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Veni, Vidi, Vici
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Topic Subject: Happy 10th Birthday to Heavengames and AoEH
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posted 05-13-07 09:44 PM ET (US)   
Ok, as promised on the news page here is the thread for posting your best wishes to the HG crew. Please observe the rules - one post per person, where you can wish everyone well and maybe say a little about what HG has meant to you over the years, so make sure you say all you want to in that. Do not abuse this rule under any circumstances whatsoever, we don't want to have to hand out short bans or anything, so respect the spirit of this thread. You may, however, edit your post if you think of anything to add.

Ok, it's midnight GMT and it's time to say welcome to the 15th of May. Ten Years On.

Have fun.

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posted 05-15-07 03:00 PM ET (US)     126 / 153  
Saudaηυes de Portugal!

Age of Empires was my first computer game and since then I am a fan of the Age of Empires series and of RTS games. Age of Empires 3 Heaven was the first heaven I visited.

Parabιns, HG. Continuem assim.

(Congratulations, HG. Keep the good work.)

Long live early music.
posted 05-15-07 03:01 PM ET (US)     127 / 153  
I remember when I found AoKH back in the day before the game had come out. I really enjoyed reading new information about the game. After I bought the game, I didn't come back to HG until AoM was announced. That was when I joined the forums a little over five years ago. I can't believe I've been here for more than half of its lifespan! AoMH was a lot fun; I miss a lot of the people I met there. I've moved on since then and now I'm glad to part of the HG staff family, working on SupComH. HG's been a lot of fun, and I look forward to the future. Happy birthday!

posted 05-15-07 03:13 PM ET (US)     128 / 153  
Happy birthday HG!

I first came to HG shortly before 9/11 after googling for information on the game Cossacks; Cossacks Heaven was one of the first hits. My first ban was after flaming some people who dared to suggest that the U.S. deserved 9/11. This account was a ban evasion. These days of course I am far more mature and am at all times a model forumer.

I'm really glad HG is around, I've met a lot of cool people here. I just hope they don't kill my favorite forum.
posted 05-15-07 03:17 PM ET (US)     129 / 153  
Total war heaven is freaking awsome
i only joined the formum for total war this year but ive loved the sight for years!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday ye old Heaven games your awsome
posted 05-15-07 03:35 PM ET (US)     130 / 153  
Let's see if you manage another 10.


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posted 05-15-07 03:38 PM ET (US)     131 / 153  
I have come from Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven to say something:



But on a serious note, I first came to HG in 2003 while looking for cheats for Clone Campaigns. I registered 12-11-2003, and became an early spammer in SWGBH, though I toned down the spamming quick. I still made plenty of useless threads and was pretty much a forum idiot. I was despised by most forummers. Now...yeah. I guess you can say I'm one of the respected members over there.

I now leave to go back to SWGBH, most likely never to be seen around these parts again.

posted 05-15-07 03:45 PM ET (US)     132 / 153  
Happy Birthday Heaven Games!!

(Yes, new face, but I'm only here to celebrate 10years of HG fresh out of a year at SWGB:H and HW:H)

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posted 05-15-07 03:48 PM ET (US)     133 / 153  
Happy Birthday HG!

I've made a lot of great friends here, and I can say HG has definitely changed my life... almost entirely for the better.

Here's to another ten!

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posted 05-15-07 03:49 PM ET (US)     134 / 153  
Happy birthday HG! Heres to the next 10 years!
posted 05-15-07 03:52 PM ET (US)     135 / 153  
I feel a lot younger now knowing that I've been here for only half as long as HG has existed. There have been some ups and downs at the various forums that I frequent, but cumulatively it's been good.

posted 05-15-07 04:09 PM ET (US)     136 / 153  
Happy Birthday HG!

Just got off Rise of Rome, and it's still good, too. Just like HG.

Ceres 629's strategy guides

Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le sacre mercenaire.

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posted 05-15-07 04:16 PM ET (US)     137 / 153  
Happy B-day HG!
I first came to HG shortly before 9/11 after googling for information on the game Cossacks; Cossacks Heaven was one of the first hits. My first ban was after flaming some people who dared to suggest that the U.S. deserved 9/11. This account was a ban evasion. These days of course I am far more mature and am at all times a model forumer.
Damn, I thought you were here since at least before I was.
I just hope they don't kill my favorite forum.
Me too.

