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Topic Subject:AOE1 and ROCKNROR Triggers
posted 02-07-21 10:11 PM ET (US)         
The AOE1 Scenario Editor has Triggers like "Individual Victory Conditions", but it doesn't have a separate menu with a long list of "Condition-Effect" Triggers like AOE2 and other AOE sequels do.

I remember seeing a list of AOE1 triggers that you can make, but I don't remember where. The only one in the list that jumped out at me was a trigger where you as the Designer can set the AIs to demand resources/tribute repeatedly in order for them to make an alliance with you, like in the "Coming of the Huns" official scenario.

The ROCKNROR Editor program does have a small trigger menu, and its triggers' "Conditions" include:

Activate when the Scenario starts

If a certain number of seconds have passed.

If a certain unit is lost (included on conversion by another player)

If a research is completed for a certain player

If a gaia unit has been discovered by a player.

resource_more_thanevent_player_id={Integer} - A player
If a player has more than a certain amount of a given resource.


So in other words, if you find a certain Gaia unit, then you get a certain "Effect", like getting a Chat message announcing that you found a prize or getting a resource addition of 100 gold.

RockNROR has a longer list of effects than the list of conditions, and the effects resemble those in AOE2, like getting chat messages.

Alot of the ROCKNROR triggers' values in the list say that you should check the "Age3" file to explain what the values mean. I don't know what the Age3 file is, because there is no AGE3 file in the ROCKNROR zip file.

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Mr. Beta
posted 02-17-21 08:59 AM ET (US)     2 / 2       
AGE is mainly used in RockNRoR to get the main default unit ID's. For already existing units on the map, click one then press F2 to get it's ID.

You should try out the terrain altering trigger too, it is awesome. So many cool things you can do with this. Possibilities are endless.
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