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Topic Subject:Age of The Ring mod
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posted 01-11-15 08:11 PM ET (US)         

Links of Power:

An "unofficial expansion" which bring together The Lord of the Rings and Age of Empires.
The Age of The Ring brings new life into AoE, with new civilizations, units, tech upgrades, music, and a full-length campaign.
Final release: Version C, September 2018.


Alternate Soundtrack
A choice blend of Age of Empires and Lord of the Rings music.

Four new nations

+25% HP for all buildings
Town Center has increased LOS (+5 Stone/tool, +6 for Bronze/Iron Ages)
Rangers reload 30% faster

All horse units 20% faster
Villagers 20% faster

Priest faith recharge rate is faster (from 2 to 1.4)
Elite infantry have 40% more HP
Falconry is enabled without research

ALL units 30% cheaper, but have 20% less HP
Houses each support 8 population

Isengard and Mordor:
GROND- has higher attack than a battering ram
WONDERS have double HP and triple LOS.
Naz'gul: replace rangers. Lower LOS and pierce armor than ranger, more ATK and SPD
Dark Rider: Replace cloaked Ranger. Same as above but much greater spd
Crebain replace Falcons, and they have more HP.
Most units are renamed (i.e. Clubman is Clubgoblin)

New Units & Technologies
Hobbits-at-arms - Nimble enough to outfight a clubman, but not quite strong enough to take down an axeman.
Falcons - Trained to fly around and explore the map for you.
Shire Folk - Hobbits that farm, fish, and collect all kinds of food.
Rangers - Trained at the academy, they specialize in mid-range combat.
Embassy - Use this building to call in Elves and Dwarves to fight for you.
Dwarven Miner - Mines gold more efficiently than any human villager. Also packs a real punch with his pickaxe.
Dwarven Mercenary - Towers are made of stone, these dwarves will tear those towers to pieces for a fee.
Elven Hunter - Fires deadly arrows to kill animals for food, or to kill their enemies.
Elven Guard - Very expensive infantry that can be summoned faster than any other unit.
Battering Ram - Contrary to popular belief, they did exist before the dark ages.
Siege Tower - Inefficient, yet terrifying.
Mushrooms- Yum. They grow back after a half hour for extra yum.
Trolls - Dangerous creatures that carry clubs and hoard gold. If you kill them with your villagers, you can carry off their treasure.

Grab a copy of the Official Quick Reference for full details on new Civs, Units, and Techs.

Single Player
An epic four-level campaign takes you into the heart of the War of the Ring, putting you at the helm of each of the four new nations. Each level has increasing difficulty.

If you need a break from the campaign, each new civ has functional AI for both Random Map and Death Match.

All players must install the same version of this mod. Dust off those LAN cables, or bring it online using GameRanger to fight alongside your friends (or crush your enemies) in Middle Earth.
Keep the conversation lively with over 25 new taunts.

New civs, units, and techs were designed to remain balanced with the original game.
New units were distributed to the old nations to keep it fair. Rome vs. Mordor anyone?

Middle Earth Scenario:
Player 1 is Gondor, Player 2 is Rohan, Player 3 is Isengard, and Player 4 is Mordor. See how the men of Middle-Earth felt when they were surrounded by orcs, or send endless swarms of Orcs from Mordor to do your business.

Middle Earth Random Map type
Similar to Coastal. Every player starts with two Falcons. There are gold-hoarding Trolls, ripe mushrooms, and powerful Wizards which may join your side.

Forget what something is? Click the little question mark near the minimap and then click the unit or building for information. All new units/techs have tooltips.

What are you waiting for? Download Age of The Ring at the Granary.


“Version C” is the fourth released version of the Age of The Ring mod.
“sonictimm” is the modder who created this mod.
Some included content was created by others, as follows:


Single Player background "Concerning Hobbits"; Scenario Editor menu background "Minas Tirith"; Achievements Screen "Mordor"; by Joe Gilronan

MultiPlayer background "Battle for Ring" by Gökberk Kaya (gkb3rk on DeviantArt,

Old Defeat Screen background "Lost Battle 2" by Ingrid Nedrehagen (in93 on DeviantArt,

Victory Screen background "So I found my llotr soundtrack..." by Stjepan Šejić (nebezial on DeviantArt, )

J.R.R. Tolkien drew the “Middle-Earth Map” that is used in the main menu and in the logo. High-res image courtesy of Don's Maps.
Resizing, orientation, recoloring, formatting, and visual editing of all images done by sonictimm with some Photoshop help from Le Gamer.

M.E. Scenario map, Hobbit Hole, and four new wonders adapted from images and models by Weta New Zealand.

