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Veni, Vidi, Vici
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Topic Subject: Happy 10th Birthday to Heavengames and AoEH
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posted 05-13-07 09:44 PM ET (US)   
Ok, as promised on the news page here is the thread for posting your best wishes to the HG crew. Please observe the rules - one post per person, where you can wish everyone well and maybe say a little about what HG has meant to you over the years, so make sure you say all you want to in that. Do not abuse this rule under any circumstances whatsoever, we don't want to have to hand out short bans or anything, so respect the spirit of this thread. You may, however, edit your post if you think of anything to add.

Ok, it's midnight GMT and it's time to say welcome to the 15th of May. Ten Years On.

Have fun.

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posted 05-14-07 10:17 PM ET (US)     26 / 153  
The time I've spent at HG has been very heavenly. (come on, someone had to do it) I've met people, done stuff, and OH DEAR MY CAPSLOCK IS NOW ON AND I CAN'T SEEM TO TURN IT OFF. OH WELL.


It's been my personal delight to meet many great people, to numerous to name. And they're all so great, they won't mind not being named. Or they'll send me malicious spyware. Who knows?

In any case, HG, and all the people who make up its heavenly grounds, here is my gift to you:

posted 05-14-07 10:35 PM ET (US)     27 / 153  
For all its flaws and unsavory characters along the way, HG has given me plenty of good times and introduced me to even more excellent people. I thank it for that and hope that it'll stay strong for many, many more years, whether I'm a part of it or not. It was fun being a part of the staff for my brief stint, and I thank all the current staff members for their service to the website, esspecially having to deal with bums like us.

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posted 05-14-07 10:48 PM ET (US)     28 / 153  
Both my brother and I have been checking this site at the library semi-weekly since 03. Then my internet got fixed two years ago, and I signed up right away... And promptly got a virus, (not from this site). Then we got a new computer for xmas this year, and I got a new email, and viola, General_Zavier was born.

So whether you count that as 4 years, or whether you count that as the 4 months it says in my profile, its been a great chunk of my life devoted to this site, and I've loved every minute of it.

Thank you for everything HeavenGames. Rock on.

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posted 05-14-07 11:37 PM ET (US)     29 / 153  
I encountered HG about a year and a half ago, looking for information on AoK. I just lurked around for a while, but then I discovered the History forum. I hung around there for a while, but I was reclaimed by real life. Then after a while I heard about AoM, and I knew I had to try it. So I naturally came to HG for advice and community. I don't have time for games much anymore, but I still post regularly in the Halls of Valhalla.

The HG experience has given me a lot of good times. I've met people from all over the world and debated all sorts of ideas: philosophical, mathematical, historical, tactical, or just plain silly. I've encountered all types of people: annoying, likable, flaming, reasonable, intelligent, stupid, gracious, snappy; interesting in every way. HG has given me a lot of examples of character, both good and bad. It's been wonderful, and I hope to continue as a HGer for a long time to come.

10 years! Wow! HeavenGames has some serious staying power! From its modest beginnigs, to the group of over 2 dozen heavens we know today, HG has come a long way! It's survived highs and lows; new games released, old games left behind; waves of new members joining, old ones being claimed by real life, or even untimely death. This is a true community, the likes of which will (hopefully) become more common as time goes on. But I know HeavenGames will always have a special place in our hearts.

Here's to another decade!

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posted 05-14-07 11:37 PM ET (US)     30 / 153  
This is a good place to hang around. Met some nice people which I talk to frequently these days.

I wish HG good luck, but also I wish for more forum updates. There's barely anything in the 3 years I've been here.

posted 05-15-07 00:01 AM ET (US)     31 / 153  
Well I'm in to celebrate this great event as well. I have been a part of AoEH for 2 years now and even though it probably hasn't taught me anything useful in real life () it sure has helped my design skills. As some of my fellow AoEHers may recall I did have a scenario released called Death of the Morads. It was a bad scenario which wasn't worth the 3.3 Teh Bber Reviewer Richard Ames gave it. But with the help of the friends I made at AoEH I was able to use that scenario to learn how to design well and Death of the Morads - Remix was made.

