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Scenario Design and Modding
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Topic Subject: Age of Empires: Beyond the Indus Expansion
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posted 09-01-16 03:12 PM ET (US)   
The expansion is looking promising, we are steadily doing our own part at our own pace and have made (and not made) multiple decisions regarding the expansion. Wish us luck, if you would be so kind.

Indian Building Set
4 new Civilizations - Alpha stage bonuses
X new Researches (Decided on)
5 new Units (Decided on)
New Interfaces
New Menu Backgrounds (Working on)
Game improving features
New Soundtrack (Working on)

Turtle Pack Glitch, when two darkest player colours do not change player colour
Anything that is hard coded.

I would ask that people on the team would refrain from publicly sharing what the new content is in the expansion for now.

Job List:
Epd999: Data editor, Death Match AI maker
Phatfish: Soundtrack, UI
yohomes2: Modeling & Post processing
Todler: Modeling & Post processing
Chab: Software editor
Mystery Man: ...

Lost Empires Mod
Maybe it's only a fool who'll perilously journey out to what might not be there. But if you want to solve problems, you don't just solve the ones that are there, you find more and make more and go after the impossible ones.
The neanderthals never ventured into the unknown and they went extinct, so who are the fools?

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posted 06-05-20 01:27 PM ET (US)     276 / 303  
So Aram, would you think it better to keep the Workshop building, where the Trade caravan would continue to be trained, adding only the options to buy and sell materials?
Regarding the purchase and sale prices of raw materials. these should have a standard price. For example. selling 100 of stone, wood or food is equivalent to 25 gold, or 1/4. The purchase of 25 stone, gold or food is equivalent to 100 gold. Or someone could give another better idea about the values ​of buying and selling raw materials.

Exactly I was thinking about it.
posted 06-07-20 02:45 PM ET (US)     277 / 303  
Believe it or not, for those that can work from home, the workload has least it has for me lol. So I understand if the people involved in this have not had the opportunity to keep developing the ideas.
posted 06-26-20 01:01 PM ET (US)     278 / 303  
good afternoon. we haven't had any news about your work in a while (Beyond The Indus expansion). Didn't you even get to do a beta version? Has the job been abandoned or are you still working on it? there is no more news about it?
posted 06-27-20 04:40 PM ET (US)     279 / 303  
There is an older working alpha version. But probably don't count on testing it for yourself since it's mostly for internal use. Last I checked no further progress was made (yet). Things haven't changed much since I departed from the project. Everyone is busy with other things and real life, so don't expect anything I guess.
posted 09-15-20 12:04 PM ET (US)     280 / 303  
good afternoon. Was the Age of Empires: beyond the Indus project really abandoned? Was there no further development?
posted 12-30-20 06:20 PM ET (US)     281 / 303  
The building set is pretty much done but we'd need to finish the data files.

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posted 01-06-21 02:43 PM ET (US)     282 / 303  
will this expansion come out this year. is there any possibility?
posted 01-06-21 06:21 PM ET (US)     283 / 303  
Perhaps a light version. I have not heard from the rest yet.
posted 01-08-21 11:40 PM ET (US)     284 / 303  
A light version would be great with just the buildings. I haven't messaged anyone because I lost the password to my Skype account where most of the messaging was done.
posted 05-17-21 07:36 PM ET (US)     285 / 303  
Is there really no possibility that this project will be completed? What hinders the development is the lack of investment or time? Have you never thought about the idea of ​sending this project to the developers of Age of Enpires 1 Definitive Edition?
posted 06-05-21 03:37 PM ET (US)     286 / 303  
Proseon5 is currently working on the data files for the mod so development of this mod is still going on.
posted 06-07-21 03:29 PM ET (US)     287 / 303  
We are patient. Good to hear.
posted 06-19-21 05:37 AM ET (US)     288 / 303  
Looking forward to some new meet to munch on in this classic game. I had a hankering, at times, for Maurya-Seleucid Wars or Greco-Bactrian or Indo-Grecian Kingdom or even Vedic era scenarios and campaigns, and now I should have my chance without them being crude hackjobs. Many thanks, in advance!
posted 08-30-21 05:27 AM ET (US)     289 / 303  
A prompt post here. Two month with no update. How's this project going?
posted 08-30-21 09:38 AM ET (US)     290 / 303  
I think the Babylonian Civ goes best with the Indus valley civilization because they both made their cities out of bricks and because the Indus Valley Civilization is a bit related to the Elamites who were in southern Persia/Iran in the Sumerian period.

I guess that they spoke Dravidian like the Brahui tribe of Pakistan does today, and that the Indo-European languages of Pakistan came with the Aryan invaders who conquered the Indus Valley Civilization. The language issue is all rather theoretical though.

