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Topic Subject: Defence in RM hill country
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posted 01-28-04 06:41 AM ET (US)   
Hi all, I've been spending whatever free time I have these days trying out a type of terrain new to me, the hills. I've read some of the tips in the MP strategy pages already, but I still find these maps rather tricky to handle.

Ok, I play against the CP and wallop it everytime. However, I frequently have enemy villies infiltrating into my side of the map. It doesn't kill me, but it's extremely agitating, especially in the earlier stages of the game. I usually explore about half of the map ("my side") by mid-Tool. I've uncovered important resources and all 22 of my villies are working hard to gather wood and food for a decent Bronze timing. That means all my resources are being stockpiled for age-advance. I have practically no military except for a couple of pathetic bowmen. I only start booming out my army when I reach Bronze and have researched the wheel (I love CAs ).

I don't know if Bronzing in 16 to 18 minutes in hill terrain is ok?... If it's bad, are there any tips to improve the timing? Should I start off with more villies or something?

Anyway, back to the topic of defence. Before I reach Bronze, I see a couple of enemy villies exploring my territory. That makes me rather panicky since I have to get a few of mine to stop work and get rid of him before he uncovers my whole base. I also start worrying that the enemy army might pay me a visit soon. Fortunately, the CP isn't good enough to do that, so I always win in the end.

However, I'm sure that good players would have their army overrun my base in no time. I've thought of setting up defences like walls and towers, but they're practically useless. I can't possibly dedicate so many of my villies on stone mining. Moreover, walling and towering is time-costly. It'll definitely kill my economy and prevent me from going to Bronze.

Are there any tips and suggestions for a better form of defence instead? I don't want the enemy to sneak into my base through a gap in the flank and start creating havoc while my troops are far away at the front. Neither do I want to dedicate too many of my villies on walling.

posted 05-08-04 03:55 PM ET (US)     251 / 263  
I agree. Back when I was playing you mostly saw assy or hittite CA rushes, cav and tool rushes were considered "old school". My original point however was that shang w/20 vills isn't necessarily a tool rush but can also be a cav rush. Even if it's not the safest thing, it's still good to be aware of the possibility so you'll know what to do if it happens to you. That's all.

Funny? I aim to please.


maimin_matty, Stalin, Sherrif, Out4Blood, Clan_Leo, Sun_Cam_Popov, hill_berries, Water_1_God, Http_Merlin, LORD, eXiGe, RFR_Gold, dakotou, UnbrokeN, _dream_star_.

That's a good question. I've only heard about half of those names, although the others may have changed names since I played - some changed name regularly.

I played with maimin_matty, out4blood, kleitus. I was invited to play with members of the RFR clan in some private games.

Stalin, Sherrif, staffa and methos I know were good too even though I didn't play them.

hill_berries, dakotou, UnbrokeN and _dream_star_ sound familiar, and obviously I've met Sun_Cam_Popov in here, but I'm not sure where they rank.

The others I've never heard of, unless they went under different names back then which is likely. Some people changed names ever other week.

One thing I noticed is at that level, ranking players is like sorting apples and oranges. What do you look for, individual/teamwork, tool/bronze skill, wet/dry map?

Most of the best 1v1 players were the worst allies I've ever had. Others were one-trick ponies, who were in trouble if the conditions weren't right for their favorite strat. Some were reliant on one given civ, couldn't play random to save their life. If you think you can rank them, good for you. I wouldn't even put them all in the same bag, let alone try to scale them on a ladder.

As for what I said to JK_daddy, yes that's built on some assumptions. I played some average people on the zone, and I can beat them rusty with 7 year old strats, so the mix there certainly isn't as good as it used to be. A lot of good people I knew left for other games (mostly AoK or chess) before you even started playing. Based on that, I feel the level of challenge on the zone dropped, and the good players that are left probably aren't getting as many quality opponents as they used to. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

I'll know for sure when I get back on the zone on a regular basis. There's rumors that someone managed to make AoE run on linux(wine), if I can find out who and how you may see me there sooner rather than later.

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posted 05-08-04 10:49 PM ET (US)     252 / 263  
I started playin ror after u had "retired" so no we never played many (1 or 2?)team games..and yes those 1v1s were fun i learnt a fair bit about 1v1 conti skills playing vs u
I play pretty regularly on the zone and from my inter eyes the best 1v1er on the zone currently is UnbrokeN The best 3v3er is Lord ...wedsaz u need to see for urself i think ur thoughts would change
posted 05-09-04 06:50 PM ET (US)     253 / 263  

LORD is a great player. Most team games I have played with him were before he became dominant. I played in several games with him 5-6 months ago and his skills were good then.

