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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:The "Let us buff the Greeks!" Thread.
posted 10-08-19 09:59 AM ET (US)         
It is probably no news for anyone here that the Greek are a underpowered civilization due to being essentially a one-trick pony civ. They are debateably the worse Randon Map civilization on DE( I would say on the original game the Persians were probably worst in Randon Map, but Rise of Rome, and then DE, both buffed their economy enough to the point where, they arent good, but they are not laughably bad either. ): In Deathmatches they, for what I heard, acceptable, but nothing all that special either. So, I was may thinking about some possible suggestions for buffing then! A few thoughts

-Give then Improved and Composite Bowman

-Reasoning: This was actually suggested on another thread, but I would bring it up here again to give context alongside with my other buffs suggestions. Plus, repeating myself: There is, literally, no reason whatsoever, historically or balance-wise, that the Greek shouldnt have Composite Bowman. I understand they lacking the mounted archers, as this is something the classical Greek really didnt used( In fact, cavalry in general was a rarity in their armies ), but come on guys, it is not like they were strangers to the bow!

-Give then the following economical bonuses: "Town Centers are 50% cheaper from the Bronze Age onwards" and "Fishing Ships and Trade Ships are 25% cheaper."

Reasoning: What is the simplest way to greatly improve a civilization performance on Randon Map? Give then a powerfull eco bonus. It just takes a brief look at the Shang to notice that .

"Town Centers being 50% cheaper" would make sense for the Greeks because of the several colonies they founded. As for their fishing ships and trading ships being cheaper: See, historically, Greek economy, particularly in Athens, was mostly based on naval trade. That because most Greek cities are in small, mountainous islands with very little fertile soil. So, I would like for then to have a bonus that reflects that. I get this bonus SOUNDS overpowered on paper, but if you think about it, it is actually slightly less powerfull then the Minoan bonus, and they also have a farming bonus.
posted 10-08-19 02:58 PM ET (US)     1 / 2       
Sounds like a good idea.

In my mod I gave the Bowman a buff vs Archers similar to that of a Slinger because I didn't play ROR. Anyway it worked out the equivalent of having Composite bows to tackle Chariot archers but weak enough to fall to axemen. Your idea is good too. If I could I would add them to the lineup. Odysseus used a Composite bow right?

Fishing and trading Ships costing 25% less is a really good option. As is 50% Town center cost. But I think 25% town center reduction is probably more balanced so it costs 150 wood. Otherwise they would be cheaper than the storage pit.

Another bonus instead of cheaper fishing ships is to give them cheaper farms that cost 50W instead of 70W. The Greeks relied on grain from Egypt more than planting though. So this might not be as good as the fishing bonus.

Or shared bonus with Romans the tower cost is reduced by 50% and or have +1 attack. They were a defensive civ with lots of sea forts scattered on the islands.

Or Berry bush gathering is 33% more efficient so they gather more from each berry bush than the standard 150F ie 200 food instead. They loved their Grapes!

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I recall once opting for giving them -33 % cost for drop points (i.e Stoage Pit and Granary). It might not seem like much but it'd be a unique early game bonus. Imagine not having to pick between a granary or pit start.

I think it was Rasteve's Raspatch that gave them a cost decrease for all market researches, as well as making the speed bonus apply to all ships, which would also fill the same purpose. There seems to be pretty widespread agreement that the Greek are among the weakest civs in RM and that the best way to fix that would be some kind of economic bonus.

I think he may also have given them a bonus to slinger range in Bronze, thinking that it'd help them counter Chariot Archers, which are the main weakness of the Greek.

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