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posted 05-15-07 04:19 PM ET (US)     138 / 153  
Very happy birthday HG!

I've been a fan since AOE - mainly for the downloads and strategy articles. Since Rome Total War I have taken a far more active interest in the forums and I do post reasonably often in Medieval now. Its definitely one of my favourite websites

Thank you very much! And I hope you keep on going for many more years

posted 05-15-07 04:19 PM ET (US)     139 / 153  
Happy birthday to AoEH!

Who could believe ten years? I myself have been here for a year and a bit now and I must say AoEH has changed my lfe for the better. I remember coming here to look at other people's scenarios. My own work was only ever made for me, because I didn't know anyone else who played it. So I just made impossibly hard scenarios for myself. I've also made some good new friends here and gained a whole new perspective on the game - things I never would have thought of before. Belonging to a community and contributing makes me feel like I'm doing something useful [though not where my homework is concerned ]. And the satisfaction gained when completing something major is unparalleled. But what we should be celebrating is this:

This is not the end of the first ten years. It's the beginning of the second ten years!


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posted 05-15-07 04:25 PM ET (US)     140 / 153  

I can't remember when was the first time i visited heavengames, I just I would have my AoE Cd (I lend it and never received back then I lend my AoEII cd and received it scratch and unreadable)

I stole this sign!
posted 05-15-07 04:29 PM ET (US)     141 / 153  
Happy birthday to us!

One very boring Christmas break I got screwing around on my PC and the net, and wound up here. I came and went a few times, but eventually settled down as staff late last year for the opening of HWH, the latest heaven in a long series of Heavens dedicated to Ensemble Studio's games.

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posted 05-15-07 04:35 PM ET (US)     142 / 153  
Happy Birthday HG. Ive had some good laughs here and its been great. Ive been hear about a year and a half now, i belive. Started out with just visiting Stronghold heaven, but then i eventualy Joined at Rome Total war Heven.

Good times and may they last.

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posted 05-15-07 05:09 PM ET (US)     143 / 153  
Congrats HG. 10 years a long time by any site's standards. And I may as well relive my history as a lot of other people have (and why not?!)

When I came here I was an immature, stupid 13 year old who joined at Empire Earth Heaven. HG certainly allowed me to become aware of way more issues and ideas than I would have heard otherwise. My time at HG has coincideded with major changes in my life and has probably formed the basis of who I am today. There have been many good times and fond memories over the five years I've been here. And may it continue!

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posted 05-15-07 05:14 PM ET (US)     144 / 153  
Happy Birthday! I may have only been here for a bit over a year, but there are good memories, and more will be created. A toast to HG!

posted 05-15-07 05:22 PM ET (US)     145 / 153  
Congratulations and great job to all the HG staff members who've kept this site up, running and popular for the last decade!

Myself, I've been here for about half that time, closing in on five years. I actually found the site incidentally while search for cheat codes at age 14. Since then I've been introduced to a great deal of games that I'd probably never otherwise play, tried my hand at making scenarios and the like, even successfully modded a game unit once. I developed political philosophy and just became more worldly as a result of the frequent and albeit angry debates that happen out of nowhere.

Unlike every other forum community I've ever been apart of, this is the one I always gravitate back towards. The great (although sometimes violent) nature of the community is what keeps people like me sticking around. You get to know people, more than just their user name and frequency of posting. I've made good friends here, and its a damn shame I haven't actually met them in person. And I wouldn't mind that, because after all the years, I could bet that this is one of the few places on the net where people act "honestly". They behave as they would in "Real-Life" and that is probably why its such a great place.

We've laughed, we've cried. I know a few times we almost kissed this place goodbye. Its good to see we're still kickin' and moving ahead strong as ever. Congrats to HG and a big thanks to everyone who's helped keep this place alive from the beginning until now.

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posted 05-15-07 05:45 PM ET (US)     146 / 153  
This is my first in two things. AOE was the first real RTS game that I played and I was hooked on it. HG was the first forum that I really participated in. I have spent countless hours here and enjoyed every minute of it. Hopefully, I can post in another 10 years in another anniversary thread.