To this day, UnbrokeN has given me my worst beating in 1v1s. He is the only player that beat me in 1v1 Medits without me being too competitive when I hosted those a lot. He is always fun to have in team games too.

I am hoping to start playing more regularly soon. Hopefully we will get a lot more games in if you still play regularly.


We have RFR confused because they never invited you to private games. They are/were all from Sweden and RFR_Gold posted here a couple years ago. As for what you look for in great players is overall skill over a long period of games and settings. Play in enough games and at all settings and you know where everyone's skill levels are compared to each other. You "know" when someone has more skill in games than everyone else.

Can you survive the Blitzkrieg?
posted 05-10-04 07:31 PM ET (US)     254 / 263  
Did it occur to you that they might not remember everyone they played with over 5 years ago?

posted 05-11-04 09:21 PM ET (US)     255 / 263  
Look forward to seeing u on the zone Blitz i go under the name "alienantfarmer0" nowadays i have seen and played a couple of games with RomanGladius and have seen xeenslayer on a fair bit too(havent played yet)
look forward to seeing u day heh :P

[This message has been edited by JK_daddy (edited 05-11-2004 @ 09:22 PM).]

posted 05-16-04 00:53 AM ET (US)     256 / 263  
Well, I haven't had any hill games worth posting about here these days. I'm more into my favourite medit. I think I'll start a thread on that. I'm much better on medit than I am on hills. More chances to become a good player there hehe...

Of course, I'll keep this thread updated with any hill games that I play. I think it's time I get a break from hills for now and play other maps. After all, there are at least 5 other map types that aren't popular on the Zone which are worth playing.

posted 05-16-04 11:11 AM ET (US)     257 / 263  
I played a game some time before... It was a deathmatch, Iron Age game. It was a 1 on 3. I quickly built many swordmen and calvaly to coordinate an attack, but I was driven back all the way to my ally's base. My other ally was defeated. As we were about to lose, my enemy had to give up because he had to go to school... So, I won.
posted 05-17-04 01:31 AM ET (US)     258 / 263  
Conti is the most popular setting by far on the zone(excluding certain times where korean setts are the most popular)
Come play ) dont be shy or scared that u cant hang i seen enough evidence alrdy in our limited games we had the u have the neccesary skills to compete
After a certain amount of time ull figure out who is dangerous and u gotta attack early/dble and who if they are ur next u can boom easily without any trouble )
posted 05-17-04 05:36 AM ET (US)     259 / 263  
What are "Korean settings"?

Well, I probably won't go into conti yet. Most of the games for conti on the Zone are for good players or experts, very few for rookies. Moreover, if I want to play competitively with a group of good players, I need to first brush up my skills in that map type. I need a few conti strats, which I can't find on AoEH. Mmm, maybe someone should do a write up on it someday. For instance, I've read Blitz's medit strat and can more or less play with a few players who claim to be inters. I need some sort of conti guide and practice on it before I can start to play on the Zone. It's more fun that way rather than get beaten up all the time. You saw how badly I did that day with you on conti. Your axers just chopped my woodies up.

posted 05-17-04 05:47 AM ET (US)     260 / 263  
We've been waiting for Blitz's strat articles for so long I almost forgot he ever promised to write some. From my SP xp conti maps are abundant in food, so they're prolly regular booming maps.
posted 05-17-04 10:51 AM ET (US)     261 / 263  
I will write you an excellent Conti guide Duan Xuan. Participate in the Conti thread here and it will be a start. Look for the guide to come this week.

Korean Sets are: Hills, Reveal, Speed 2.0, No Tool Rush, Pick Civ.

Can you survive the Blitzkrieg?
posted 05-18-04 07:26 AM ET (US)     262 / 263  
Alright, I'll try to follow up and see what I need to in the conti thread.

Mmm, sounds like I won't like "Korean settings". I don't like 2.0 speed. It's too fast for any micromanaging, IMO. Also, I can't hunt eles well at 2.0, because my villies get killed too easily while luring them.

posted 05-18-04 11:26 PM ET (US)     263 / 263  
Those setts are tough to play some amazing players that play them
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