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Scenario Design and Modding
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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design and Modding » RockNRoR : mod to improve AI and add various game enhancing features
Topic Subject:RockNRoR : mod to improve AI and add various game enhancing features
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posted 03-16-15 02:44 PM ET (US)         
Warning: this project is now named RockNRor.
The file is provided in RockNRor ZIP file.
See also RockNRor website for screenshots, etc.

This mod will contain
- Some already existing fixes
- All new fixes that I find
- All new features I can develop for RoR.

Main ideas are:
- Improve AI to make it more challenging
- Add features like get map seed, add new conversion resistances (see the details below)
- Allow more and more possible configuration. Almost all features can be configured to best suit YOUR expectations.
- Potential improvements/features are almost illimited ! Other major enhancements may come in the future.

As it is part of ROR_API system, it only needs minimal changes in original game files. Moreover, these changes are compatible with all other mods that are written for ROR_API. For the first time, a common part of the code might be overloaded by 2 mods at once !

- Windows XP, 7 or later (compatible with linux using wine+winetricks)
- Windows 10 : please see FAQ paragraph
- Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable libraries 2013
- Rise of Rome expansion !

- Run RockNRoradmin.exe (make sure to use latest version) and use the dedicated menu entry.

Please provide feedback. This is still under heavy development, I hope it is bug-free.

Scenario Editor : F1 to switch to "select unit" mode
Scenario Editor : F2 to edit selected unit
Scenario Editor : F3 to open RockNRor menu (edit terrain, triggers, get PER/AI files, etc)
Scenario Editor : F10 to open standard menu

Does it work for 1.0b version or vanilla AoE ?
Yes... But features will be very limited !

How do I set up my own configuration for conversion resistance, custom civilizations or any other stuff ?
Just edit RockNRor.xml / RockNRor_civs.xml...

Can I make sure all RockNRor features work correctly ?
- Open RockNRor.log and check for error messages. It will tell you if a feature could ne be enabled (if CustomizeAOE changes are missing)
- Press F1 in ROR main menu (first screen). If an options screen appears, then RockNRor is working. If AOE help opens, then RockNRor is not working.
- Select a unit and press F2 in game screen. If a popup shows up, then RockNRor is working.

The game is not working well in Windows 10 system
If the game does not run, does not run in full screen, or if RockNRor is not active (see the previous paragraph to see how you can check this), then follow the indications as follows:
copy-paste manually the links, there is a bug with the forums if you click on them
- Install the standard Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable libraries 2013
- If you still have issues, install the updated libraries
- If you still have issues, install the all-in-one libraries found by Phatfish
- If you still have issues, right click on your shortcut or game 'exe' file, open the properties/compatibility, and select the Windows 7 compatibility mode.

- Handle up to 255 civilizations in ROR instead of 16 (see RockNRor_civs.xml).
- Improved game speed change with +/- buttons. Choose the speed change factor (default 1.25) in XML config or in-game RockNRor menu.
- Dramatically improve defence AI: train relevant units according to attacking units and accoding to player's available units.
- Improve unit targeting so that AI units do not hesitate between several targets (including 2-priest trick).
- Ability to customize number of relics/ruins in random games/deathmatch.
- Replace SNScalingFrequency unit from minutes to seconds (low values will automatically be fixed to prevent issues).
- Improved tactical AI updates:
-- Disable irrelevant limited-retrain units (like clubmen) when starting at iron age or post-iron.
-- Unblock "stuck buildings". It is necessary to wait a moment before doing this or the player will lose all his resources trying to build something that is "instant-killed" by the enemy.
-- Add some useful (available) researches if the player is rich, well developed (for example, wheel when it's not included in player's strategy).
-- TO DO - Disable useless building (governement center) if it is no longer useful (all underlying techs researched, iron age already researched).
-- TO DO - Improve farms management (lower their priority in AI list).
- Set a maximum number of farms in deathmatch games. AI builds too much farms in deathmatch (SNMaxFarms).
- Automatically computes AI's "dislike" values against each player. A player with all relics/ruins/wonder will have more chances to be taken as target.
- Change conversion resistances, like 1.25 for war elephants instead of 1 (customizable in config file).
- Faster town building at game startup in deathmatch using appropriate SN numbers (SNRequiredFirstBuilding, SNInitialExplorationRequired).
- Improve some city plan calculations to prevent villagers from being stuck and improve access to TC (+granary/SP) for farmers/gatherers...
-- Always protect Town center (and granry/storage pit) immediate neighborhood from being built (may occur when using custom city plan configurations)
-- Improve granary location choice (closer from most of the target bushes)
-- Avoid construction of many consecutive buildings in a row that leave no way for living units
- Correctly sets AI control at game startup when using the "ManageAI" feature (allows AI to control your "old" player when changing with gaia cheat code).
- Triggers system
- Enhanced scenario editor
- etc...