It was here at AoEH I also became friends with the person I would help to form the only active design team Chris Mattox. We had quite a few convos on MSN which involved me helping him with a few design problems he was having when one day he told be he was planning to create a design team and that he wanted me as a member. I gladly accepted his offer and soon found that the message board was planning to use was the same kind as one that I had set up for myself earlier and so Chris made me not only a Leader but a founder and that is how Tribulation Designs came to be. Unfortunately Chris is currently on a break but if anyone with MSN can contact him it would be good to see him post here.

Another place that I was directed to from here was Lords and I know there are a few HGers that I know and will hope to see here. And although I never have been a part of staff here it was been a great 2 years helping people and being told by some of the newer members that I should be staff.

So after all this Happy Birthday HG and AoEH. I hope we'll meet here again in another 10 years.

The Dark Archer

The Dark Archer

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posted 05-15-07 00:16 AM ET (US)     32 / 153  
Hey all,

I don't post often, but I often lurk. So happy birthday HG and keep up making the great mods, maps, scenarios, campaigns, guides, articles etc... etc... Amen.

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posted 05-15-07 00:21 AM ET (US)     33 / 153  
Happy birthday, HG

posted 05-15-07 00:29 AM ET (US)     34 / 153  
Well, I would normally say congratulations, you're one year closer to death...but in the case of a forum on the internet, that doesn't seem to be particularly applicable.

Hippo birdie!

posted 05-15-07 00:37 AM ET (US)     35 / 153  
Happy Birthday to HeavenGames and Age of Empires Heaven!

My HG life began 4 years ago at Age of Kings Heaven. Till now, I often post at AoEH and AoKH, while I would sometimes read messages at SWGB:H, AoE3H and EEH as well.

Personally, I think that AoEH is the most friendly online community among all I have joined. A possible reason could be the fact that the number of fellow AoEHers here is relatively less than other Heavens featuring newer games, and this has stimulated us to form a tighter bond between each other.

Neverthesless, all of these could not be realised without the effort of all HG staff. I feel an immense gratitude to them.


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posted 05-15-07 00:42 AM ET (US)     36 / 153  
So, ten years. That is really quite an achievement for any internet website. And of course it wouldn't be possible without all the excellent staff - thanks guys!

On a more personal note; I started my internet experience here on AoEH. A great site then, a great site now.
posted 05-15-07 00:47 AM ET (US)     37 / 153  
In a month, my original account at HG will be 7 years old. I find it scary that I've been around for the majority of HG's lifespan - it seems more timeless than that.

I honed my writing and critical skills here at HG, back when years ago I wrote strategy articles for AoK. You can even see the arguments I carried out about the greatness of the Teutons, which any remotely skilled player will say is idiotic, and the Teutons are a late game, slow civ that only is any good if they have plenty of gold.

Anyone who played against a good Teuton player (they were rare except for the early Death Star Teuton town centers) will understand this joke:

I also got on the bandwagon for AoM early, since I had loved AoK so much. I got hired to HG because I made a terrible fansite (you can see it here on for AoM that Thunder from AoMH saw and said he needed someone to write content.

I had a lot of fun working at AoMH, since Thunder let me do basically whatever I wanted with the site's content and running the forums, and I was eventually left in charge anyway. I bet I still hold the record for the most forumers banned in a two month period by any one staffer. (Banning the influx of idiots during the AoM alpha, when we had a lot of traffic.)

HG's websites and forums have always been a great place on the net, I think we have a really distinct atmosphere compared to most gaming networks. Of course, it really does take work to nurture a forum community, which is why it's sad to see when they progressively decline - as naturally happens with older games. It's testament the unique HG atmosphere that some of these communities really resist that tendency and keep going for years.

It's testament to how much I love HG that I still check in at the various forums here with some sort of regularity, y'kow, 7 years after I typed in "" expecting to get the official Microsoft AoK site in order to download a patch, and instead wound up at AoKH. Best investment HG ever made, buying that url.

If you're like me, then it's possible you're a clone generated from my stolen DNA. I suggest you turn yourself in for destruction immediately.

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posted 05-15-07 00:50 AM ET (US)     38 / 153  

Phil convinced me to drop in and wish HG happy birthday. Its been a great experience to design for the many games and post up my works on the various sites HG hosts. Been a great experience and privilege to meet all the people on here.

