is for) I don't know what it is, but the first thing all noobs (me inc) know how to get is Balista Tower...
There are times when I am bored and I use tons of axemen, bowmen, scouts since I have gotten 40k wood and food while waiting for them to make stuff... XD

plismo the only person I have seen in your list is TT-Dred, and I haven't played with him...also, the other day I played with you (ally) in a jeka map and you died to TK_Aldebaran, granted you did get Baby and he was Minoa, but I thought he would have a hard time with the towers and catapults. Since TK had 3 islands (he also took his ally's one) I resigned even though I had enough defence, but he had way more res. It was lol that I was beating my friend's Choson tiremes with Babylon war galleys... XD

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posted 10-05-11 09:01 AM ET (US)     77 / 91  
Am now more active and will be willing to play against any who are up for a game.

I'm not the best player, but i'm not terrible...and i play for fun more than for win XD

If you want a game, either post a reply here or you can email me at

Lord Zambia

AOE Multi stats (Played/Won/Draw/Loss)
All Time 33 25 4 4
As Sumerians 14 12 2 0
This Year 17 13 2 2
As Sumerians 8 7 1 0
posted 10-05-11 09:20 AM ET (US)     78 / 91  
How is your age of empires blog doing Zambia? Still working on it, or did you abandon it?
posted 10-05-11 09:47 AM ET (US)     79 / 91  
I had some work on a 3rd entry somewhere...

I suppose now i have some more time i'll continue working on it...but other writing projects are also in the works so we shall see how it goes :P

Hopefully we can get somewhere.

AOE Multi stats (Played/Won/Draw/Loss)
All Time 33 25 4 4
As Sumerians 14 12 2 0
This Year 17 13 2 2
As Sumerians 8 7 1 0
posted 10-20-11 04:23 PM ET (US)     80 / 91  
Yeah actually we lost but I am rusty I just recently moved and I am not use to that pc. I think I need to buy mine later because with that pc it may not be easy to game.

It was Tk_Sakurita player from zone on the Mexican area I think they were experts at DM mostly but jeka is also something new to me. Aldebaran is someone new that learned to play ror like 4 months ago. You confused sakurita with aldebaran.

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posted 10-21-11 04:17 AM ET (US)     81 / 91  
That was the first time I'd ever heard of jeka maps; I probably could have held him off for ages, but couldn't be bothered, not with my crap transports and war galleys. Heavy catapult and Babylon balista tower vs boats = lol, and with Martyrdom their transports = mine... But I wouldn't have gotten to his islands easily.
posted 01-08-12 05:46 AM ET (US)     82 / 91  
2333524 VictorT
posted 01-09-12 02:06 PM ET (US)     83 / 91  
Do you play often WictorT?
posted 05-23-12 07:24 PM ET (US)     84 / 91  
Nickname Mattusili
Region Europe
Status Active
No. 851257
posted 05-28-12 09:54 AM ET (US)     85 / 91  
posted 05-28-12 10:57 AM ET (US)     86 / 91  
Omg, who changed me to Bass? It's Basse

And as a sidenote it's BF_Basse nowadays
posted 10-16-14 07:18 AM ET (US)     87 / 91  
Add me pls, I play regularly. multiple times a week sometimes for hours at a time.

Region wherever Hawaii is. Prolly pacific

katsup or mustard

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posted 10-18-14 07:05 PM ET (US)     88 / 91  
Well I think no one in that list plays regularly anymore. In my case the chances of playing a competitive multiplayer game are almost 0. I lose 110% of the times and even though I lose so much, I can't get used to it. I always get mad.
posted 10-19-14 04:03 AM ET (US)     89 / 91  
That's cool, I play casual games too, Iron Age high resource is pretty fun if you find a host.

katsup or mustard
posted 10-25-14 11:21 AM ET (US)     90 / 91  
I'll add you to the list local boi, but remember, you will be lucky to find anyone of that list online nowadays.
posted 04-30-17 06:41 PM ET (US)     91 / 91  
386128 shortpitched713 Americas

Active right now, obviously, hence necroing. Sorry if inappropriate.
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