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posted 05-15-07 05:51 PM ET (US)     147 / 153  
Happy Birthday!!!

I've only been registered since 12/30/06 for M2TW, but have lurked around for at least 6 months prior to registering. It's odd that today is also my birthday. I hope that Heavengames is still hear in another 10 years.

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posted 05-15-07 06:31 PM ET (US)     148 / 153  
Happy Birthday AOEH! Love it forever.

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posted 05-15-07 06:35 PM ET (US)     149 / 153  
Appy birtday Meester Heaveeen Gameees.[/drunk impression]

Happy birthday

I wish HG a happy birthday and wish it lasts till 150.


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posted 05-15-07 06:42 PM ET (US)     150 / 153  
It's been two and a bit long years since I came to Heavengames and that was thanks to some blatant advertising on a rather dead email list devoted to talking about Rome: Total War but of course the chat was minimal and I ended up coming here instead. Ever since that url popped into my inbox, I have been haunting the place much to the chagrin of all the other forumers.

In that time, I've learned to play the game with something approaching competence and meet some really great people. While I may have moved from RTW to M2TW on the gaming front with Oblivion and BFME2 still sitting on my shelf and the Heaven that was RTWH has changed beyond recognition to the current TWH.

Kudos to the staff past and present who made this Heaven as great as it is and a special shout out to my co-ceasar in the TWH History forum, D Furius Venator who is a smurf if you must really know.

It's a little churlish to be talking about my own Heaven when it's somebody else's birthday party so lets say a few words about HG. For many a long day I was content to browse the game forums in RTWH until eventually I noticed other forums listed on the main page and decided to see what was in those. It was by this scientific method that I came to discover the delights of do-or-die debates in the Library, puzzle at what OD is all about we know the meaning of it but what's the question and belatedly discover that HG actually covers other games besides the Total War games. I call this period my own personal Enlightenment.

I know that whenever I do get around to playing other strategy games, all the resources I need between knowledgable forumers and quality guides will likely be on HG.

For anybody who loves strategy games, HG is still the place to be after ten years. Heavens rise and heavens fall but as long as the community remains strong and enthusiastic, we'll be here for another ten years yet.

-Love Gaius
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posted 05-15-07 06:52 PM ET (US)     151 / 153  
Hope I'm not too late for the party.

posted 05-15-07 06:55 PM ET (US)     152 / 153  
I'm not quite sure what I'm going to say yet, but I have every intention of saying something. That being the case, this space is currently under development.

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posted 05-15-07 06:55 PM ET (US)     153 / 153  
And now, the end is here, it's 12 at night, the final curtain... ♪

Well, what a great response.

It's fantastic to see a lot of the thoughts echoed that we have ourselves, that HG for many has been more than just a set of sites covering games for various fans, and become so much more than the sum of its parts; a place for people of all ages and all walks of life to get together and communicate, to increase their awareness of other folk and cultures, to develop their own abilities in many different areas from dealing with others to improving their knowledge, understanding and worldview, and to ultimately all be on the same side even when we get on each others' nerves

So many of my own feelings have been echoed here that I need not repeat them. I would therefore just like to say a huge thanks to;

- Everyone who posted here today, especially those who would not normally visit because it's not their preferred community or game, more power to them for taking part,

- All the staff and contributors who currently help us provide some of the best quality content online - the article writers, the multiplayers, the designers of all the excellent campaigns, mods and utilities for our downloads, and those who have helped out others on our forums to facilitate a massive 10 years of fun for us and our visitors,

- All the staff and contributors who have come and gone over the years but whose work lives on and continues to provide us with a solid legacy to build on,

- The developers and game companies that support us and participate in our communities

- and last but not least our own forumer Alakazam, who came up with the idea of the one day birthday thread.

Whenever we as staff feel demoralised, or that our jobs are more of a chore than fun, I hope we will be able to look back at days like today and take heart from the fact that even in our darkest hours our work is worthwhile, people do appreciate it and we would be sorely missed if we were gone. We have only managed to last this long through dedication, hard work and love of our respective games and communities, and have every intention of continuing for another ten years and more.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you and a big up to all our visitors and communities. We are nothing without you. You make us who and what we are.

Phill - a cynical Seraph, but not today

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