Mob Freako

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posted 05-15-07 01:36 AM ET (US)     39 / 153  
Happy 10th HG!
posted 05-15-07 01:57 AM ET (US)     40 / 153  
Wow, 10 years... GREAT! I guess I must've joined up back in the AoM days (fairly recently, really ) but HG's always had a great atmosphere and communiy, loads of knowledgable and friendly people.

Well, Congratulations to HG and keep it up!

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posted 05-15-07 02:02 AM ET (US)     41 / 153  
happy birthday heavengames!!!!!!
posted 05-15-07 02:05 AM ET (US)     42 / 153  
Congratulations Heavengames, and to those that have made it last 10 years! Give us 10 more!
posted 05-15-07 02:10 AM ET (US)     43 / 153  
Happy birthday Heavengames and Age of Empires Heaven!

AoE whas not just a game for me; I bought this 5 years ago as my first RTS ever. And thanks to this game I began to play RTS. Since that, I've never really played another type of game.

Then, in about 2002 I bought AoK Gold. By that time it costed me 35 euros, but I could live with that. When I tryed the game, I whas really surprised how good it whas, and the Age of-series remained me playing them for another 5 years.

Lots of new RTS games where released within that time, and I bought most famous RTS games, such as Battle for Middle Earth, Stronghold, Rome Total War, Medieval Total War (1 and 2).

In 2005, I whas searching for screens of AoE3, and this whas the moment where I found HeavenGames. I found screens from this website. Then I saw in the homepage of AoE3 Heaven that there where alot more heavens around. I thought: this might be a website for me, because because all these heavens where all made for RTS-games and Citybuilding.

But for me AoE remains my most special game, because I have great memories to it. Thanks to this game my love for RTS growed very strong within the years, and I even gave up my hobby of playing with Lego's and such

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posted 05-15-07 02:28 AM ET (US)     44 / 153  
I was looking for this earlier...guess it wasn't open at that time.

Can I just say, I'm amazed we made it this far?
Here's to hoping we can add another 10 years!

Oh, and I'd like to thank all of you (staff and former-staff) who made this possible.

Angel Jayhawk
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posted 05-15-07 02:33 AM ET (US)     45 / 153  
Happy Birthday Heavengames!

Haven't been around for 2 years yet, but my stay has been fun despite it, here's to ten more years!

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posted 05-15-07 02:40 AM ET (US)     46 / 153  
goodness, HG is 10 years old and I've been around as a registered member for more than 7 of them now and a year or two longer as just a ghost browsing the downloads at AoEH. as I'm tired and have an exam in just under two hours, I won't go into some rant about how HG changed me--it'd a considerable length of time to really figure that out.

all I'll say is:

Happy Birthday HG!

posted 05-15-07 03:18 AM ET (US)     47 / 153  
Happy birthday HG, and more importantly :P AOE!!!


Thanks to everyone who's made HG and AOE what it is today! O_O
posted 05-15-07 03:22 AM ET (US)     48 / 153  
I've been at HG for the past 3 years. In that time I started at stronghold heaven, visited EE heaven for a bit, moved onto AOM heaven, visited AOE3 heaven till i gave up on the game, and now stay at AOM heaven
People from the HG's community are some of my favorite people to chat to online, and theres always somthing strange going on in the halls of Vallhala.
good luck on the next 10 years HG

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posted 05-15-07 03:41 AM ET (US)     49 / 153  
Wow, that's quite old. Er, well done guys, I guess. Though to me it seems this place is carried more by the community than the (dare I say) outdated forum system.

I've enjoyed my nearly three years here, met a lot of great people, yada yada.

Congrats on double digits.

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posted 05-15-07 03:56 AM ET (US)     50 / 153  
Great to see all you oldies here, and happy birthday AoEH!

Strange to think, but this year marks my 5th posting at HG, and to think it all began here! A little newbie asking about flares, and other things I still don't get It seems like only yesterday I signed up! I remember, for my second post, I said...
Thanks for your help guys! I'll be here for ages, if thats what you mean by "hang in, it's a bit quiet here".
Well, I'm still needing everyone's help, and true to my word, I've been here for "ages" - with no sign of that stopping! Its been great to have so many friends come from this place - Phill, Peter, Dangrimm, Queenie and heaps more (many that I don't talk to enouch, if ever!). I've loved being staff here and hopefully will be for lots longer. Thanks, AoEH - its changed so much over the years, but still the forum I love

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