Their writing system is still puzzling to this day. Here is a chart of some of their letters and symbols, but there are more:

posted 09-01-21 02:14 AM ET (US)     291 / 303  

I think you mean the Sumerian, not Babylonian civ here. The Sumerians were the earliest civ in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley (and one of the very earliest in the world, by the archaeological definition of a, "civilization," and not just an, "ethnicity," "polity," or, "identifiable people." The Sumerian language, like the Elamite language, has been proposed by paleo-linguists and archaeologist as being relatives of the Dravidian language family, though this is not proven and both are, "officially," regarded as language isolates. The Babylonians and the Assyrians came further down the line of the Mesopotamian civ chain, and definitely spoke Akkadian, and much later, Aramaic, both of which are undisputedly Semitic languages. Though, having the Sumerians no longer use the Egyptian building graphic set would be nice, and the Assyrians could ideally move from that to the Babylonian and Persian set, even if that leaves the Egyptians alone with their own set, which would not be inappropriate.

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posted 09-03-21 04:25 PM ET (US)     292 / 303  
I did actually mean that the Babylonians would be the best Civ for the Indus Valley civ because of the architecture artwork building set issue. Otherwise, the Sumerians would be the best because of the relations between the Sumerian culture and the Indus Valley one that you mentioned.

There is a Mod that gives the Sumerians the Babylonian building set, but I think that using mods normally tends to detract from scenarios because people usually don't want to download mods. There are some exceptions, like if it's really very valuable for particular cases to use a Mod.

One time when I used a Mod was to remake the AOE2 scenario "Gethsemane" because the Mod (Crucified Man mod) used crosses instead of flagpoles. Other times were when there were relevant mods for my focuses but no scenarios made for them. One case was the Barbarian unit mod in AOM, for which I made a GERMANIA scenario.

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posted 09-05-21 02:02 AM ET (US)     293 / 303  
@rakovsky Could you be so kind as to direct me to a link to this city graphic set swapping mod, please?
posted 09-05-21 03:27 PM ET (US)     294 / 303  

One of the editions of UPATCH had Sumerians and Assyrians with the Mesopotamian Architecture, but the latest edition (version 1.1 release 4) reverts them to the Egyptian style with Obelisks and hieroglyphics buildings and the Pyramid wonder.

For example, AOE_Scout, the UPatch designer, wrote in April 2013 that the Sumerians and Assyrians use the Ziggurat in Upatch.
(Source:,6580,,10 - "in UPatch it's used by Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Hittite, Persian.")

Specifically, it's one of the changes from UPatch HD 1.1 Beta2 --> UPatch HD 1.1 Final

A relevant thread for AOE DE is:
"Please give Sumeria the Mesopotamian Architecture Style"

I don't know if any of the "Zepher's Mod" series or the 5th Legacy Mod changes them.

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posted 09-12-21 06:12 AM ET (US)     295 / 303  
One idea I had for an a new map type is the Mangroves. The map is made of many small mangrove tree covered islands connected by shallows. With some of the islands containing small pockets of mines. Due to sparse dry land players would have to rely more on units and ships instead of towers for base defense
posted 10-28-21 11:47 PM ET (US)     296 / 303  
Good to hear Proseon is still working on the data files. I lost my Skype account that I had previously messaged everyone on. Would be great to talk again. Let me know anyway to contact you if wanted.
posted 01-03-22 09:29 PM ET (US)     297 / 303  
Hello. Is there any new progress on this mod?
posted 01-12-22 04:44 AM ET (US)     298 / 303  
We decided to release a light version but there hasn't been much movement lately.
posted 03-04-22 02:57 PM ET (US)     299 / 303  
Good afternoon. Any news about the Beyond the Indus mod/expansion? I would really like to see this project become an official expansion of Age of Empires Definitive Edition. Age of Empires 2 and 3 (Definitive Edition) have already received expansions after the definitive edition. Have the developers of the Beyond the Indus project already participated in official Age Of Empires forums? I believe that your project does have the potential to become an official expansion for Age of Empires Definitive Edition.
posted 03-24-22 06:59 PM ET (US)     300 / 303  
I dreamed that today age of empires beyond the indus was released as the official expansion of age of empires definitive edition. And they were preparing to launch another one which had the Hebrews, Gauls and Huns. Too bad it was just a dream.
posted 08-19-22 05:46 PM ET (US)     301 / 303  
Any more news about the Beyond the Indus expansion? I was thinking... it wouldn't be possible to change it so that the caravan and the trade boat only brought the gold instead of exchanging it for another raw material (food, wood, stone), similar to what happens in AOE 2. Second, you they do not intend to further expand this expansion. Ex: upgrading the spearman to bronze age, upgrading the archer in chariot, elephant archer, axeman? as well as new technologies.
posted 10-08-22 05:42 PM ET (US)     302 / 303  
I checked the main page, are there specific details of this mod? Is it planning to add new civs? More than the 16 that already exist?
posted 02-21-23 05:50 PM ET (US)     303 / 303  
Has there been any movement on this mod recently? It's been 1 year since we've got an update on how this is doing.
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