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Topic Subject:Maybe a very stupid question?
posted 10-09-20 10:39 PM ET (US)         

I'm playing AoE v1.0b /RoR v1.1 installed from the Gold edition cd for many years now.
On top of that, I'm using the Upatch 1.1 to run the software without having to insert the cd and play full screen on a W10 laptop (without a DVD drive).

Is there a way to switch back the software to AoE v 1.0a?
I would like to play some of the Andrea Rosa campaigns but all the scenario's do crash at a certain, fixed point. I can only play the beginning of the scenario's.
In the past years, I've played many downloaded AoE/RoR campaigns from the Granary and I only took a look at the ones that are only for AoE. I never have played them to the end before.

Maybe this is a very stupid question but I haven't found any useful info about this issue.

Over 20 years after it's first release, I'm still in love with this AoE-RoR masterpiece

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posted 10-10-20 01:49 AM ET (US)     1 / 4       
You ask:
"Is there a way to switch back the software to AoE v 1.0a?"

To answer your question, Yes. You just need to have the AOE 1.0a exe file file sitting in your AOE directory and run that file.

Personally, in my AOE directory I have at least two .EXE files. One of them is AOE 1.0a and the other is AOE v 1.0c.

One option for you is to install the AOE 1.0c patch to see if Andrea Rosa's Scenarios will work better on that.

I notice that Andrea Rosa made her scenarios in the 2000's. I believe that 1.0c was available in that time period. There is a good chance that she made her scenarios using 1.0c and that your game is crashing because you are just running the old 1.0b version.

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posted 10-10-20 10:09 AM ET (US)     2 / 4       
Hi Rakovsky,

Thanks for answering.

I indeed have asked a very stupid question.

First, Upatch 1.1 R4 installs version 1.0c of the software, so that solution doesn't help.

On the Upatch (official) website there's a help menu to the right.
In there one can choose "Using Mods".

Well, I found this site some 6 years ago and are using Upatch since then.
I've read all the pages, about the features, how to install, etc. etc. I've read the help section, the FAQ's but NOT the Mod's part.
By then, I didn't even know what mods where, I just wanted to play the game full screen on my new W10 laptop.

So, in the Using mods section, there's a link to some mod's that AoE_Scout has made himself.
Among that is a mod that makes it possible to return to the old 1.0 and 1.0a versions.

I haven't tried it yet but I guess that, after all those years, I'm finally able to play the A.R campaigns fully to the end with the help of this mod.

Really, I feel very, very stupid.
I could have known this many years ago.
On the other hand, I'm glad I found it.

Over 20 years after it's first release, I'm still in love with this AoE-RoR masterpiece

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posted 10-11-20 03:52 AM ET (US)     3 / 4       
You wrote: "I could have known this many years ago."

So many things in life are like that.

That reminds me of how there were AOE scenarios that I was not able to beat like "Parthian Commander" and then after playing a bunch of other scenarios I thought more about how to do it, and also looked at it in the Scenario Editor, and got it right.

Another one was Around the Mountain. I was really stuck because there were so many enemy buildings (it's a 1 v 8 mission) but then later when I came back to it I realized that I just needed to upgrade my catapults enough so that they can take out the enemy towers.

Right now I am kind of stuck working on a Rome-themed AOE2 mission called "Barbarian Invasion: Conquest of Germany" (ttps://
I played it on Medium Difficulty and got to the giant Yellow Chatti (German) base in the middle of the map. On one hand I have like 9000 of every resource. But on the other hand the Yellow enemy has multiple Town Centers and 2 Castles spread out over a big area. And the problem is that the enemy sends out a constant stream of soldiers, like catapults, priests, and knights on horse and on foot. I expect that I can slowly advance against this constant wave. But it's to the point where it's like being a stenographer (typist) or washing dishes for hours, just churning out units constantly to fight another constant wave...
Maybe the Designer meant it to be played on Standard/Easy.

One of the confusing things about AOE2 is that they call Easy "Standard", and so maybe when the Designer ran it through the playtester it ran the simulation for him on the "Standard" (Easy) Difficulty and that was what he had in mind when he published it online, even though people playing it might often play scenarios on "Medium". With AOE1 things were clearer because AOE1 just called the Difficulties "Easy" and "Moderate."
posted 10-13-20 07:10 AM ET (US)     4 / 4       
Finally, after all those years I've been able to play "Memories of the Gupta dynasty" from the beginning to the end.
No crashes anymore after using the mod that sets the software back to v1.0a.

So, a very stupid man has changed into a very glad man!

Next is "Angkor Wat and the Khmer legacy" which I consider to be much more difficult. Hopefully this (relatively) old man is still fast enough to win the scenario's of this campaign.

Over 20 years after it's first release, I'm still in love with this AoE-RoR masterpiece
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