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Forum Announcements
Forum Rules (Link)
The Code of Conduct. All members are expected to read this before posting.
Moderation Announcements (Link)
Issues concerning members who have been warned and/or banned.
Age of Empires Heaven
[ ]
News Discussions
Filled with the latest and greatest Age of Empires Heaven news. Use this to directly comment on any news the staff bring to you.
204 topics
1847 posts
[ ]
Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
For general AoE/RoR/DE discussions, help with the installed campaigns and game or technical issues.
6495 topics
70549 posts
[ ]
AoE Multiplayer Forum
Pull up a chair and discuss your battle stories, tourneys and all other things MP, or online and network related issues.
454 topics
2652 posts
Scenario Design and Modding
[ ]
Scenario Design and Modding
Here you will find useful information about creating custom scenarios and campaigns, as well as modifying files of the game itself.
2857 topics
42370 posts
The Granary (Link)
Download files created by members of our community and submit your own. Please keep in mind that we only accept creations for AoE, RoR and AoE: DE.
Community Forums
[ ]
Veni, Vidi, Vici
The AoE Community Forum for all non game related chats.
2424 topics
54802 posts
Age of Empires Heaven History
[ ]
The Hall of Fame
Here is where the truly definitive threads for the past ten-plus years of AoEH's history are kept. Read up on the threads that shaped the site and game! Note that forumers cannot post here: this forum is archival only.
22 topics
7584 posts
Other Age of Heavens
Age of Kings Heaven (Link)
Heaven for Ensemble Studios first sequel Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings and its expansion.
Age of Mythology Heaven (Link)
Heaven for Ensemble Studios spin-off game Age of Mythology and its expansion.
Age of Empires 3 Heaven (Link)
Heaven for Ensemble Studios second sequel Age of Empires 3 and its expansions.
Age of Empires Online Heaven (Link)
New board at Age of Empires 3 Heaven for Robot Entertainment's upcoming game Age of Empires Online.
HG Main Community Forums
HG History Forum (Link)
This forum is for all the historians out there to discuss history. You’re free to discuss just about every period of history, from the arrival of our species to the Cold War. History lovers, gather here.
Outside Discussions (Link)
The place to meet up with others from all over HG. If you have a burning issue you need to discuss, a forum game you want to play or if you just want to catch up with your friends, come inside. If you are new, please read the Forum Guide before you post.
The Library (Link)
This forum is a place for intellectual discussions. Discuss politics, existence, whatever. We wont judge on what is smart or not, but please put thought into your posts.
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