Campaign intro & outro footage © New Line Cinema

Composed Stephen Rippy and Howard Shore.
Arrangements: for most arrangements of Lord of The Rings music. Visit the site at Site maintained by Millennium Music. Thanks for the free midis!
Stephen Rippy for all Rise of Rome, Age of Empires, and Age of Empires 2 Demo/The Conquerers Demo songs for “Far Over Misty Mountains Cold”
Sonictimm for “AoTR VICTORY”

PROGRAMS used to help make this mod include:
rord, a genie editor by Scenario TC based on one by Ykkrosh
Advanced Genie Editor 3, by Keisari Tapsa, Apre, and Estian Nifo with help from other fine folk at Age of Kings Heaven
Turtle Pack, a graphical editing tool by Ruralist
Resource Hacker, a tool by Angus Johnson

Family & friends who listened to me ramble about this mod and helped playtest it.
Epid for encouraging me to continue with this.
The entire Age of Empires Heaven community including Highwing, Chab, AOE_Scout, Suppiluliuma, Phatfish, Basse, HolyMario, Mahazona, and anterior2.

Thanks to Ensemble Studios for a great game that stands the test of time, as well as Tolkien, Peter Jackson, and others responsible for making Middle Earth such a wonderful fantasy.

Special thanks to all those involved in the creation of tools used for this project, including Advanced Genie Editor, Turtle Pack, Paint.NET, PaletteMaker, rord, AOESpeed Editor, Resource Hacker, Resource Editor, and Campaign Editor. Check them out on AOE Heaven, AoK Heaven, and across the internet.

Very special thanks to aoe_scout, the creator of UPatch HD.

This mod represents almost five years of non-continuous work from inception in Dec 2013 to final release in September 2018. It has been a great time, and I have learned a ton from modding AOE.

Version History:
Version E included a new soundtrack and the Four New Nations
Version P includes new units. Some do not have new animations.
Version I fixed the glitches and bugs in Version P
Version C completes the Epic with Lord of The Rings Campaigns.

It is great to see that the community for a 1997 game is still so active!

"The board is set, the pieces are moving. We come to it at last, the great battle of our time.”

– Gandalf

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posted 11-15-15 03:09 PM ET (US)     51 / 58       
That's alright dude. I have pretty much just been copying and pasting or resizing existing sprites up to this point. To make them as good as the original would mean pre-rendering them, and I don't have anywhere near the time or skills for that.

Keep on modding!

Age of Empires: The Age of The Ring now available for UPatch.
posted 12-10-15 12:39 PM ET (US)     52 / 58       
I'm rebalancing the four new nations for the next release, and here are my proposed Civ Bonuses:

Horse-mounted units +20% faster
Villagers +20% faster
Elven units train twice as quickly

+25% HP for all buildings
Town Center has a Great Line of Sight (+5 from 7 to 12)
Rangers attack 30% faster

Pikemen (academy units) cost adjusted: Require 40 wood and only 10 gold
Crows immediately available
Priest faith recharges twice as fast

All Units produced 40% faster and have -20% HP.
Houses support 8 population each
[maybe something with infantry?]

GROND: has higher attack than battering ram
WONDERS have double HP (1000) and over triple LOS (LOS=14, Search Radius=16)( everyone else: LOS=4, Search Radius=6)
Have Ring-Wraiths instead of Rangers

I'm trying to make it something creative and fun. I can't hope to make them as well-balanced as the original 16, but they are supposed to be neither OP or weak compared to the 16.

Age of Empires: The Age of The Ring now available for UPatch.

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posted 12-14-15 10:25 AM ET (US)     53 / 58       
Please fill out this survey to help me decide what pictures to use for the menus. I'll try to get permission to use whichever ones are most popular

Survey link is also at the top of this thread

Age of Empires: The Age of The Ring now available for UPatch.
posted 12-15-15 10:36 AM ET (US)     54 / 58       
Can you change the scenario editor background as well?
posted 12-16-15 05:33 AM ET (US)     55 / 58       
Yes, and I'll set that to be one of the map pictures, depending what people like for the main menu.

Also, someone said they like the version_E background for the main menu, but I can't hope to get permission to use that since it is by EA (It was used as box art for LOTR Conquests)

UPDATE: Version P Released!

Here's some screenshots from my 1440x900 laptop:

Age of Empires: The Age of The Ring now available for UPatch.

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posted 04-30-16 05:09 AM ET (US)     56 / 58       
Interesting mod, I will definitely try it when I have more time. The hobbits are quite funny to look at, I like them.
AoEH Seraph
posted 05-01-16 07:27 AM ET (US)     57 / 58       
lol mushrooms, reminds me when frodo and sam find merry and pippin as they are about to leave the shire.
posted 05-01-16 06:14 PM ET (US)     58 / 58       
A shortcut to mushrooms!
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