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Scenario Design and Modding
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Topic Subject: Using buildings foundation
posted 09-25-20 01:10 PM ET (US)   

I wonder how I can make a building foundation in the scenario editor?
I like to use this feature for my forth scenario of the Hostage campaign.

I've seen Andrea Rosa using it in the third scenario (champions of the magnificent city) of the Angkor Wat campaign.
I like to make use of a similar feature, not as an alley but as an enemy. I've been searching through the topics for 2 days now but I can't find something helpful.

Also, I tried to use the enhanced editor as well as the composite editor but both doesn't seem to work when the Upatch 1.1 is installed. At least, I can't get the features of it and the editor itself remains the same.
De-installing the upatch is a problem too, my laptop doesn't have an internal cd/dvd drive anymore. I can install the game from an external dvd drive box with an usb cable but the Aoe/RoR software doesn't recognize the cd driver so I can't play the game with only the original gold edition game files.

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there a way to place a building foundations while using Upatch 1.1 (release 4)?
posted 09-25-20 01:32 PM ET (US)     1 / 6  
Have you tried using RockNRoR. It allows you to use Rise of Rome without a cd and keeps the game somewhat un-modified; I'm not sure if it'll help.

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posted 09-25-20 04:50 PM ET (US)     2 / 6  
Hey there my dude!

The Composite Editor is the only of our "designer data mods" which allows the placement of building foundations inside the editor. I can't quite recall the folder structure of UPatch or how you're supposed to install it there (Does the data file go as a mod or how is it?), but I could always look into it at some point.

If you look at Andrea's Angkor Wat and the Khmer Legacy however, that campaign actually predates the CE by a fair number of years. The trick there is actually quite different; The Wonder Foundation is actually not present in the editor, but placed by the AI at the moment the map is loaded in. I think the trick is as simple as the teal player having an .AI file where the only items are a single wonder and some villagers, and then at the start of the map they just place the wonder in whatever open space they have vision of. The same trick can also be combined with a more proactive Computer Player as long as the Wonder is the first item in the build order, as seen in for instance Masked Pretender's 513 which I liked quite a lot.

I'm not entirely sure but I believe the AI might not even try to construct foundations placed with the CE... or maybe it was the other way around...? I feel like this was a major point when the thing was released and I should remember... Either way, depending on what effect you're trying to accomplish, a different approach might suit your need.

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posted 09-25-20 07:11 PM ET (US)     3 / 6  
I've tried to install RocknRoR but I got a Windows error, MSVCP120.dll is missing.
Apart from that, I've read about the features and there's really not anything I can or will make use of.
So, thanks for the reply but it's not what I need.

Hi Fisk, thanks for the answer.
I've looked at Mask pretender 531 and saw how it was made.
The orange player makes use of an .AI file "Japanese wonder" and a .Per file "Wonder only".
Which means that I will have to study on how to mod these files.
In the Siege Workshop session of the website are some articles about making changes to these files and how to proceed with it.

Modding these files is new to me, I did know about their existence and that other designers were working with it but I never took the effort in studying about artificial intelligence and personality files myself.
I will see if I understand modding them.
When I get stuck, I will ask for help.
posted 09-26-20 07:53 AM ET (US)     4 / 6  
RockNRor allows you to put building foundation in scenario editor, it's very easy (press F1 key to select, F2 key to customize).

About installation, make sure to satisfy the requirement (for example try to install if you're using windows 10)

Or refer to
posted 09-26-20 10:04 AM ET (US)     5 / 6  
I'm surpsised how far some of you people get without ever checking out AI and Per files. I can't even recall making a scenario without messing around with these files.

We have a couple of tools in the Granary for editing AI and Per files, but while they have some good support for people new to the craft, they're also pretty aged. These days I only open the files in my favorite text editor and copy and paste lines from the original game files. I'm not even sure how compatible our old programs are with Windows 10.

Whether you get around to installing the CE or RockNRor to place your foundations in-editor or not, I highly reccomend to learn editing at least the .AI files, as a lot can be done with them. .Per files are a bit more flimsy (I never quite get the Computer to do what I like no matter how I struggle there) but also worth checking out if you have the time.

//The warrior of Isola

"I lack quotes that demonstrate Humor Intelligence or anything about me."

Cleidopus gloriamaris
posted 09-26-20 05:10 PM ET (US)     6 / 6  
I do agree with you Fisk.

Well, after a day of learning from the articles and through trial and error I've managed to get exactly what I needed by editing an .AI and a .Per file. (I use copy/paste too btw.)

CP starts with 1 villager (nomad).
He builds a town centre.
From that, 3 new peasants are born and they all 4 go gathering wood, stone and gold.
No exploration cause it's not needed, they all go immediately collecting.
After they have sufficient resources, all 4 of them start building a wonder.

This is precisely what I need.
By adjusting the amount of wood, stone and gold from the start (filled in the player's section of the editor) I have a certain control over the time it takes before the wonder is build and finished.
In my fourth scenario, Jason has to fulfill a series of tasks before reaching the wonder. I now can determine how much time is needed and thus have control over the difficulty level of the scenario.

The next thing now is to find out how I can manage that all 4 villagers start repairing the wonder after it is attacked.
Normally only just one villager starts repairing and the others remain idle until the repairman is killed. Than another will replace him.

I must say, understanding the .AI and .Per files isn't that hard at all.
In my working life I used to be a computer programmer so I have some insight in these things which helped me a lot in comprehend these files. That is in my advantage.

Anyway, I'm glad that I could solve this issue.
Thanks for the replies and tips.
Working with these files really is fun.
There are so many possibilities which are useful.
The only disadvantage in this is the amount of testing it takes, it's really a time consuming hobby.

I hope my next scenario to be finished by the end of this year or the early beginning of the next. The adventures of Jason in my fairy tale will go on.
Thanks again.
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