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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Of Persia and Walls(Two topics in One)
Cherub Desert R
posted 02-22-99 09:53 AM ET (US)         

Ok,the Minoins had super slingers,so in AoE(and kept in RoR)they gave em the closest unit they could think of and gave em a bonus,the Composite Bowmen.And now persia,they had Chariot armies roaming over the county side and conquering new lands,but ES gave them no wheel and thus no Chariots.And if they got chariots they would recieve somthing like an attack bonus.Give em calvary with an attack bonus then.
And they also had coins but no coinage for this gold dependant civ.ES you have to fix this.Give em the Wheel(or a cav bonus)in the next patch(Where u fix the TC bugs and ect...).
And the WALLS!Last night there is no tellin how much stone I wasted with a little lag where my wall ZOOMED accross the map.How abot a hot key to cancel the building of walls,if there isnt one already.
Comments,Flames,Praises,ES people telling me the civs are balanced .

-Cherub Desert R

posted 02-22-99 05:23 PM ET (US)     1 / 5       
On minoan- They may have killer slingers, as most Aegean civilazations(greece, Mace, and Minoa, throw in Phoenicia for good measure) gained incredible skill with the Sling. However the minoans were also incredible marksmen with bows. As late as Alexanders Conquests the Cretans were hired as mercernies.
Persians- I agree Cav bonus, and Ha bonus. However the Persians(the actul persian peoples) did not use chariots. They preferred horses. all Persian men were traine din Marksmenship, hand to hand comabt, and horsemenship. the Persians Use a large Calvery force. the persian armies mainly consited(this is early persian(Darius II was the last "early" Persian ruler, all other sincluding his son Xerxes used large armies drawn up from the proviances, not the vetern armies of Persian, medians and Armeanians) of foot soldiers(armeaians)Armed with spears and carring large shields, with foot archers supporting them who wore light leather and carried simpleand composite bows, and Calvery. the Calveryat first was Light armoured and carried swords as well as bows. however the Calvery later were seperated into heavy and light classes. the Heavy calvery used Lances, swords, and javilins in close combat, while the light calvery used Bows. The light Calvery acted as a screen for the heavycalvery which would charge into battle.
and slingers- the civ with the greatest slingers were respectivily Carthagians and romans. Both used Balarian(SP?) islanders who were incredible good slingers, using slings of 3 different matiriels and 3 different lengths. they also used slingstones of different caliber.
posted 02-22-99 06:02 PM ET (US)     2 / 5       
Well certainly giving persia the chariot would make them a better civ, although their lack of wood upgrades still hurts them there. As for the walling part, if you right click, it cancels the entire wall except for one block, the original starting point.
Cherub Desert R
posted 02-22-99 06:37 PM ET (US)     3 / 5       
Ok,Ideas for Making Persia better and more evened:

(Keep what they have right now)
Calvary + 3 attack/Horse Archers + 1

Coinage(They had coins ya know)
The Wood upgrades(if they were good marksmen Give them upgrades)

Keep the no wheel thing since they have a good food gathering econ for early bronze(super hunting).And there are always fish and you can defend them with the super trimes.

lose units:The cat tris,if they have these trimes make em lose the cat tris and no fire galley either)
Got a better idea for re-writing Persias Bonuses?
(Ohh,and thanks a million for telling me how to stop those walls sting)

Angel Archaic
posted 02-22-99 06:48 PM ET (US)     4 / 5       
On the subject of the walls:
If you press escape, it will cancel the whole wall, including the one block that "right clicking" will leave.
posted 02-23-99 01:16 PM ET (US)     5 / 5       
I don't know so much about ancient history beyond Europe but if what u guys are discussing here is true, I hope ES does some more background researching before releasing AoK.
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