- Fix timer bug on fast computers (game freezes in low game speeds).
- Fix stuck AI bug #1: missing unitId in computer players strategy for unfinished buildings.
- Fix stuck AI bug #2: strategy when an unfinished building is destroyed (computer player will no longer get stuck).
- Fix stuck AI bug #3: strategy when a building that is currently training a unit is destroyed (computer player will no longer get stuck).
- Fix stuck AI bug #4: when entering "panic mode", too much irrelevant units are added on top of strategy and AI gets stuck.
- Fix bug with reveal map option in game settings (does not applies correctly to all players). Bug can be observed with FULL_computerPlayer1 or when switching players with gaia cheat code.
- Fix SNRequiredFirstBuilding handling (was not working correctly).

- A new button in game menu opens RockNRor options UI.
- Automatically show "F11" information at game startup.
- In scenario editor, F10 opens the menu.
- Display a chat message at game startup to say the plugin is active.

Chat commands:
- Type "t" or "time" in chat box to display system time (as a chat message)
- Type "seed" to get map seed (as a chat message)
- Type "ai" or "AI" in chat box to fix AI control flags after using a "gaia*" cheat code.
- Type "allai" or "allAI" in chat box enable computer-control for ALL players
- Type "hi" to get Hello world, "about" for information about RockNRor.
- Type "timer stats" to get info related to game timer bug.

- You may need to run your editor as admin to edit XML files according to the location you installed the game.
- RockNRor produces a log file named "RockNRor.log" in RockNRor folder in Age of Empires installation directory.
- If the game process does not have necessary rights, the log file might be located in C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Jeux\Age of Empires
- Make sure the "ROR_API.conf" file contains the lines 'wndmode.dll' and 'RockNRor.dll' (without the quotes and without extra characters on the same line)
- If the game won't run, try to run it in Windows 7 compatibility mode

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Mr. Beta
posted 07-10-20 12:44 PM ET (US)     126 / 129       
It installs fine according to the main window (it copies all the files, but I don't get the RockNRor has succesfully installed message). yet I always get that same error message as in my previous reply, and it does not always apply the necessary .exe changes to the 1.0c ror exe (it sometimes does though, but not correctly it seems?).

I'll have a look this weekend to see if I can get it running again.
Mr. Beta
posted 07-13-20 07:05 AM ET (US)     127 / 129       
It works now, downloaded the latest version. Yup, you are correct, that custom .drs file fails to write (I overlooked that in the installation window I guess!) which causes the installation issue. I removed the file and presto, it installs like a charm! Probably something to take into consideration for the next release, or at least put a warning that the RockNRor.drs file might cause install failures.
If you open file properties on this file :
- (in general) Read only flag should not be set
- (in details) File version should be
It is set exactly like this, file is dated 4th of July 2020.

Edit: I still get crashes whenever trying to playtest a scenario from the editor. Other than that everything works fine. Version is RoR 1.0c.

Just a side note, I always use a copy of my AoE installation for RockNRor, not the default installation set in registry e.g. instead of /microsoft games/age of empires/ directory I use /microsoft games/age of empires_new/ directory for RockNror. Don't think it matters at all but I thought you should know.

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posted 07-14-20 07:59 AM ET (US)     128 / 129       
Thanks for the news

Yeah I confirm that the installation path from windows registry keys does not matter : the only place it's used is when you press CTRL-R in RockNRorAdmin ("select AOE/ROR file from registry")

I found what was wrong - and causing game crash in scenario editor.

I uploaded a new version
- Fixed scenario editor crash
- Fixed windows shortcut name (no longer named "test" !!!)
- Readonly flag on existing files (RockNRor.drs, rocknror.dll, etc) should no longer cause installation failure

I hope everything's fine now.

I see my "single" DRS file for 1920*1200 resolution has been validated and it now available in the granary.

If you put it in data/ folder (and make sure there is no file names data2/itf_custom.drs), you should be able to use the game in 1920*1200, using only 1 DRS file, and without having to run RockNRorAdmin.
The game should autodetect the game resolution (the first time you run ROR, make sure to select the highest game resolution in game options).

You can also select game resolution by pressing F1 in fullscreen menus
Mr. Beta
posted 08-06-20 07:26 AM ET (US)     129 / 129       
Works fine now!
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